The service life of Stiletto will prolong

The service life of "Stiletto" will prolongAccording to the director of the Military-Industrial Company "NPO Engineering" Alexander Leonov, the life of the multi-block strategic missile RS-18, will be extended to 35-36 years.

"Right now confirmed the life of these missiles extended to 33 years. We will extend this time frame and on, for as long as can be" — saw Leonov.

Extending the service life, probably connected with the fact that at the present time in Russia can annually produce at least 5-10 units of strategic missiles. Write off an old rocket faster than the time to put in service with new — "Topol-M" and "Yarsy."

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For example, in 1990 at the Armed Forces was 10,583 warheads nuclear weapons.

In 1999 — 6729.

In 2004 — 3875.

In 2009 — 2692.

Intercontinental strategic rocket RS-18 (UR-100N UTTH, to systematize the U.S. DoD and NATO — SS-19 Stiletto), it is rocket silo-based. 6 carries a warhead (their total power & #8209, 3300 kilotons) and a set of decoys enemy. Was developed in the design office of Vladimir Chelomeya, work began in 1967. Deploying missile system produced from 1979 to 1984 year, just been put on combat duty 360 missiles. Range — more than 10 thousand km. Accuracy of hitting the target — 350 meters of the end of 2009 in service of the Russian Federation 70 of UR-100N UTTH, with 420 warheads. Designated dislocation — Kozel'sk, Tatischevo.

Even earlier, has been extended through 2026 term operation of an intercontinental ballistic missile R-36M2 "Governor" (to systematize NATO SS-18 "Satan"). They left at the end of 2009 , 59 (590 warheads).

Stroll, as discussions about what to missile RS-12M "Topol" will also be extended periods of operation. The initial warranty period of these missiles 10-15 years, the life of "Governor" headed for 23 years, and the "Topol" — 24 years.

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