The story of the heroic tank

As the T-28 brought a sensation in the besieged Minsk


July 3, 1941 in a week in the hands of the Germans Minsk at low speed drove Soviet tank T-28. Already intimidated by the occupation authorities locals watched in surprise as the three-turret machine, armed with cannon and four machine guns, feel free to move in the direction of the city center.

Encountered along the way German soldiers did not react to the tank, taking it for a trophy. One cyclist decided to have fun, and for a while was riding ahead. But here's the driver-mechanic T-28 got sick, he almost gazanul, and from the German left alone memories. Next Soviet tank crews met several officers who smoked on the porch of the house. But not to declassify yourself ahead of time, they are not touched.

Finally, near the distillery crew noticed as a division of the Nazis under the protection of armored ship boxes of liquor in the truck. After a few minutes of this idyllic picture leaving only fragments of the car and an armored car, but a bunch of corpses.

While up to the German authorities have not yet reached the news of what happened at the distillery, the tank safely and neatly crossed a bridge across the river and came across a column cheerful and self-confident riders. Having missed a few Germans, a driver has pressed the pedal, and the steel hulk crashed in the middle of the enemy column. Panic, which was aggravated by shooting cannon and machine guns. A tank ammunition stuffed to the eyeballs in the morning in a former military camp …

Finished with motorcyclists, the tank drove out Soviet (the main street of Minsk), where on the way the Nazis treated the lead, gathered at the theater. Well, and the Proletarian tankers literally blossomed smiles. Right in front of the T-28 is a rear of the German part. A lot of trucks with ammunition and weapons, fuel tanks, field kitchens. A soldier — those do not count. After a few minutes of this place turned into hell with bursting shells and burning gasoline.

Now on stage — Gorky Park. But on the way the Soviet tank decided to fire anti-tank gun. Three shots from a gun T-28 forever calmed insolent. And in the park Germans who heard explosions in the city, kept a sharp look out for Soviet bombers in the sky. Left of them the same as their predecessors: a burning tank, broken arms and bodies.

But there came a time when the finished shells, and tank crews have decided to withdraw from Minsk. At first all went well. But on the edge of the tank hit a disguised anti-battery. The driver kept full of gas, but not brave enough just minutes. Caught in the motor shell set fire to the T-28 …

Get out of the burning car crew tried to escape, but not all managed to escape. The crew commander, Major, and two cadets were killed. Nicholas Pedan was captured and, after all the agonies of German concentration camps, was released in 1945.

Fyodor Naumov, loader, hid the locals and then transported to the guerrillas, where he fought and was wounded and transferred to the Soviet rear. A driver-mechanic Sergeant Malko and went out to his entire war provoeval in armor.

Heroes T-28 stood for the entire occupation of the capital of Belarus, reminding both locals and the Germans about the courage of the Soviet soldier …

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