The structure of Oboronservis now

Large public profile in Russia triggered actions related to the activities of "Oboronservis" at a time when this structure, part of structure The Russian Defense Ministry ruled Yevgeny Vasilyev. With all of this in the "Oboronservis" included, and continues to call, judging by the disk imaging on the official website of the company, several companies, whose reputation was tarnished. After development, the corruption scandal closing the office and did not work, but instead it was held substitution management company.

Then make out what companies are in the same structure Of "Oboronservis" now.

Continuing to be a part of the company company "Slav", made in 1995. According to the description of "Slav" is designed to solve puzzles subsequent disposition: to produce the fund management of residential real estate Ministry of Defense, and create a full range of activities related to attempting any maintenance of the infrastructure systems. In structure Of "Slav" consists of four hotel complex, is operated on a commercial basis.
In "Oboronservis" now comes company "Voyentorg", which is committed to providing services for the military uniforms, food, and provides services to domestic disposition (for example, with the introduction of bath and laundry complex). The structure of "Voyentorg" includes four neighborhoods of the military department of trade, also of "43rd TSEPK" Central-pilot production plant. "Voyentorg" was created in 2009, according to the personal order of the Minister of Defence.

In addition to the designated 2-companies, of which many have already heard, a part of "Oboronservis" comes company "OboronStroy." Engaged in this company that builds objects, as indicated by her page, in the interests of the Russian Armed Forces. Besides "OboronStroy" is intended to introduce new technologies in the development of the construction sector, the Ministry of Defense. In structure company consists of more than 3 x 10-s open joint-stock company engaged in construction business in different regions of the country.

Modernization and repair of special military equipment is designed to deal with such a structure, "Oboronservis" as of "Spetsremont." It includes the repair factory military mission, which made the reconstruction of various pieces of equipment and military equipment, and activities for the implementation of new technologies.

Repair of aircraft engaged in "Aviaremont", part of "Oboronservis."

As you can see, the companies continue to operate in their own ways. In some of them carried a substitution control.

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