The student will hand in Ingushetia in the Kremlin The Order of Courage

Presentation of awards of municipal scheduled in the Kremlin. Student of Ingushetia, whose name is Moussa Susurkiev, will receive the "Order of Courage" for the fact that in the past year, risking their lives, helped people. Before the arrival of the police officers he was walking next to the bomb, warned of the threat to passers-by. And at this very moment it went off.

Currently student already passed its own differential offset on auto technology, and in front of his winter session. And, unlike last year, this will begin to Musa, a student in the fourth year, without any incidents.
At the Village Store suspended student is not pre-holiday bustle. In close trading hall owner found very suspicious box, and hurried to put her on the street. But the content, hidden under the Christmas tinsel for Moussa looked not like a gift.
By the way on the very spot where the explosive was then present, there is still a funnel, and the angle of the structure we'll go have scattered debris. This is not a main street, but there is placed a huge number of small shops that trade different products in the range which lead as food and household goods.

Recklessly risking the young man began to report about it to passersby. Surveillance footage were provided by shop owner which by the way, and verbally told about the actions of the student. And while law enforcement officers arrived at the place Call Moussa assured villagers go away from unsafe places.
The bomb was detonated by radio signal was later found by investigators. Also found and its contents, namely: iron nuts, bolts, fittings and trim. If the charge has worked at the store, which always full of people, the consequences would be dire, particularly as security officials say.

Arthur Sultigov (Acting Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia), commented: "This shop very visit and the incident happened just before rush hour, specifically because 10's likely victims were unscathed. And all this can be called a good Russian word, and the word is — a feat. "
Polyclinic is one kilometer from the crash site. And it took only a minute, so that the wounded were taken. District resuscitators and doctors in order to save the young man took a total toughest challenges 5 hours of operation. And told the chief doctor, doctors coped very well, and after such a one can not believe in miracles.

Marem Arapkhanov (Head Sunzha district central clinics), commented: "The first thing we loaf, this is something that we do not get to save it. But we fought and tried, because this boy, risking themselves, rescued life to many. "
In real time, the assurances of doctors, health Moussa entirely satisfactory, but with all this constant requests and attention. The guy was very close to the epicenter of the explosion. Uncle Moussa said how hard it was given back to the student's present life. The Institute has promoted much, and now managed by the complexities already a little easier. After this young hero returns from a trip to the capital, Susurkievy very willing to mention the Christmas prazdnichek all together, and the hearth.

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