The Su-24 is rapidly disappearing

Over the past 12 years as a result of the unfortunate cases of Our homeland has lost the very little fifteen fighter-bombers Su-24. In addition, a large number of Su-24 was withdrawn from service due to physical aging. This is one of the circumstances in connection with which our native land in a hurry to change Sou-24, the Su-34. Four years back our homeland began construction of the first fighter-bomber Su-34. Now they replace 40-ton Su-24. 45-ton Su-34, which is another option 33-ton Su-27 is very similar to the 36-ton fighter-Bomber U.S. F-15E (coupe version of the 31-ton F-15C). In service with the Russian Federation up to now there are about 400 Su-24 and Su-20 only 34. It appears that the new Su-34 fails to fairly rapidly exchange most of the aging of the Su-24.

The Su-34 has a full range of defensive and offensive sensors: radar, cameras sighting, laser designators and electronic warfare equipment. It can carry eight tons of missiles and smart bombs. At the current time our home purchase 58 Su-34, 300 to swap of old times Sou-24, most of which are not applicable to the service. Our homeland is building the first 24 Su-34 at a cost of $ 36 million each (less than half the price F-15E). Meanwhile, some of the only recently-built Su-24 have been upgraded to the level of Su-24M2. Most Of 1400 Su-24 had been built over 25 years ago, and soon many of them were written off due to problems associated with their age. The Su-34 was designed for a couple years, and more than double of early version of the Su-27 bombers were known as the Su-32.

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