The terrible secret UFO

Among the numerous reports of human contact with UFOs and "enlonavtami" occur, sometimes very strange and almost intractable analysis. To be quite honest, the analysis they certainly are amenable, but the conclusions that can be drawn on the basis thereof, so frightening, that the human mind refuses to accept. For the UFO phenomenon is a mystery, and it's a terrible secret …

Since the early 1980s, hundreds of dead horses were discovered in the south of England and Sweden. Whether it was an old song, arranged for a new tune, because now the damage and injuries were much stronger than those that applied to the other side of the Atlantic? Maybe wounds applied people with mental illness?

Approximately half of the animals died or had died of injuries. These were mainly cuts around the genital area that reminded some people of satanic orgies. Similar cases have remained a mystery to increase. Surprising was the fact that, despite the presence of guard dogs and alarm systems, horses still maimed. Their owners would like to know, how does someone manage to avoid detection, and then attack a horse, which obviously did not resist and did not make any noise. In August 1993, was found in Oxfordshire horse skin which had been cut squares. Pop star of the 1960s, David Jones found two mutilated horses on his farm in Meon Valley in Hampshire, in July 1992. One of them was hit hard by the object that has been inserted into her vagina. In response to the mutilation of horses Automobile Association in 1993, has introduced special insurance policies. Stan Forbez, regional manager of AA Insurance, said: "The number of cases so nasty injury increases, even many policyholders not block them."

In 1991, thirty mutilated seals were found on the beach in Orkneyz. Someone blew their heads off. According to Mike Lynch, Inspector Scottish Society for the Suppression of Cruelty to Animals, the head has been removed, it can be said with surgical precision.

In January 1985, forty-four sheep were found dead on a farm near Ballymoney in Northern Ireland. They were not crippled, but almost all of the neck showed signs of puncture and punctures. The story of a collector Charles Fort found several similar stories in the archives of the XIX and XX centuries. Then the sheep also found with traces of punctures that retrieves blood.

Peter Howe investigated the case on a farm near Rayadera, Wales, where thirty five sheep were attacked in August and October 1988. Farmer's son Charles Rea said: "This is a strange story, which we encountered in forty years of studies in sheep." In recent years, too many found mutilated and maimed deer and sheep. And once found, and the human body.


Even in the best of times, the UFO pilots could not hide their strange and sinister habit. One of them, inspiring real terror is a passion for killing animals.

Back in the late 60's mutilated animals have become some of the most amazing news in America. In the years that have been producing more accurate count of the dead and found that such cases have occurred in Canada and in Europe, although they are very similar to what happened in America. About 1970 estimated that about 10,000 head of cattle have been victims of skilful, cool, smart and an unknown predator.

The animal is to suck blood from the surgical removal of organs. No one saw how it happened, and did not hear the sounds massacre, but it was obvious that the UFO had something to do with all this, as many witnesses have seen strange lights hovering above the pens immediately prior to the discovery of the dead animals.

It is believed that the forerunner of all this madness was a horse named Lady, owned by Mrs. Berle Lewis, who lived on a ranch in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. This is her story.

Lady (later mistakenly called reporters Spinney) escaped from the ranch in Alamos and wandered around in the bushes. Evening, September 7, 1967 she came, as usual, at the ranch. It seemed that she was in good shape, but it was the last time you saw a horse alive.

The next evening, she was not in the stable. Mrs. Lewis and her brother Ben King went in search of a horse.

When they discovered the carcass, they could not believe their eyes: the neck and head were completely exposed to the meat, but on the ground there was not a drop of blood. More than a month later, the pathologist in Denver produced dissection animal. He was shocked to find that abdominal, brain and spinal cavity were empty. Killer removed the internal organs with pinpoint accuracy.

Husband of Mrs. Lewis, after learning about the incident, came to inspect the scene, where they found the corpse of a horse, and noted a strange medicinal smell, or a substance that looked like tar, around the body.

He drew attention to the lack of hoofprints, footprints or tire. Shrubs around slumped. Mr. Lewis found six identical holes in the ground. Ben King, a relatively experienced hunter, found hoofprints three horses, which indicated that the animals were running headlong toward the ranch. Traces in different directions and mysteriously broken off in 100 feet from where the corpse lay Lady.

September 16, Mrs. Lewis and several of her friends found in the bushes of the body with hair horse. When he was stabbed, the skin is cracked, and the green viscous substance spilled on her arm, causing severe burns.

Sheriff Ben Phillips said the Lady, "was most likely killed by lightning." Veterinary surgeon, who studied the carcass, said that, in his opinion, the horse is gone, and fell from the infection.

He suggested that a passing farmer found Lady in suffering and decided to save a horse from the pangs I by cutting her throat. Then there were the most common predators are exposed to the meat of the neck and has consumed all the internal organs.

September 23 to place the terrible slaughter arrived a Geiger counter in hand Dian Martin, forest service. The body itself showed normal background radiation, but at a distance, and around the pits rates were higher.

Shortly before his death, Lady of the territory residents repeatedly observed unidentified lights.

— I do believe that "flying saucers" have anything to do with the death of the horse, — said Mrs. Lewis.

Her mother vosmidesyatisemiletnyaya only strengthened this conviction. Mrs. Agnes King lived in a small house just a quarter of a mile from the spot where the animal was found.

She told reporters that a large unidentified object flying over her cottage in the evening. Note that Mrs. King was considered surprisingly reasonable for a woman her age.

However, most ufologists were, nevertheless, cautious in their assessments. Not later than 1980 organization, studied aerial phenomena (Arrow), again repeated: "Arrow does not insist that the lady was killed by" people from the "flying saucer", rather, that she had died in strange ways, and that her death is yet to be explained ". Others, however, believe that there is a direct connection to the UFO.


Doráti Judy, her daughter Cindy, and sister-in-law came home from Houston, Texas, have a great evening in the wild in May 1973. It was a full moon. Suddenly, they saw a very strange light in the sky. At one point, Judy stopped the car and got out to get a better look at what it is. Judy subsequently suffered from chronic headaches and felt very concerned about.

In a documentary, "Strange Harvest", directed by Linda Moulton Howe, Professor Leo Sprinkle psychiatrist hypnotizes Judy and returns it at the time, to be "relive" their trip. Under hypnosis, she describes the light, and then wonders: "It's like spotlight in the back of my car. It seems that this material tends to approach. I see an animal, he was taken there. It squirms and tries to escape. It looks like it was sucked off somewhere. "

Then it feels like is simultaneously in two places still standing beside the car, and is in a strange room.

"I got into something like a camera. I feel sick and disgusted, watching as they cut the body. This is done very quickly, but the calf does not die immediately. "

She then describes what bodies could be seen carved needles or "probes". Two small creatures with big eyes told her that the work is necessary "for our own improvement." She was terrified when she saw her daughter lying on the slab, and it being investigated. She asked them to stop, confident that they are going to cripple also her child, but they said they would only take her samples …

There are many other cases where people have clearly seen aliens, capture, or mutilate animals. In 1989, Linda Moulton Howe contacted with the time of the security services in Denver (Colorado), who stated that he observed from his truck the great circles of light over pasture. He was silent so far, simply because I was afraid of losing his job. The next day he saw a farmer, take away two dead and mutilated cows in this pasture.

Linda also investigated the incident that occurred with Mira Hansen and her young son, who in 1980 observed the two unknown creatures in white suits, maimed cow revevshuyu pain. When she tried to intervene, her and her son for a while, "kidnapped".

In January 1978, four poachers a shock on the banks of the river in Veaver Frodshime, Cheshire. When they hunted pheasants, one of them noticed a spherical object, sailing on the water. While they were watching him, the machine took off and landed on a nearby meadow, where the grass pinch a few cows. Quite a shock, they watched as the object of several figures appeared, dressed in silvery suits. In addition, they had hats, on which there is something very reminiscent of miners lamps. They approached one of the cows, which paralyzed. Around her was immediately erected a "cell", and it appeared that the animal being measured.

In Japan, on a farm near Saga Prefecture, December 29, 1990 has also been found mutilated corpse of a cow. He lay in the barn, half tongue was missing, nipples had been cut from the udder. January 4, 1992 the same farmer was suddenly disturbed by the fierce barking of dogs. He ran to the barn and saw in the sky, a small white object, in appearance like a jellyfish. After a while he turned and disappeared. Cow found on the floor with his foot badly mutilated.

After the death of Lady began to receive reports from other animal owners and farmers. In some cases, the removal of organs was performed so well that veterinarians from Oklahoma State University admitted that none of them are professionals who can do the same operation.

Disfigured and mutilated animals found in Brazil, Puerto Rico, Spain, USA and Canada. These were the horses, cats, dogs and sheep. Among the victims in the southern states of America was dominated by cows. By the end of the 1970s, those who witnessed these events, divided in opinion. Ranchers and sheriffs were convinced that there is no reasonable explanation for all this, but skeptics and government agencies, such as the Bureau of Investigation in Colorado, thought otherwise. Recently stated that the animals died of natural causes and were then mutilated coyotes and birds. But ranchers, who were engaged in animals for many years, knew that this could not be, but the Confederation of British Industry has taken tissue samples for analysis and made a conclusion that this is "the work of predators."

There was another explanation is that it was removed by Satanists various parts of the body in order to use them in rituals. However, evidence of this was found. Carl Whiteside, Director of the Confederation of British Industry, in 1979, declared: "I am most concerned the absence of any tangible evidence. I have experience in dealing with occult organizations, even the most secret and dark, are engaged, for example, drug trafficking … Usually, sooner or later, the members of these organizations will be somebody who will offer their services and provide important information. But this did not happen. "


Since the early 1980s, hundreds of dead horses were discovered in the south of England and Sweden. Whether it was an old song, arranged for a new tune, because now the damage and injuries were much stronger than those that applied to the other side of the Atlantic? Maybe wounds applied people with mental illness?

Approximately half of the animals died or had died of injuries. These were mainly cuts around the genital area that reminded some people of satanic orgies. Similar cases have remained a mystery to increase. Surprising was the fact that, despite the presence of guard dogs and alarm systems, horses still maimed. Their owners would like to know, how does someone manage to avoid detection, and then attack a horse, which obviously did not resist and did not make any noise. In August 1993, was found in Oxfordshire horse skin which had been cut squares. Pop star of the 1960s, David Jones found two mutilated horses on his farm in Meon Valley in Hampshire, in July 1992. One of them was hit hard by the object that has been inserted into her vagina. In response to the mutilation of horses Automobile Association in 1993, has introduced special insurance policies. Stan Forbez, regional manager of AA Insurance, said: "The number of cases so nasty injury increases, even many policyholders not block them."

In 1991, thirty mutilated seals were found on the beach in Orkneyz. Someone blew their heads off. According to Mike Lynch, Inspector Scottish Society for the Suppression of Cruelty to Animals, the head has been removed, it can be said with surgical precision.

In January 1985, forty-four sheep were found dead on a farm near Ballymoney in Northern Ireland. They were not crippled, but almost all of the neck showed signs of puncture and punctures. The story of a collector Charles Fort found several similar stories in the archives of the XIX and XX centuries. Then the sheep also found with traces of punctures that retrieves blood.

Peter Howe investigated the case on a farm near Rayadera, Wales, where thirty five sheep were attacked in August and October 1988. Farmer's son Charles Rea said: "This is a strange story, which we encountered in forty years of studies in sheep." In recent years, too many found mutilated and maimed deer and sheep. And once found, and the human body.


Brazilian ufologist Enkarnosion Zapata Garcia and Dr. Rubens Goes introduced in 1988 photos, which depicted mutilated remains of a man, 29 September 1988 found near Guarapiranga Reservoir. Tests showed that there was no signs of a struggle, and the victim was not connected. The body was divided into parts, and internal organs neatly cut. Bleeding was minimal, and the holes are found on the head, arms and stomach were hardly bullet.

American scholar Mr. J. Cope Shellhorn sure that the man had fallen prey to the same criminals who hunted the animals. However, some Brazilian ufologists are not convinced.

Marlene Lens Candido, the secretary of the Brazilian Academy parascience, agreed Klaudierom Covo, president of the National Institute for the study of spatial phenomena that man disfigured rats and vultures! A familiar story …

However, this is not an isolated case, when people were seriously affected by contact with UFOs and their pilots. Dead with nothing to tell, but preserved the testimony of those who survived contact with severe trauma, which could well lead to death.

Documented cases of close encounters with UFOs cause people to immediate loss of consciousness.

In March 1965, in Everglade (Florida) farmer Flynn saw a cone-shaped luminous object with a diameter of 25 meters and a height of 10 meters with four rows of portholes, hovering at a height of two feet from the ground.

Going to the object, Flynn raised his hand, but from the lower right window of his forehead was a thin beam of light is directed, under the influence of which he fell down and lost consciousness for a day.

In April 1976, the retired police chief of Elmwood (Wis.) Wheeler, who was riding in avtomooile, oyl goluooi directed beam descended from nearby large orange UFOs. Under the influence of this ray Wheeler lost consciousness for four days.

There are also cases where a UFO with its rays were deprived of witnesses. In March 1965, in Everglade exposed beam UFO farmer Flynn completely lost his sight right and left eye partially and was hospitalized for 5 days.

In August 1970, a blinding beam of a UFO for 14 days deprived of caretaker hydroelectric Itatiayya (Brazil).

In 1973 in Missouri flash beam of luminous cloud hovering, like a turnip, deprived of the tractor, which was sent to the hospital. Moreover, and after 5 days of his vision was restored only by 20%.

There are cases when heat waves or rays emitted by low-flying UFO, caused a fire in people clothes and severe burns.

On one November night in 1957, a disc-shaped UFO hovered brilliant height of 60 meters above the Brazilian fort Itai-pu, located on the Atlantic coast. It came from within a buzzing sound, which is then turned into a piercing howl, and the fort collapsed wave of searing heat. Two sentries, who were outside, fell and cried out in pain and terror. Electric light in the fort went out, emergency lights fail, and the telephone is out of order. At the same time the sirens sounded. Roused the garrison, frantic with fear, rushed in the dark corridors in search of an invisible enemy. Then the light suddenly caught fire, and in the window was visible yarkosvetyaschiysya orange object moving across the sky.

Both guards were first-degree burns and were taken to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro. In the fort was state of siege, and the Brazilian army had been ordered to keep the incident a secret.

In March 1968, in Balsvile (Ohio) over a nine year old boy, Gregory Wells hung a cylindrical object with a number of red lights on the side. Of the lower part in the boy popped tube, from which escaped a bright ray of light and lit Gregory clothes. The boy began to roll on the ground, screaming in fear. He was taken to hospital where he was treated for second-degree burns.

Known and more serious consequences.

In 1946, in the State of Sao Paulo (Brazil) 40-year-old farmer Prestos was stunned and thrown to the ground beam of light from a UFO. Prestosa on body and no sign of burns, but within hours "in front of witnesses to the soft tissue were to fall off the bones, teeth and bones exposed, and by 6:00 he was dead.

Deaths of people exposed to radiation from a UFO recorded in 1967 in Kriksase (Brazil) in 1968 near the city of Auckland (New Zealand).

In July 1968, a farmer from the village of Apolayma Bermudez (Colombia), in front of witnesses close to 6 meters to the luminous object in the form of a disk thickness of 1.5 meters, flying low over the field, and emits two beams of blue, and began to honk his flashlight . Two days later, he fell ill, went cold, black began vomiting and bloody diarrhea. On the eighth day he died in a hospital in Bogota, the doctor noted that the symptoms of damage were the same as in the strong irradiation with gamma rays.

These cases, but they can be cited for many suggest that the unexpected approach to the UFO people who are on the ground, may be unsafe. This explains why the famous American journalist Frank Edwards began his famous book "Flying Saucers — a serious matter" with the warning: "The approach to the UFO can be dangerous for a man! Do not stand under a UFO that is hovering at low altitude! Do not touch the landed UFO! For your own safety to leave this place … Do not risk watching UFO! "

Storing of information about UFOs is extremely facilitated the spread of the printing press. A significant number of descriptions of unknown objects flying spherical, disk-shaped and cigar-shaped, created by famous astronomers, brought us newspapers and magazines XVIII, XIX and first half of the XX century.

In 1777, Messier observed a significant number of flying large dark disks. In 1802, Fritsch, in 1819 Gryuythauzen in 1834 Pastorf in 1860, Russell saw unidentified objects crossing the solar disk (16.51). In 1892, Dutch astronomer Muller watch black dial, moving against the disk of the moon.

One of the most interesting and unusual events have occurred in November 1882 in Greenwich astrophysicists and Kenronom Maunder, who see moving across the sky from the Northeast to the West green glowing disk. As we approach the shape of his change, and he gradually turned into an elongated ellipse. All observation lasted about 2 minutes. After processing the data from various observations, the researchers came to the conclusion that the object was moving at about 200 km at a speed of 16 km / s, and its length was about 110 km and width of 16 km.

Sometimes these unknown objects to perform complex maneuvers, hung, divided into parts and re-join.

In 1783, Italian Cavell saw the sea brilliant oval body, which moved jumps. Soon it was raised straight up and flew to the east, then abruptly changed the direction of flight and increased glow, illuminating the entire area. Then it became a round of the elongated, split in two and disappeared (51.39).

In August 1863, in a Madrid newspaper article was posted, which said: "The day before yesterday evening, on the south-east of Madrid appeared glowing disk reddish color with a ball of flame. Having stood motionless for a long time, the disk began to move rapidly in the horizontal and vertical directions ".

In July 1868, the employees of the Astronomical Observatory in Oxford saw a luminous object which during the flight and stayed several times changed the direction of flight.

In August 1871 there was a giant disk of Marseille. 9 minutes, he hung motionless, then for 7 minutes drive to the north, and again hovered, then flew off at high speed to the east (9, 39).

In August 1939 in Sweden for 2 minutes were observed 6 round silver objects, the size of the disc of the moon, which are circled in the sky, following each other and forming a kind of dance.

In February 1942, the crew of the Dutch ship "Tromp" for 3 hours watching the huge aluminum disc, which quickly flew to the ship, did a series of amazing maneuvers and escaped with a minimum speed of 6000 km / h.

In the following cases, unidentified flying objects are first in one direction, and then came back, and sometimes it happens several times.

In 1812 in Bukovina in the sky there was any big star, followed by a beam of light, and flew to Russia. Then she came back and appeared regularly for four months, while in Russia was at war with the French.

In 1909 in Limerick (Ireland) astronomer Ferguson watched glowing object that appeared in the north-east and, maneuvering, flying south, and then came back. Followed up for 20 minutes.

In the XIX century. there have also been some follow ups of these objects from the ground, which proves their ability to make stops. There are reports of such observations in 1808 in Piedmont, in 1853 in northern France and in 1921 in California.

In the XIX and XX centuries. were first recorded time-limited bursts of large number of reports of UFO sightings in individual countries and in the world.

The first such outburst occurred in the period from November 1896 to April 1897 in the U.S., where there were a large number of cases of unknown objects with thousands of residents of particular cities, as many newspapers of the time.

Flying and hovering unknown objects were observed when the San Francisco, Oakland, Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago, Milwaukee, Sacramento, Benton and other U.S. cities.

Many of the observed objects were cigar-shaped, and in some cases, sent to earth the bright beams, like the rays of searchlights. That was in 1896 in San Francisco, and in 1897 in Chicago, Kansas City and Sistervile.

When considering all of these messages should be aware that the only aircraft in the United States at that time were free-air balloons. No airships, and with spotlights in the Americas in 1897 was not yet. The second burst of messages of unknown objects flying in different parts of the world took place in 1909, when just over England was noted 43 such object. There were reports from the U.S. and New Zealand, with some objects also emit bright beams.

For example, in May 1909, residents of the town of Essex (England) were observed for a few minutes flying long dark torpedo object that emitted toward the ground two bright beam.

In the same month, the crew "St. Olaf" watched a huge object with five lights, similar to the airship, which hovered over the "Holy Olaf," and then went to another ship and lit it.

In December, the town in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) twice appeared strange airship, covering all around powerful searchlight.

A similar scene occurs in the following night, thousands of Boston and Vilimontike. Famous UFO sightings in 1909, and in Russia. In July, the Saratov watched round glowing object flying over the river upstream.

In October, cigar-shaped object overflying Odessa, made a sharp turn and disappeared towards the estuary.

At the end of August 1909 in the newspaper "Daily Mail" message was placed on the unknown object, which made two circles over Tallinn and went in the direction of Finland, leaving the city's population in extreme excitement.

In late 1912 — early 1913 in several European countries, including Russia, observed some unknown flying objects with bright light sources such as spotlights. These observations took place over Dover, Liverpool, Thames in England, over Przemysl, Yaroslav and Lvvvom in Austria-Hungary, and Romania and over western Russia.

In Russia, these objects with two lights were seen over Kamenetz-Podolsk, Bialystok and Slobodka station, and around Haivoron, Gysin, Zhmerinka they covered the area.

The newspapers of the time called them fashionable at that time the term "airplane", but aviation was then in its infancy and airplanes still had no navigational aids, and even less, generators and searchlights. Therefore, they could then fly only during the day and in good weather with plotting the observed visually terrestrial landmarks. Unknown flying objects are the same, usually at night, and even at the worst time of the year — in the winter, which eliminates the assumption that it could be airplanes.

By the way, the German government then officially declared that the mysterious machines that appeared over England, were not the German airships, if only because they were unable for one night to fly to England and back. Russian military authorities said then that the Russian pilots did not make any such operations in the South-West of Russia nor in Galicia.

In the XIX and early XX century. also recorded a number of observations of large groups of any unknown objects, which sometimes flew systems.

In September 1820 on the French town of Embrun smooth formation flying strange objects like bells, who have published a lot of noise. Take the exit to 90sh, without breaking down, they flew away. Arik famous astronomer wrote about this case in the "Annals of Chemistry and Physics": "Numerous observers have seen during a lunar eclipse, strange objects moving in straight lines. They were at equal distances from each other and kept order, making turns with military precision."

In September 1851 over Hyde Park in London during the World Expo More than one hundred luminous disks that flew from the east and from the north, and then got together and flew away.

In August 1871 astronomer Truvle reported mass emergence of the Madonna on the high altitude flying objects with triangular, round and rectangular in shape and is moving at different speeds. One of the objects lost maneuverability and began to fall, making the movement falling leaf.

In August 1883 the Mexican astronomer Jose Bonilla photographed several groups of round and cigar-shaped objects flying formation at the same distance from each other and slowly crossed the disk of the sun from east to west. Each group of 15-20 objects, and only 283 Bonilla counted object. The next day he saw another 116 such objects. In the French magazine "Astronomy" of their distance from the earth was estimated at about 300 thousand kilometers (5, 6).

September 21, 1910. , about a million people in New York in three hours observed flying over the city hundreds of round glowing objects to write about then the whole world press.

Of particular interest is the phenomenon observed by February 9, 1913 over North America and the western Atlantic. According to Professor, University of Toronto and an Englishman Hunt Dening, summarized the testimony of hundreds of witnesses, the phenomenon is as follows.

Residents at 21.05 Central Canada observed in the northwestern part of the sky bright-red appearance of the body with a long tail, followed then successively appeared about 10 "waves", each of which was 20 — 40 objects flying in groups of 2,3,4 object . Thus, in total, has flown more than 300 luminous objects, whose disappearance was accompanied by rumbling sound. The total duration of the observation of phenomena for certain groups of observers was more than 3 minutes. From the combination of observations with 143 points in the Americas and on the ships that were then in the Atlantic Ocean, it was found that these objects flying in a straight path from Saskatchewan through the area in New York and Bermuda to Cape Sao Rock on the east poberezhe.Brazilii

In the astronomical literature, this phenomenon is called "fireballs Hunt" or "Procession Kirillid" although his performance contradicted bolide flight characteristics. Suffice it to say that the length of the trajectories of objects in the atmosphere was more than 9000 km, while the maximum recorded length of the bolide flight in near-Earth space is only 2,400 km. Flying height of these objects, according to Hunt, is about 40 kilometers, and according to Hofmeister and Davidson — about 70 — 80 km, and their trajectory parallel to the earth's surface, while altitude fireball is much larger and their trajectories tend , directed at an angle to the surface of the earth ("falling fireballs").

All witnesses described phenomenon also noted that a group of these objects were moving slowly and majestically, the speed of their flight was 8 — 10 km / s, whereas the rate of bolide flight is several tens of km / s, and the duration of observation in seconds. What is surprising is the fact that there were no observations of one drop of "fireballs".

Hunt suggested that it could be a group of smallholder cosmic bodies, flying past the Earth and captured it, with the result that they have acquired a circular orbit parallel to the earth's surface. But other scholars such as Davidson, Hofmeister and Fischer argued that air resistance would prevent the usual space bodies to make such a long flight in the atmosphere, because they had to burn down or fall to the ground. Clear explanation for this phenomenon has not been received.

The most amazing thing is that after 5 hours of observation, that is 2.30 am, exactly on the same path again flew several groups of similar objects, though the Earth during that time managed to turn on the 75sh. It is rather strange as well, that the next day (February 10 at 2 pm) Toronto residents watched span 7 — 8 dark items, first from west to east and then east to the west.

Groups of unknown objects flying in the period of history have also been observed in 1849, in Switzerland, in 1877, in France, in 1796 in Canada, in 1808 in Sweden, in 1845 m in England, in 1880, in Germany and in 1895 in Mexico.

Deserve special consideration cases where the spans of unknown objects led to the destruction of human settlements and were accompanied by the loss of life.

It is assumed that the real cause of the "Great Fire" in Chicago October 8, 1871 was a huge flight of the fireball, which is on its way destroyed several villages. The heat emitted by this ball, was so strong that under its influence was burning even marble and metal pontoon on the river was fused into a monolith. It is interesting that after the flight of the ball in the vicinity of Chicago, were found hundreds of bodies of people killed not by the fire, and for some unknown reason.

That same night, the balls are passed over Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and Illinois, and in the city of Green Bay, died 1500, and in Pestigo and Chicago — in 6000 (22, 113).

In another case that occurred in 1886 in Maracaibo (Venezuela), under the influence of an unknown oval object hovering in the vicinity of the house, the bodies of nine people who were inside the house, there were tumors that disappeared the next day, leaving black spots. Within 9 days, these people do not feel, but on the 10th day of the affected areas were fester, creating open wounds, and people began losing his hair.

At the same time all the trees that were around the house, dried, and they also cause black spots. All the affected people were sent to the hospital and survived.

Here are two cases of explosions of unknown objects in modern times.

One of them took place in June 1790 in France, and the testimony of many witnesses were recorded by police inspector. It happened as follows.

Near the town of Alencon saw a large group of peasants spinning ball the size of a carriage, flying at high speed and surrounded by flames. This ball down the hill. Heat radiated from them lit grass and bushes, but the peasants of their

extinguished. So he spent the evening while still staying warm, and around a crowd of curious onlookers. Suddenly a mysterious object in the wall kind of opened the door and got out humanoid, dressed in tight-fitting clothes. Seeing people it muttered something incomprehensible and ran into the woods. Cherz minutes object silently exploded, leaving behind nothing but a fine dust.

The search for the mysterious stranger, were unsuccessful.

The second explosion was much more powerful and is probably the most mysterious phenomenon of the early XX century. We are talking about the flight and explosion of the Tunguska cosmic body June 30, 1908, the nature of which has still not been established. Some features of this phenomenon is caused by conflicting interpretations, the others have not managed to get an answer.

First of all, it remains unclear the true direction of flight of the body, because, according to an analysis of the fall of the forest and the testimony of dozens of independent witnesses, located south of the site of the explosion, it turned out that it was flying from east to west. In addition, however, there are dozens of other witnesses testify, is east of the site of the explosion, which claimed that the body was flying from south to north. To somehow reconcile these contradictory statements, some scientists, and in particular F.Yu.Zigel, hypothesized that the body has changed its direction of flight, that is, it was manageable.

Not managed to find an explanation for a very strong emission from the stratosphere at an altitude of about 85 km, which lasted for three days after the fall of the body and was particularly strong in the first night. And this glow was observed only in the band, stretching from east to west, which included the territory of England, Central Europe, Southern Russia and Central Asia. Obviously, this emission could be caused by the explosion of a cloud, which failed to have risen to such a height, and a few hours spread over thousands of kilometers, up to England.

Maybe it was caused by the flight of the glow of the body, which originally flew from west to east and then turned to the north?

It is puzzling as the nature of the trajectory and speed of flight of the Tunguska cosmic body. According to witnesses, it appears that it flew about 800 miles on a flat trajectory with a slope of 7-10sh, and its terminal velocity was only 1-2 km / s, whereas in meteorites and comets, it is about 30-60 km / with.

The newspaper "Siberia" (1908. 2 July), published in Irkutsk, the flight of the body is described as follows: "17 June 1908 at the beginning of the 9 th hour in the village N.Karelinskom (north Kirensk) peasants saw in the northwest fairly high above the horizon for a very strong luminous body, to move for 10 minutes. body is a tube that is was a cylindrical … " .

Many witnesses saw the flight not only the body, but also hear the sounds generated by it — the fact, saying that the flight speed does not exceed the speed of sound.

Local teacher from the village G.Zyryanov Sosnin, watching the flight of the body, described him as follows: "The sky below the clouds floated body, like a log, but it is much brighter than the sun, and with a huge shower of sparks behind." Other witnesses said that it was like a barrel "on the edges of narrower, thicker in the middle."

Remains unexplained and the nature of the explosion, the estimated power of which, according to various sources, was 20-40 megatons, and under the influence of which were ripped off some roofs and knocked down fences at a distance of up to 400 km, and in the place of the explosion had knocked down a forest on an area 30-50 km. What energy could cause an explosion so powerful? Scientists are of the opinion that the Tunguska body was a comet with the ice core, said the explosion was purely mechanical, due to the instantaneous transformation in pairs of the ice core. The question then is, where did the powerful magnetic perturbations caused by reversal of the soil on an area of 3500 km, which lasted about 4 hours after the explosion, and why trees in the area of the explosion began to grow 4-10 times faster?

By the way, academic G.I.Petrov by analyzing flight speed and trajectory of a body found that the explosion could not happen due to the kinetic, but only at the expense of the internal energy of the body flying.

There is also speculation that the explosion was nuclear, although, according to Academician Petrov, the value of gamma background in gungusskogo explosion was about 100 times less than it polzhna be in place a nuclear blast of air power.

Maybe the explosion was caused by some kind of internal energy, is still unknown to science?

Of interest are also reports that in the Stony Tunguska then there was not one, but three explosions at intervals between them. Wrote about it, in particular, the newspaper "Voice of Tomsk" (1908. July 15): "In Kansk Yenisei province on June 17 at 9 o'clock in the morning, followed by an underground hit, all downloaded. Was heard the roar of a distant gunshot. Minutes later 5.7 followed by a second blow, stronger than the first, accompanied by the same drone. A minute later another blow, but weaker than the first … " .

Not agreed scholars and as to why in the explosion — if we assume that the body is described — a meteor — was not detected in either of the crater, no residual material from which consisted exploded body, though its diameter is estimated at several hundreds of meters, and weight — about one million tonnes.

It took 80 years after the explosion of the Tunguska cosmic body, during which was made more than 80 different hypotheses about its origins, but even today it is still neideptifitsirovannym.

Even more amazing event associated with UFOs, allegedly occurred during the First World War.

It is about the mysterious disappearance of a battalion of the British Army during the Dardanelles operation, which saw the soldiers and officers of Australia and New Zealand's case, acting in the British army.

According to the memoirs of General English Kenningema it was as follows: "a cloudless day August 21, 1915 at the Gallipoli Peninsula on the height of 60 at the location of the British troops hung seven countries are exactly alike," clouds ", similar to a loaf of bread. Spite of the wind, they were perfectly motionless, and their form has not changed. On the ground below them, there was another exactly the same "cloud" length of about 250, and the width and height of about 60 m thick It seemed as if made of solid material.

At this time, strengthening of the British troops at 60 was sent to 14 Battalion Norfolk Regiment, numbering 800 people. In front of many witnesses battalion went to is on the ground, "cloud", and went with him, but no soldier came out from there. An hour after the last man had disappeared in the "cloud", it slowly got up and joined the other "cloud" and then they all moved to the northwest in the direction of Bulgaria and 45 minutes out of sight. And in place of the "cloud" was no one. A battalion of the British Army was gone, and he was declared missing.

After the capitulation of Turkey in 1918, the British command to reclaim the missing battalion, believing that his soldiers were captured, but the Turks have proved that no fighting that day in the area were not, and they have no relation to the disappearance of the Battalion " .

Also of interest are some of the data of observations of unidentified flying objects in the Second World War.

In the archives of the U.S. Air Force preserved information that American pilots during the Second World War repeatedly observed some glowing balls that accompanied their aircraft when flying over Germany and Japan. They were small in diameter from a few inches to 2 m (7, 45). These objects, then get the title "Foo Fighters", appeared singly, in pairs or in groups, to circle around planes and flew parallel course with them, typically not approach nearer 30m.

March 6, 1942 when returning after a raid by British bombers on the Essen one of them at a height of 4.5 km above Zyuderzee persecuted an unknown luminous object, which took the form of a ball of bright orange color. When the object is close to the plane of 150 m, it opened fire with machine guns, but it has not worked. After some time, the UFO disappeared at great speed.

In October 1943, in a raid group of American bombers in Schweinfurt over the city, a series of small shiny disc diameter of about 10 cm, which followed the aircraft, not preventing them from bombing. One of the bombers (B-17) to its right wing went through the "pack" of these disks without affecting or covered by an aircraft engine.

In November 1944, 415 pilots Squadron night bombers, based in England, during a flight over France saw about 10 luminous disks peremeschavschihsya the sky in single file with the "extraordinary" speed.

In the summer of 1944 in Normandy four American officers and journalists watched a pulsating red fireball that come close to the front line, hovered over it for 15 minutes, and then quickly flew away.

In December 1944, the crew of the English night fighter, flying over the territory of Germany, near Haguenau saw two large orange ball, which stood up and began to pursue the plane. To get away from them, the fighter has to make sharp turns, but objects, exactly repeated his maneuvers. Two minutes later they fell behind and disappeared.

The headquarters of RAF also received reports of British pilots about their encounters with UFOs. In 1943, in England, a special team led by General Messeem to determine that the wheels appear over the British Isles, whether they are German aircraft of a new design.

Allied general staffs initially assumed that this was the secret weapon of the Germans, which extolled the Goebbels propaganda. And General Eisenhower in a special order from 23.12.1944 defined the "mysterious floating balls" as the secret weapon of the Germans. But this assumption is dropped, when agents of the Allies was to convey that the Germans believe these mysterious objects new U.S. aircraft.

Observed "foo-fighters" in the Pacific. In August 1944, on Sumatra an unknown object followed the American bomber, flying on a mission.

In February 1945, anti-aircraft guns of the American battleship "NyuYork" and its accompanying destroyers in the western Pacific Ocean fired on silvery unknown flying object the size of a two-story house.

Is of great interest as the most reliable instrument of unknown flying objects observed in February 1942 over Los Angeles special report submitted to President Roosevelt, chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Marshall "This dispatch reported that on the night of 25.2.1942 15 unknown spherical objects larger than the aircraft approached from the ocean to Los Angeles.'s flying at a speed of 300 km / h then they fell and were divided into groups of 3-6 UFOs each. Objects were illuminated by searchlights and anti-aircraft artillery opened on them fire, firing for an hour in 1430 rounds, but not hit any object.

Americans on the assumption that they were Japanese planes, was not confirmed.

According to German archives, unidentified flying objects in the Second World War were also observed over the territory of Germany.

In 1942, some unknown objects repeatedly appeared near Peenemyunde, scene of missile tests, the V-1 and V-2.

In March 1942, German fighter Me-109 was raised to intercept an unknown object approaching the airfield Banak in Norway. Fighter pilot reported that the object is visible antennas cigar-shaped length of 100 E 15 m in diameter in his eyes the object at high speed abruptly went straight up and disappeared into the sky.

In December 1943, an unknown object flying cylindrical route Heligoland, Wittenberg Neystrelits at 3000 km / h.

In February 1944, on the basis of Kummersdorf were tested new missiles, which were captured on film. The image on the developed film showed that the in-flight missile accompanied by a spherical body (not visible from the ground), which carried out circles around the missile.

In September 1944 during a test flight of the first German jet fighter Me-262 in experimental center Rechlin pilot of the aircraft at an altitude of 12,000 m saw an enormous flying object with a number of holes, and the likeness of the antennas. This object soon disappeared at a rate of more than 2000 km / h.

Another incident occurred in 1944 in Poland. Radar stations of the German air defenses found at an altitude of 15 km a rapidly approaching an unidentified object. Battery 88-millimeter guns opened fire on him, but to no avail. Only increased the speed of the object. "2000, 3000, 5000 km / h" — shouted excitedly observer. When an object is dropped on it opened fire and quad 22-millimeter anti-aircraft guns, and it was clearly seen as tracers fall directly in the object, but will make no impact. At 2 km flight object changed direction and disappeared.

To investigate these mysterious flying objects in the Luftwaffe during the war created a special secret group "Zyunderbyuro-13", and the work was carried out under the code name "Operation" Uranius. '"

The information in this Chapter is on UFO sightings in antiquity, the Middle Ages and in modern history completely refute the statements in our press UFO opponents claiming that reports of UFO started to arrive just after the first flight of people in a balloon, with an unknown object and then seen balls.

With the emergence of airships, according opponents UFOs, they began to look like silver cigars, and in the early 30s began to take "look" propeller planes, and finally, now — flying spacecraft, to which it might be argued that the first hot-air ball — Montgolfier brothers — took place in 1783, the first airship rigid structure was only established in 1883. while flying unknown objects are spherical and cigar-shaped observed since ancient times.

On the other hand, in 1903 the Wright Brothers made their first flight in an airplane, but the reports of UFO sightings in the form of propeller planes have not been reported. In contrast, the predominant form of UFO, by the description to see them throughout the history of mankind, is the disc, although none of the countries did not and does not now nor the Aircraft or spacecraft discoid shape.

The above data clearly confirms that UFOs existed throughout human history, and had the same form as the objects we see today. Moreover, according to sources, and "lead" themselves are just as modern UFO — made complex maneuvers that changes its form, sent to earth rays, take off and landing, formation flying, working on witnesses to explode. In the past, as now, there has been a massive flight of a group of objects and communication of bursts. But then none of heavily involved and, moreover, did not think of the possibility of extraterrestrial origin.

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