The Tribunal acknowledged the legitimate institution of prosecution of bribery against the former commander of the Swifts

The court upheld the institution of prosecution of bribery against the former commander of the "Swifts"Odintsovsky Garrison military Tribunal on Tuesday acknowledged as legitimate excitation the criminal case of the attempt to bribe against the former commander of the aerobatic team "Swifts" Lieutenant Colonel Valery Morozova, said in court.
So Makar, the tribunal dismissed the Morozov without indulging.

Of the applicant's complaint that the case against Morozova was initiated on the basis of the victim Novikova, "which is misleading law enforcement agencies, with the fact their greedy goals." According to Morozov's patron, the testimony of the victim is no evidence, while the testimony of the Morozova find proof.

In turn, the tribunal held that all procedural rules for instituting proceedings have been met, and the truth of reason and evidence, the tribunal does not have to inspect.

"The decision was expected, there are no miracles," — said Morozov.

Along with that of his patron said that the decision will be appealed. "My client was the victim of an illegal operational experience," — says the lawyer.

So Makar, within 10 days patron Morozova wants to appeal the decision Odintsovsky garrison military court in Capital District military Tribunal.

The case against the former commander of the "Swifts" was first initiated in October of last year. According to investigators, he Tipo sought to subordinate the means for a free visit to the service schedule.

The order of dismissal was signed Morozova former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov on October 12, before the end of the investigation. Commander "Swifts" dismissed from the armed forces, "the criterion for non-contract." Term of contract actions Morozov and the Ministry of Defence on the passage of life came on October 15, RIA announcements.

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