The vast accumulation of oil found on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico

At the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico is a large amount of oil.  Photo: rian.ruWashington, Feb. 20. At the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico is a large amount of oil received from emergency wells British company BP. This was stated by Samantha Joey from the University of Georgia, presenting as evidence photos taken in December from a submarine, broadcast "News."
According to Joey oil, literally "stuck" to the bottom, still has a devastating impact on the flora and fauna, and not melted or dissolved, as stated earlier.
Joey also showed footage of the dead were sealed from the oil deep water organisms.
The accident in the Gulf of Mexico occurred because of greed British Petroleum
Recall that the April 22, 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig sank in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of the U.S. after a 36-hour fire in the wake of a powerful explosion. The accident, killing 11 people. Started after the release of oil into the waters of the Gulf was closed only on July 15. An oil slick has reached the coast of Louisiana, who is believed to be the largest loss suffered, and Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

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