The village Khuzhir killed more than a thousand birds sinehvostok

If we consider that in the village of about 300 private homes, then we can talk about the death of more than a thousand sinehvostok. This Teleinform said ornithologist Vitaly Ryabtsev.

According to Vitaly Ryabtsev sinehvostka found only in eastern Siberia and arrive early on — at the end of April. "Most likely, due to the unusually heavy snowfall, held in Olkhon district, and cold weather birds concentrated closer to the village, but for them there was not enough food.

Whether die en masse in other species is not known, "- said ornithologist. According to him, such events are becoming the norm, last year was a similar case when, after a snowfall in southern Angara also killed birds, which just at this time is the spring arrives.

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