The Washington Post: Belorusneft — fruit that hangs low

About U.S. sanctions against the "Belorusneft" for investments in Iran writes in today's issue of The Washington Post. According to some U.S. lawmakers, the sanctions to be applied against a much larger number of companies.

The Obama administration imposed sanctions on Belarusian state power company for $ 500 million investment in the Iranian company that is accused of involvement in Iran's nuclear program.

The move is part of U.S. efforts to limit Iran's ability to improve its nuclear program, which they fear in Washington and other capitals, is aimed at developing nuclear weapons. But the move was vysmeyany as insufficient, a number of U.S. lawmakers who think the sanctions should be applied against the much larger number of companies, including Russian and Chinese.

The penalty includes a ban on receiving U.S. export licenses, loans and government contracts.

The State Department announced that it has entered against the company "Belorusneft" sanctions to close it access to the U.S. market for the contract in 2007 to develop the oil field "Jofeir", which was signed with NaftIran Intertrade Company.

The penalty includes a ban on receiving U.S. export licenses, loans and government contracts.

"Belorusneft" is the second company against which sanctions have been imposed in accordance with the law, which President Barack Obama signed in 2010 with broad bipartisan support.

The law requires the administration to impose sanctions against foreign companies that invest at least U.S. $ 20 million in Iran's oil and gas sectors of the economy. However, the law allows the president to abandon the sanctions on national security grounds.

Some in Congress, mostly Republicans, said that the administration has gone too far on the issue of sanctions.

Senate Republicans Mark Kirk and Jon Kyl Arizona, along with independent senator Joe Lieberman complained in a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Minister of Finance Timothy Gaytnera, that the administration "has found only one company that violates U.S. sanctions against Iran."

"We do not believe that it is fully consistent with the sanctions regime established by the Congress," — they wrote.

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtynen stated that "the alarming apparent lack of sanctions against Russian and Chinese companies, despite their long-standing presence in Iran."

"In addition to the" Belorusneft "- fruit, low-hanging — The State Department should impose sanctions against energy giants that continue to do business with Iran," — she said. — This is the only way that our sanctions were able to get the Iranian regime to stop policies and programs that threaten the United States. "

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