The Young appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office

Member of the Young Front Julian Misyukevich appealed to the Prosecutor General about listening to your phone. At last interrogation by the KGB Julian Misyukevich learned that his telephone conversations prasluhovvalisya.

The investigator showed Bychek detailed track th stsenagramy some conversations in November-December 2010. The vast majority of these records in the KGB talks were to electoral events.

Man repeatedly questioned as a witness in the case of riots December 19.

"Being a witness — is an occasion be heard? I hope to inform the prosecutor of any written permission of my conversations even two months before the events of the Plaza "- said Julian Misyukevich.

The appeal in writing to the young man asks how and when the prosecutor has been given authorization to conduct operational activities in the form of listening to a mobile phone.


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