The zeal of officials and all the secrets of all causes otorop

Last week in the State Duma took a little scandal. Even without the scandal, and scandal. The representative of the Communist Party said at the meeting of the Chamber, that hidden decree awarded title Hero of the Russian Federation to the Army General Nikolai Makarov, who, quote, "defeated the army and the armed forces," and that decision shook the military expert society. In the Committee on Defence failed to clarify the situation, and then Speaker Sergei Naryshkin asked him to verify this information. Coped with this task the committee, or not, is not clear. But it is clear that the president's press service on this question responded this way: "All documents signed by the head of the country and do not have a neck, coming to the press service for the publication. Decree on awarding Makarov did not pass through the press office. " Here and guess it was or was not. RIA Announces citing its own unnamed source in the Defense Ministry confirmed that such an order exists. But his formal proof at the time when the written data lines are still there, as it were.

For us, as opposed to the Communist Party faction, no question, or not worthy of the title of Hero Nikolai Makarov. In the end, the president of the country has the sovereign right to pardon and reward the one who finds it necessary. As well as refusing to trust someone. And no one has the right to object to it here. Another thing, if chief General Staff of the Armed Forces of the country such as ours, was awarded the title of Hero, why this fact secret? And awkward, to say the least, unwise decision. Army General Makarov — no spy-illegal alien, not the designer of a nuclear warhead, and a public figure. Tomorrow or the day after it is released to the media or to other members of the public and the first question he will ask: to congratulate you with the title of Hero of it all newspaper or duck? If so, why are not you wearing a star? What answer CHODs? He, of course, invent what to say. But a more uncomfortable situation where he has to dodge or lie, for a person to think hard. Although Zhukovsky may go somewhere in the shade or on a vacation, a couple of months not shown publicly until everyone forget about his merit. But is unlikely to forget.

Again, ask yourself: what the secret of the fact attribution Chief of Staff Hero? The president is not sure of the rightness of their own solutions? He is ashamed of it? For what? Utter: a tradition — that the former chief of the GRU, General Valentin Korabel'nikova also awarded the title of Hero of the hidden order, and the Makarov's predecessor in office CHODs General Anatoly Kvashnin, and former Air Force Commander General Vladimir Mikhailov, and before that — Air Force Commander Gen. Peter Dejnekin … About 2 uh-last in the list is an explanation — there was a war, and tried to protect them from potential retaliation. But who will take revenge Korabel'nikova or Kvashnin? For what? Is it a crazy. A Makarov? Still secret assignment merits the highest in the country will not hide. There are encyclopedias, yes Web, Wikipedia … The seeker will find always what they need.

Here's to the future of the tank "Armata" Last week there was the same awkward "secret bad luck." Chief Brain Armored Directorate (Bolshoi) Defense Gen.-Major Alexander Shevchenko came to the press to tell them about the concept of armored vehicles and cars. He mentioned that drafted and approved the project "Armata" — a new tank on a modular basis and crawler, which is scheduled to adopt the Army in 2015. But a common question: what this tank will be different from the existing, for example, the T-90S: huge caliber barrel, a massive engine, the availability of on-board information management systems and armored capsule for the crew, and how it will be written in the modern combat system, linked with drones, AWACS and other combat vehicles — general clear answer was not given. The second question he addressed to the General Staff. And at first reacted as all the tactical and technical specifications approved and adopted by the manufacturer. Again worked unhappy secrecy. You can use your loaf, that the chief GABTU asked about the composition of gunpowder in shells for tanks or on the codes applets management tool.

Tank there is a tank, it can not be hidden in a safe or under a tarp on the factory floor. Less than a year or two, as it will need to bring to light and begin testing at the site, at the shooting range on the taiga, bog roads and other things. He did not have time to get out of the gate of the plant, as its pictures and detailed tactical and technical characteristics here will be somewhere in Jane's, in the web or somewhere else. By the way, fundamentally scheme "Almaty was" no longer the first month of wandering on the Global network rack in Yandex or Google the word "Armata" and for emptying your 10's website with detailed descriptions of the machine. Even with reference to the former first deputy chief GABTU Gen.-Lieutenant Yuri Kovalenko. A year earlier, he said that the new tank will be a new automatic delivery of ammunition and the crew will be separated from the crew compartment. There is information and that the car used in the development of production acquired in the implementation of other projects, including the "Object 195" (T-95, abandoned by the military), "Black Eagle" and other …

It makes no sense to repeat it all. Attention is drawn to the fact that today's chief GABTU not lift the coveted Zahav over at least indicative features of a future combat vehicle. Only just because of the secrecy that binds him hand and foot? And maybe because of that, contrary to his assertions all the features of the machine matched and the military, and factory workers, in fact this is not the case. And no one is clear now can not say specifically what you get "Armata" — with a tower 125-mm guns or 130 mm, with the engine in front of the tower, or all the same back as the T-90, with bronekapsuly crew or without … Of the sample of general Shevchenko avoid a direct answer to common questions, to arrange a typical ping-pong with journalists, it is clear that he is not sure that in the end will eventually turn out. As Pushkin's "Queen gave birth to a night / Not offspring, not the daughter / Not a mouse, not a frog, / A unknown critter." Hence the fog of secrecy.

But such baseless fog, as in the case of General Makarov either "Armata", calls for ordinary people only bewilderment and, to be frank, distrust imperative structures.

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