Their customs. The police broke into the house of a woman, searched the Internet cooker.

In New York, the police ransacked the house of a journalist who was trying to find through Google search engine pressure cooker. It turned out that at about the same time, her husband searched the internet backpack, and his son was reading the news about the terrorist attack in Boston.


 This caused the FBI, track requests, the suspicion that they are dealing with a family of terrorists. 

Home invasion journalist Michele Catalano in the center of Long Island occurred on July 31. By building two cars arrived with six armed agents. They introduced themselves as officers of the Anti-terrorism and turned the whole house in search of explosives. However, they found nothing. Michele Catalano police her husband asked a lot of questions. In particular, finding a home pressure cooker, rice cookers are interested in the appointment and asked if a man make a bomb out of it.

"I feel a tremendous sense of anxiety. That's what we got. You can no longer count on respect your privacy. When you're trying to figure out how to cook lentils, you can get to the list of suspects "

Michele Catalano quoted CBS News.

Police said that a week make about 100 such trips. 99% of searches do not bring any results.

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