Those whose phones were spotted in the square, do not cause, and take

In Minsk, the apartment down the street Bielecki police beat and detained a resident Slutzk Vadim Romanov.

Vadim Romanov
law enforcement officers repeatedly invited for interview in connection with the fact that his phone was in the area of the square, where the protest rally took place on December 19. Young man refused, because he was busy at work and handed over the session.

March 31 around 21:00 Vadim Romanov called to a home phone number in Minsk and was invited to come to talk to the police station on April 1 in 9.30. He agreed. A few minutes later a knock on the door — the website of human rights argnaizatsyi "Spring."

According to Branches Isayev, Vadim Romanov girls, the door almost vylomvali. "After 10 minutes we opened, — says Galina. — In the two broke into the apartment, one in a police uniform, the other in black. They are not introduced himself and asked for our passports. "Where we live? Where to learn? Where we work? Who are you? "- They asked these people, when we asked on what basis shall produce the documents. "

As told Galina, guests dug into their stuff, looking for passports. Her eyes police beat Vadim. "First one in black, kicked him in the stomach. Then they kicked his feet, knocked to the floor, grabbed his arms and handcuffed. He was not even allowed to put on shoes! — Says Galina. — He stealthily took the phone and called me from the office. He said that he is sitting on the bare floor in the hallway. Then he took the cell phone. "

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