To check the weapons of the future needs a «live» mannequins

To check the weapons of the future needs a
Pentagon began a large-scale research program from exposure to non-lethal weapons on the human body. Earlier, the U.S. Air Force has already announced a similar contest, but brand new programm for the first time must submit exhausted information on this topic.

South American military wish to obtain an anthropomorphic dummy, very close to reality simulates the human body under the influence of various non-lethal weapons, including electric, laser, light and sound, acting as sudden changes in pressure, electric and heat. This will allow non-lethal weapon to make a truly massive.

During the last decades the military conflicts often had to act in the midst of peaceful inhabitants. Modern martial weapon is not created for such a criterion, and it leads to the introduction of random victims and bolshennomu collateral damage. Non-lethal weapon, like Active Denial System, could solve this dilemma, but so far its impact on human health is questionable, and in fact meant that non-lethal weapon will be used more extensively than ordinary.

So, to test the microwave emitter Active Denial System Pentagon had spent years and millions of dollars. The system would be effective as a short-term exposure and forces rapidly leave the area, «fire», but with a longer exposure (a situation where a person is injured, unconscious, child, disabled, etc.) microwaves can cause burns languid, associated with intolerable suffering and fatal ending.

Scientists will create a dummy that simulates the human body, for example alive tissue, pain sensors, bones, organs of sight, etc. Mannequin will be subjected to extreme influences without risk to human life. Hitherto, these tests were carried out using non-ideal or computer simulations or in live pigs. Both ways have severe shortcomings.

Overvalued enthusiasm for non-lethal weapons is also explained the progress in fighting bots that tightly close to the main milestone: the ability to independently use the gun. While the machine gun or grenade launcher bot can not be trusted, for both technical as well as political and ethical reasons, but non-lethal weapon — an entirely different matter. Not excluded that in the near decade of people on the streets met with robots capable of intentionally hurt.

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