To the prisoners, American is not receiving messages of solidarity

Statkevich acquainted with the case, for the first time using the glasses. Former policeman jailed Alexander Klaskouski not receiving messages of solidarity. The health status of Dmitri Bondarenko concerned doctors. Eduard Lobau transferred to the prison of the book on the history of Belarus.

In the prisoner's "American" Statkevich started having health problems — worsened vision. This was reported by politician's wife Maryna Adamovich, with reference to the resulting sheet:

"For the first time wrote about the problem with health — that dramatically worsened vision. Some of the inmates gave him the broken glasses, he fastened them with thread and read through his glasses. Previously, he had good vision, he did not use the glasses. "

According to the press service of the police, the criminal case Statkevich and Dmitri Uss already been transferred to the prosecutor. Ex-presidential candidate is accused of organizing mass riots. Also in the case are 5 members the events of 19 December, which incriminated part in the riots. Among them — a former policeman Klaskouski Alexander, who is accused in two other crimes, including the awarding authority. March 29 Klaskouski allowed to meet with his wife Natalia. The father told the prisoner the information obtained from his son after the meeting:

"He said that correspondence with him and has not adjusted. Only one letter he got from me and I from him only one letter, but sent was significantly greater on both sides. And that's not it comes to the so-called solidarity-mail when other people write words of support.

No illusions about the verdict, is preparing for a long time.

No illusions about the verdict, is preparing for a long time, so the impression is that everything is already programmed. And some defense arguments will probably be like peas against the wall. "

March 30 Investigation Department of the preliminary investigation Minsk city executive committee Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, Alexander Fyaduta, Sergei Wozniak, Andrey Dmitriev, Vital Rymasheuski andAnastasia Palazhanka new charges on 342nd criminal charges.

It provides for the responsibility for the organization and preparation of activities that breach public order or active participation in them. The maximum penalty for this article — up to 3 years in prison.

Dmitry Bondarenko's wife Olga pushing for the 5th Minsk hospital where her husband was treated earlier, was rushed to the KGB detention center his clinical diagnosis and the results of other studies. Dmitry has a dangerous disease spine, because of which the foot does not move and have other serious health problems. "He needs urgent treatment, but without these papers, and I even do not want to listen," — says Olga Bondarenko. The wife of the prisoner "American" does not rule out that the husband's illness worsened after torture or as a result of the poor conditions in the prison.

Mother activist of "Young Front" Eduard Lobau, sentenced to 4 years in prison on charges of hooliganism, had a son hour meeting on "Volodarka." Marina Lobova said:

Carried cheerfully said, what comes to the next election.

"It keeps cheerfully said, what comes to the next election. Was not taken aback by the sentence, and then plans to come to study. Statement little told him I was very interested in the latest political developments, all the courts that have passed. As he was transferred to the "Volodarka", the press is not reached, so all very interested. Hence it would be more in the colony, as there quite uncomfortable conditions. Hopes that it would be better not to be so crowded chamber. "

Along with Eduard Lobau last week was sentenced to two years in prison chairman of the "Young Front" Zmitser Dashkevich. An activist Anastasia Palazhanka who requested a meeting with Dmitry, received from the judge refused. In his last letter Dashkevich said Palazhanka that is in a cell with 50 prisoners, and they do not rule out that it will add more prisoners.

Prisoners "Queen" Dmitry Dashkevich, Eduard Lobau and Nikita Lihavida, who was convicted yesterday, March 29, "Amnesty International" recognized as prisoners of conscience.



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