To work in the scientific program RadioAstron joined tracking station in Green Bank (USA)

In the photo: Russian (FIAN) and American (NRAO) experts on the background radio telescope in Green Bank, converted into the station tracking and data collection RadioAstron

The program RadioAstron, a 43-meter radio telescope at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, USA, West Virginia, has successfully installed and tested the Russian equipment brought a group of engineers Astro Space Center of the Physics Institute. PN Lebedev (FIAN) for tracking and collecting scientific and spacecraft telemetry data "Spektr-R".


A group of engineers and scientists from Astro Space Center of PN Lebedev Physics Institute. PN Lebedev (FIAN) in early July 2013 arrived in the village of Green Bank (West Virginia, USA), for the installation and testing of equipment tracking station on the 43-meter telescope of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory USA (NRAO). Delivered equipment developed and produced in Russia, is almost identical to that used to support the program RadioAstron on Russian tracking station RT-22 at the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory FIAN.

Test results RadioAstron tracking station in Green Bank have been commented as "very good." August 1, 2013 has been successfully written scientific data from the Russian space radio telescope Spektr-R. The power level of the received signal from outer space even surpassed the level of "good reception", the error rate (Bit) — low.

As part of an experiment conducted Aug. 1, 2013, with measurements of the velocity of the spacecraft Spektr-R by Doppler in good agreement measurements taken consistently tracking stations in Green Bank, and in Pushchino.

Active surveillance in the key scientific program RadioAstron, period AO1, will begin in late August 2013 According to the plan, in September 2013 tracking station in Green Bank will work in some light duty, in parallel with the passage of the sessions can be automated operation.

Output tracking station in Green Bank RadioAstron at full capacity is planned from October 2013

Key scientific coordinator of the program RadioAstron, Dr. YY Kovalev (ASC FIAN), commented:

"The efficiency and the amount of available observing time RadioAstron increased about two times because of the successful commissioning of the second tracking station. We also expect to improve the accuracy of reconstruction of the satellite orbit, thanks to the additional Doppler measurements of the speed of the machine station in Green Bank.

Scientific information RadioAstron received August 1, 2013 as a result of the success of the first session, with the support of the international station of Green Bank research group to study pulsars and the interstellar medium is processed and analyzed by our colleagues. "

The project is carried out RadioAstron Astro Space Center of the Physics Institute. PN Lebedev, Russian Academy of Sciences and the Scientific and Production Association. SA Lavochkin under contract with the Russian Space Agency, together with a number of scientific and technical organizations of Russia and other countries.

According to the materials of API "LPI-Inform"

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