Together with Andrei Poczobut

Today Grodno journalists, members of the Belarusian Association of Journalists prepared a statement to the regional prosecutor's office. They need to stop the criminal case against his colleague Andrew Pochobut — correspondent of the Polish "Gazety Wyborczej".

Pochobut recognized a suspect in the case of insulting the President of the Republic of Belarus. It is initiated by the KGB, have inspected A.Pochobuta publications. Today Grodno journalists began putting their signatures to the statement to the prosecutor.

Irina Chernyavka one of the first to put his signature to the demand to stop the criminal case against Andrei Poczobut. She says that watching his work from the very beginning, and he came to journalism ten years ago. When the process began journalists of "Pahonya" Nikolai Markevich and Pavel Mozheyko, who was sentenced to terms of restriction of freedom "for defaming the president."

Irina Chernyavka

Brunette: "Andrew Pochobut — very honest journalist, who has worked with no internal censor. Whatever it is now clear sounds, but he is one of the those people, who meet the ethical standards in journalism. Proceedings against journalists who suffer ten years in Belarus, is a violation of the Constitution 33rd and 34th articles of violating the right to freedom of expression, the collection and dissemination of information. One may refer to other acts, but they are secondary, and the Constitution has the advantage over them, it guarantees absolute freedom. "

Recall that against Andrei Pachbuta prosecuted by the first part of Article 368 of the Criminal Code. Colleague Andrew Andrzej Pisalnik, is a correspondent for the Polish daily «Rzeczpospolita»:

Andrzej Pisalnik

"Sanctions of this article include a fine of up to a real prison. Think that political factors will influence the verdict on the process itself, if it takes place. Yet it is hoped that the authorities come to their senses and this thing somehow pull on the brakes. This would be the best outcome in this situation. But if you think about the worst, it will be a process. "

What will distinguish the trial process Poczobut from 2002, when judged in Grodno Markevich and Mozheyko?

Pisalnik: "This process is different from the process Markevich and Mozheyko, maybe that would not need to prepare the international public opinion, explains what is happening in Belarus. It warmed the recent events in Belarus, and the process of the journalist is sure to attract the attention of not only the Polish media , who are already watching what is happening around the correspondent «Gazety Wyborczej». should be noted that when there was a process Markevich and Mozheyko, journalists, Grodno including managed to raise a wave of solidarity. Now this wave will be much easier to raise: about dictatorship Belarus does not need anyone to explain it "by default" clear. "

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