Topics Vrotslovskogo Global Forum — from Africa to Belarus

Today in Wroclaw, Poland started the second annual Global Forum, where about 200 influential European and American politicians and intellectuals to discuss the answers to the most pressing challenges of our time.

Transatlantic relations and the Eastern Partnership, the role of Central Europe in the global economy and energy policy, the future of Belarus and the post-revolutionary countries of North Africa — the main topic of discussion at the forum. A very important topic for the hosts — Polish starshynyavanne EU, which begins on July 1 of this year.

The forum covers columnist Freedom Yuri Drakakhrust.

SousYuri, what feature of this forum, how is it different from many other conferences of this kind?

Drakakhrust: First of all, striking a high representation on the forum. President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, the Prime Minister of Moldova, a former U.S. presidential candidate. I drew attention to the feature — almost no representatives of Western Europe. Forum symbolized translatlyantychnyya Communications and the new Europe, not only the European Union, but also their neighbors — Moldova and Ukraine.

Sous: You talked about the high level of representation at the forum. What is important to you noted in the speeches of President Komorowski and Foreign Minister Sikorski?

Drakakhrust: President Komorowski said Poland feels responsible for the support of democracy in Belarus. Among other things, he said:

"By defining new goals and objectives, we must not forget the old goals and objectives, helping the countries of North Africa, do not forget the east of Europe.

As a thank you for our success, we feel a responsibility to support the process of democratization, the promotion of democratic forces in Belarus. In this country there has been regression. Belarus is a big problem for all the people who are thinking about freedom and democracy. "

Minister Sikorski said that the promotion of democracy — one of the main goals of the Polish presidency of the EU. Created Endowment for Democracy (100 million euros) in the countries in which it is suppressed. Carried out direct aid, without the mediation of the Polish partners.

Sous: How was the panel discussion on the Belarusian?

Drakakhrust: Chairman of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Belarus Jacek Protasiewicz said that one of the goals of the Polish starshynyavannya the EU — to achieve economic sanctions against the Lukashenko regime to convince the representatives of those countries that oppose Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus

Former Deputy Chairman of the European Parliament. Janusz Onyszkiewicz expressed satisfaction with the fact that against Belarus introduced economic sanctions. Those, he said, was not given an opportunity to the Belarusian authorities to lay the blame for the economic and monetary crisis in Europe, the sanctions.

Stanislav Shushkevich spoke very harshly and called for tough measures on Belarus in Europe. The history of recent years, he said — "the story of the betrayal of Europe to its principles."

Milinkevich noted that the sanctions will jeopardize the independence to lead to a reduction of pro-European sentiment will reduce the authority of the opposition

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