Traders are switching to black Exchange Rates

The fact that Belarus has quickly formed parallel exchange rates that are significantly different from the official, shows the situation in the online stores. On the inevitability of said conversion price and entrepreneurs in the markets.

Turmoil in the financial market are trying to take advantage of not only the currency speculators, but also, for example, traders of household and office equipment. The palette of discrepancies in the approaches to the formation of prices of the most clearly demonstrate the online store.

For example, a digital camera Sony. As standard it is exposed for 255 dollars. In ruble terms of range of prices — from 803 000 to 880 000. In the latter case, the course — 3450 rubles per dollar, while the official is 3045. If elections can be inattentive to lose about $ 25.

Another big razbezhki — at most computer stores. The same model laptop from Hewlett Packard starts 1,400,000 rubles and ends in the amount of 1,575,000. The difference — more than $ 55 on a single course more recently. A similar situation with phones, kitchen appliances, TVs, etc.

And what is the situation in the markets? Says one the leaders of the movement of entrepreneurs Anatoly Shumchanka:

Anatoly Shumchanka

"In consumer goods — mainly clothes and shoes, it's not a very expensive product — as long as prices are not raised, and the course list, as in the bank — around 3,100 rubles per dollar. But this is a temporary phenomenon. Coming days will be increased price coats, fur coats and other expensive products. the construction market — this I know for sure — is already on the list 3500-3700. And then do not buy the currency. However, the amounts are already being laid. Entrepreneurs in such a situation it is very difficult to choose between higher prices and sales opportunity. After all, in any case, it will affect each other. And today is not very good trade goes, and to increase the price — so who will buy it at all? '.

Demand for the currency continues to exceed the capacity of banks to provide it. Exchange offices sell only what they got from rare wishing to change the currency for rubles. Foreign exchange reserves into circulation do not throw — all waiting for a possible devaluation. DO NOT refuel dollars and ATMs, so experts believe that sooner or later the demand for dollars and euros, will cause people to look for them at inflated prices. This means resuscitation currency speculators — a matter of time. Economist Vladimir Karyagin convinced that the authorities have a logical result of their policies:

Vladimir Karyagin

"Why is there such a situation? Let us be frank: the last half of 2010, before the election, the government stimulated the payment of wages, not earned by the public.'s Why wages rose by 17%, while the GDP of the state — only 7%. And where people have started to spend money, they received? First — more than 30% of the buying — just for the goods imported by the import. has become a real problem, that from the beginning of January showed a burst of buying imported goods population. Hence jumped more — increased payments deficit and the trade balance our country, hence the increased need for foreign currency and, accordingly, its drawback. I.e. — several such factors. Seeing such a tension in recent months, and the IMF has spoken: he demanded that the National Bank to accumulate the means to the end of the year to have $ 10 billion in foreign exchange reserves. "

In addition, experts from the International Monetary Fund insist on an immediate devaluation of the Belarusian ruble, which, at least in the short term, to solve the most complex questions. But the leadership of the National Bank of the possibility of depreciation of the ruble delays. Financial analyst Dmitry Kruk also believes that in order to stabilize the market only such measures will not be enough:

Dmitry Kruk

"The devaluation — is not the solution to all problems. Indeed, in this case, the devaluation must necessarily be accompanied by reforms and changes in other policies — that is, first of all, fiscal policy and a change in monetary policy. Therefore depreciation alone does not solve the problem. And speaking of devaluation here be the broader question of a more fundamental reform. Since this will be a devaluation of the deposition problems in the next year, or — in a year. . "

Alexander Lukashenko has not commented on the situation on the currency market, carefully avoids the hot topic and the official propaganda. Moratorium on conversations with journalists imposed leadership of the National Bank — all inquiries should be directed there in writing. The answer to the question that everyone is concerned today, experts promise to prepare for 10 days.

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