Treat will be flogging




A recommended course of scientists porkoterapii — 30 treatments of 60 strokes of the cane on the buttocks. And this is not an April Fool's shutka.S sensational report scientists from Novosibirsk made at the international conference "New methods of treatment and rehabilitation in drug treatment." Its scientific name — "The method of pain impact in the treatment of addictive behavior and other forms of avitalnoy activity," write "Izvestiya.Ru."

The meaning of the following: alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, suicide attempts, psychosomatic diseases — all of life care, loss of taste to it. The reason — the decrease in production of endorphins, the "happy hormones". And if such a person as it should be flogged, he activates endorphin receptors, endorphins are released and returned to the taste of life.

Inspirer of the method — Chief Researcher Research Institute of Hygiene Health Ministry, Doctor of Biological Sciences Sergei Speranskii — known figure in Novosibirsk.

That he is the owner of such outstanding scientific work, as testing of local healers in white mice, the study of homeopathic grains, charged psychic Tyunkovym to change the fate of the impact of the miraculous icon on the poisoned mice.

No stranger to the professor and personal courage: experienced the drug LSD and came to the conclusion that his "impact — an extraordinary and significant phenomenon."

To good porkoterapii Sergey came not only acquainted with the experience of Russian and German folk medicine pravezh nineteenth century (there and whip lashes treated many ailments, from mental disorders to inflammation of the lungs), but also on the basis of personal experience.

Self-flagellation he cured his own depression and then regained health after two heart attacks — but already with porovshih his energetic women — Healer Anne Fleur and another lady volunteer.

Revolutionary method, apparently, can raise national health care to a new level. First, it saves only some need a couch and a well-soaked whip. Second, there are prospects of development: if you do not help pravezh as such, you can try the needles under fingernails, rack, iron on the belly and many other methods of traditional therapy, conclude "Izvestiya.Ru."


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