Tropic virus kills blackbirds in Germany

Tropic virus kills blackbirds in GermanyObviously, in the mass deaths of blackbirds in the Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg blame tropical virus, said "Europe Today".

In the bodies of several dead birds Usutu virus was detected. Reported by the Institute of Tropical Medicine. Bernhard Nocht in Hamburg.

"The situation alarming as Usutu virus can infect people as well", — says virologist Jonas Schmidt-Hanazit. According to him, the final wine Usutu virus in the death of blackbirds is not proven. A year ago, this pathogen was detected in mosquitoes in Germany.

The first case of human infection with the Usutu was registered in 2009 Guards Italy. However, the doctor points out: "At the present time there is no indication that the Usutu virus in Germany goes to the person or even cause an epidemic."

According to the expert, the person the virus causes fever, headache and rash. In the worst case, the disease leads to inflammation of the brain. Particular risk prone weak and the elderly.

Virus is native to Africa and probably came to Europe with migratory birds and imported poultry.

For the past two months, experts are watching the mysterious death of blackbirds in the south-west of Germany. In several areas, according to Conservation Union (NABU), this species of birds disappeared completely.

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