Tunguska event — a new version

The events of June 1908 in the area between the Lena and the Stony Tunguska still causing heated debate among experts. Too much mystery in the grand catastrophe, the echo of which has swept across the globe.

Newcomers sacrificed

Already the first explorers of the Tunguska catastrophe, collecting in the 1920s, eyewitness testimony, they fell a strange inconsistency. When comparing the readings we find that either the object flying over the taiga, made a sudden maneuver, abruptly changed course, or even flying over the taiga and the second object, which moved across the path to the first. The hypothesis of the second object was immediately rejected as absurd and contrary to accepted "comet" version. It contradicts the hypothesis of alien spacecraft crash.

But the story of the second object unexpectedly confirmed the computer! In the late 1980s, all known eyewitnesses (such evidence exists more than a thousand) were collected and incorporated into a computer. After treatment on mathematical formalization methods revealed that the witnesses are divided into two camps, tentatively called "southern" and "eastern". According to computer monitors these two camps have seen two completely different objects — so different from the descriptions of the observation time and the direction of flight.

Now all the louder the voice of those who argue that the objects over the Siberian taiga were still two. And one of them was a space shooter.

This hypothesis holds Russian scientist Yuri Lavbin. As evidence, he makes he found at the crash site-duty quartz plates inscribed with mysterious symbols. The plates are so strong that a laser beam that is capable of a couple of seconds to cut thick pieces of solid metal, hardly leaves them little scratches. Lavbin believes that these crystals were once part of the information and navigation system, an alien spaceship. June 30, 1908 the ship headed across the path of a large asteroid, invaded the Earth's atmosphere. So it was that some witnesses saw flying asteroid, others — flying UFO.

The aliens did not allow an asteroid hit the Earth, blowing it to a height of 30 — 40 kilometers, thus preventing a global catastrophe that could cause numerous earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, the shift of Earth's axis, the "nuclear winter" and eventually lead to the death of most animals and plant species, including humans. Aliens sacrificed themselves for the sake of human civilization.

Where did the debris?

Most experts, however, this hypothesis seems very doubtful, although found quartz plate, and the fact that it fits well into the pattern of evidence.

Its weak point — the asteroid Attacked UFOs. Lavbina assessment, it must weigh a billion tons. Where, then, its fragments? Asteroid weighing a billion tonnes of debris had to fill half of Siberia! And then, why he was allowed to come so close to the earth's surface? Aliens are doing their best to hide from the presence of people, it would be logical to knock it into the upper atmosphere, and even better — on the distant approaches to the Earth, if they really set out to destroy it. Severely doubt and willingness aliens are in possession of a truly fantastic technology, sacrifice.

We believe that the closer to the truth is the version on which over the Siberian taiga collided alien ship, the collision was no accident.

Battle for Earth is hundreds of years old

In recent years, among ufologists growing belief that the control of the Earth representatives of several competing space race. Latent or overt war between them going on for centuries. Its echoes are found in the Mahabharata, which tells about the events of centuries ago. This describes the epic battle of the gods with "air carts" — Wyman, accompanied by thunder, flashes and death of many people over large areas.

In 1561, in the skies over Basel (Switzerland) broke out between the present carnage flying "cross", "balls" and "plates".

The most famous of modern cases occurred in 1994 in Kenya, near the town of Rift Valley. Thousands of witnesses watched in horror as the sky in a fierce duel agreed two squadrons of UFOs chasing each other, rammed and shot each other bright-red rays. Downed UFO exploded with a deafening roar and completely melted in the air.

Maybe just exploded and completely melted the two ships that came together in a fierce clash in the sky above the Stony Tunguska?

Eyewitness testimony, talked about the large bay fiery sphere force of the explosion, which is estimated at about 10-40 megatons of TNT, and especially the complete absence of debris suggest that the UFO had collided likely energetic nature. The fact that a UFO — a "reasonable energy being" capable of instant transformation (conversion to a solid and back into energy) speak for a long time. In our country the proponent of this theory is the famous ufologist B. Azhazha.

Incidentally, the "Tunguska" UFO could do no one fly. It is possible that it was a military probe operated at a distance.

Igor Voloznev

Abnormal News № 22 (598) 2012

Category: UFOs and aliens

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