Turkey on the road

In the Rostov region there is a farm "Evrodon", which necessarily driven by top government officials — to boast the success of agricultural industry of the country and the region.

Complete cycle

Fifteen hundred kilometers odometer wound machine for two days "excursion" on the objects of the company. And not everything he saw. 12 separately located sites rearing and breeding turkeys (93 poultry house, each with a length of 200 meters), the incubator for 340 thousand eggs one-time favorites, meat processing plant with a capacity 120 tons of meat per day, and a feed mill. The minimum distance between objects — 3 km, but, as a rule, it is much more. Biosecurity — the religion of poultry. All conceivable standards covered with a reserve. Even after preparation of feed are not in contact with the external environment. The roads are divided into "clean" and "dirty": the net brought youngsters from the incubator, dirty — for the removal of adult birds for meat. The roads do not intersect. Logistic center will soon include 450 pieces of equipment: yaytsevozy, tsyplyatovozy, kormovozy. And Millerovskiy area area are digging and construction work on 19 sites, launched a duck project. It's hundreds of miles of gas pipelines, roads, power lines, redundant emergency power sources and water supply.

At the head of all this colossus — 50-year-old Vadim Vaneyev. In February 2007, I met with him. It's been five and a half years. Vadim not in the least matured, did not calm down. Still pumped boundless energy. Still grandiose plans. One headline to the article was a long-standing "Rostov dreamer." Only, unlike Vaneeva from the past behind this — holding a vertically built with huge turnover.

Vaneeva obviously closely within the same project. Ten years ago, the main problem was to find the money to get a bank loan. Today, the issues are solved financing easier — at Rostov dreamer has a reputation for working the case. When everyone rushed to engage in chicken eggs, to build pig, Vadim was actually creating a new industry. Now he's going to do the same trick with duck meat.

After working on the modular principle turkey Benaiah took the duck. The risks are minimal. Have experience, there are professionals, knowledge of how to get around sharp corners. Like building a business anywhere in the world. Someone is engaged only in meat, someone — processing, someone — an egg. Separately, there are firms that specialize in transportation services and feeds, building components. Only Vaneyev a system full cycle. It develops, grows, simultaneously meshing new areas. It seems Vaneyev not that stop — will not be able to slow down. Expanding into new territory — on the order of Voronezh region. Wants to make a double, a clone of the Don project. Stare to the Urals, the Volga region. Grain must be close to the production. Jokes:

— According to the construction of such complexes can defend his doctoral thesis. There is a team that can do anything. You've seen our work. My position — business must be beautiful.

First turkeys for poultry houses were built of imported materials — steel, sandwich panels. It turned out beautiful, but expensive. Today, everything is built from its own materials. Just as beautiful, but much cheaper. There are four major production — steel plants, sandwich panels, galvanizing, painting, employing 600 people. A little? No, not really, just a very high level of automation. One of the requirements of Benaiah — and to a half-century of production and these products were modern. In the West, took the latest technology and equipment.

The project has a moral and ethical implications. People see that not only fools and roads strong Russia. Builds a Russian company. And the Germans, the French, the Israelis and the Americans in shock, according to Benaiah, the culture and the construction of the objects they see. Is most frequently used by foreign indeykovodami response when meeting with the economy — "This is fantastic." His ears heard. I, by the way, is also still impressed. All I saw before — a parody.

In the densely populated Old World, it is difficult to turn, the earth long ago all finely chopped. In the New World is another story — the peak of the industry was in the middle of the last century. And aviary Americans against the ultra-modern facilities in the Rostov area look shabby the shed. However, these "the shed" issued annually 2.5 million tons, or half of the turkey meat in the world.

The new major direction — building construction. Ponastroit to clean off the beaten path poultry complexes — half the battle. But they have to work people. How to keep the experts? Provide housing, infrastructure. The plant is already operating, the line from Germany, the output — beauty. Want Condo — becoming, there is a desire to get the house — not a problem.

By the end of next year, the companies will work 7 thousand people. With a stable salary and interesting job. Five years from now — 15000. Pick up people with a twinkle in his eye.

Benaiah sets the bar higher nowhere:

— I want to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of turkey. U.S. will grow this year by only 30,000 tons — Where they develop? nowhere to go. And we — have already entered the 35,000 tons. But to create a big business is difficult, but in our country especially. We have to think how to make sure that you have not taken away his parallel puzzling over development strategy. The project started in 2003 from scratch with a clean sheet and the field. This is not a freebie privatization 90s. And I will fight for it at anytime and with anyone.

Suitcases exports

Overproduction and competition Vaneyev not afraid. Feed Russia, will take up the bottomless Asian markets — eating turkey representatives of all faiths. Turkey from the American continent was losing its products — frozen to stone the state imported carcasses lose taste and healthy ingredients. In addition, there is a basis of feed — soya, we have — wheat. Connoisseurs say: wheat grown on bird taste better.

"Ohlazhdenka" is sent to the trading network in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Urals. And here is a ready-to-eat meat processing plant products — sausages, carpaccio and other delicacies hundreds of titles — beyond the Rostov region do not get. They are simply not enough. The next step expansion of processing. I tried Cracow sausage, turkey and, frankly, do not understand how it differs from the usual one. Just very good. A salami — like salami. Igor Cherepenin, MSY technologist, said that the hardest part was to figure out how to simulate pieces of bacon (fat), which are all used to seeing in the sausage on a cut. Have come up with!

One of the leaders of the company, with which Rostovites contract for genetic work, the second time took to England polchemodana smoked for personal use. The driver Vladimir grabbed a bag to put in the trunk, and pulled back. Gentlemen in the West to this method of cooking a turkey is not smart enough.

The share in world production of turkey meat — almost 2%. But it is actively used for food in the richest and most developed countries. And those who are poorer, are content with the traditional types of meat. 

This turkey does not fly

In the Guinness Book of Records can be found turkey-record holder in the U.S. — 39 kg. Benaiah c
huckles: "too small it against ours!" Get off the ground and hold in their hands the reluctant hero Don weight 45 kg, need a good physical preparation. "Normal" turkey goes on the counter, gaining weight is not more than 21 kg.

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