TURKISH T-LORAMIDS. NOT ONLY C-300 and «red flag»

British military publication Jane’s Defense Weekly said May 15 that presumably in June Turkey elect latest anti-aircraft missile system on long-range programmke T-Loramids to equip its own system of air defense / missile defense, reports now mil.news.sina.com.cn.
The tender involved four companies (South American, European, Chinese and Russian). The U.S. and Europe have warned Turkey that it should not buy SAM Russian and Chinese production.
The program T-Loramids anticipates purchasing 12 complexes in the amount of 3.5 billion U.S. dollars. The American company Raytheon offers Patriot, a European consortium EuroSAM — SAMP / T Aster 30, Russian concern «Almaz-Antey» — C-300, the Chinese state import-export company clear engineering CPMIEC (China National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation) — HQ- 9 (pictured, Hong Qi — «Red Flag», developed using technology from the 300 — ca. «VP»).
Sources of Jane’s Defense Weekly said that the Americans and Europeans are very pressuring Turkey to prevent the purchase of Chinese and Russian systems, otherwise «the country will face difficulties.» «Although the range and properties of S-300 and HQ-9 great, the problem is how to integrate these systems into a single system of air defense / NATO missile defense in Europe,» said one of them.
Raytheon counts on their ability to supply complexes frisky than it will be able to make other contenders. The company said that Turkey can get right to create 80% of missile systems. European Consortium offers Turkey long-term cooperation to modernize the system and even offers the presence of the Turkish company in the consortium EuroSAM.

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