The foreign press points out that being seen about UFOs and within them, there are four main types: human-normal growth, dwarfs, giants and creatures like robots.

Brazilian ufologist Ya.Pereyra in 1974, analyzed the 230 most significant, in his view, the cases observed the UFO crew, of which 104 occurred in South America (mainly in Brazil and Argentina), 62 — in Europe, 47 — in North America and 17 — in other continents.

According to Pereira, 23% of the news focuses on the existing normal growth of 60% — of gnomes, 13% — of giants, and only 4% — of creatures that look like robots.

In various foreign sources indicate that the color of the skin of the newcomers was mostly gray or brown alleged that most of them were dressed in tight-fitting suits of metallized fabrics without seams, and sometimes were in suits.

Along with this, there are individual, rather rare, descriptions creatures covered with hair, with claws on the paws or hanging like a dog, ears, or even with one eye.

Having analyzed 197 cases at the UFO crews conduct meetings with people, Pereira found that:

in 84 cases they were approaching people in 37 cases behaved even friendly, in 30 cases showed indifference in 27 to their heels, and 19 — showed hostility (79).

The accuracy of these descriptions, of course, is highly questionable.

Here are two descriptions of meetings with enlonavtami normal growth.

A short description of the first meeting was placed in the "Building the newspaper" (1988, August 6) and sets out our journalist S.Bulantsevym in the television show "UFO Cover up Live", aired by a U.S. company in October 1988

This meeting took place in March 1981 in the village of Borok Rybinsk district of the Yaroslavl region, and its members were from Leningrad, Alexander K., and local Vitaly Z.

In a park near the monument to K. Morozov saw appeared silently in the snow of 5-6 m from them strange silver object in the form of a loaf of 5-6 m in diameter with no windows and hatches.

Bureau members Leningrad Commission in 1981 AH K. said: "No" feet "or devices for growing an object I had not noticed. Later this" loaf "opened like a flower, a few cloves, and from there were two beautiful slim being completely similar to humans.

Somehow, they approached me at a distance of 3.4 m at the same time I felt sick, I was in a daze. These creatures came from pinkish-purple light. The focus was only on their faces, and the rest was like a frost. Costumes creatures were intact as overalls and glittering needle frost.

Then I heard a musical phrase a different tone, and I understood the meaning of these sounds: "Do not worry, we will not do you any harm." Next the sounds pouring from one of the creatures, and, surprisingly, I understood and answered the same "music." As I published these sounds, I do not know, but I did it quietly, without pressure.

What did they ask me I can not remember. Then, shortly after the incident, something to remember, but not now. I only remember that it was a question and answer, and I answered something conscious. The only thing vaguely remember — this is their explanation of where they came from. It was about some three stars, from which the straight lines intersect at one point … The whole conversation lasted 8-10 minutes.

Then they retired to the object, it was closed again and immediately disappeared. I looked up and saw him high above the forest. Then he disappeared and there …

My friend came to about five minutes afterwards. I asked him: "Did you see?" He replied: "There was something, but I do not know, I do not remember."

Then I went to the site of the object and saw that there was even snow and hard as concrete. But no trace was visible.

Any continuation of this story in my dreams I have not. "Kakihlibo evidence K. story was not obtained.

Description of a "fresh" meeting with enlonavtami allegedly took place in Kiev Hydropark, was placed in the "Week" (1989, N33).

This story took place July 4, 1989 with the pensioner Vera Prokofyevna her friend Alexandra Stepanovna engineer and her daughter.

In the newspaper "Pravda Ukrainy" Faith Prokofyevna said:

"Start to dusk. We went to the Dnieper duct and saw a boat without sails, oars and the motor, and in it three. They wore silver clothes without collars, tailored as nightgowns. Extremely pale and absolutely the same as the twins, faces . Long wavy light brown hair, golden brown. big bright eyes. We asked: "Are you tourists? From? "And they give us in Russian, with a strange accent said," We came from another planet. Where's our planet, it is your mind boggles. When you're like us, you will learn. Every day we take one person with the Earth to himself. And you too take. Here near our ship, we will show it to you. "

One of them went in front, and two on the sides, as it were escorting. We wanted to cry, but we are like a magnet attracts and forces were not. And when they looked at us, all over the body like needles pricked … We began to ask that we did not take, we have a family, children.

Through the trees, we saw the white building also silver, like a huge barrel of a circular antenna on top. "Well, we do not take, say these people — get the others." They went inside the "holes", a ladder with three rungs rose, the door itself, as the elevator closed, and the unit completely without noise, without raising the wind, quickly took off and soon turned into a small star. "

A member of the Kiev Section of the study of paranormal Candidate of Sciences A.F.Pugach who investigated this case, said: "I'm sure 90%" that this case is not a figment of the imagination of women … Make a similar story about the contact forces for a person who is always "cooked" in this information and knows the ins and outs, and Vera and her friend Prokofyevna they obviously do not know. Imaginary impressions would force or shortfalls information, and in this case you do not feel a stretch. "

Speaking in Leningrad in January 1990, Pugach said that Kiev ufologists found many credible witnesses who confirmed the testimony of two women.

The second type of the foreign press enlonavtov include dwarf growth 1 1.3 m, with large heads, very large eyes and long, thin arms.

An example of such a meeting with young enlonavtami is the case, allegedly occurred in July 1965 in Valansol in the French Alps, where the farmer saw Massa landed on his field ovoid object the size of a car. From this object came two humanoid creatures an increase of about 1 m, with heads, three times more than that of people dressed in overalls similarity. When the masses came to them for 5 m, one of the creatures sent to it from any device beam that Massa was paralyzed, then these creatures as if by the light beam entered the object, which rose up and left (21).

Another meeting with enlonavtom-dwarf is described in the first Memorandum IKUFON 1978

According Kevitskogo background, it occurred in January 1970 near the town Imyarvi in southern Finland, where the eyes of the farmer and forester Heinonen Viljo down some unknown domed object 3 m in diameter with a flat bottom and hung at a height of 4.3 m above ground. Then, from the lower part of the burst bright beam of light, in which there was a dwarf growth of 90 cm with thin arms and legs, holding a black box. Out of the box on the two witnesses was sent pulsating beam under the influence of which the right-hand side of the body Heinonen numb, and he fell. He started headaches, it was vomit and urine was black. In Viljo upset the vestibular apparatus, and redness of the skin. Both the witness had been hospitalized in Gothenburg, but the extent of their exposure was incurable, and they died (plate 85).

Much rarer messages enlonavtah mega-growth of more than 2 m below eyewitness observation of these creatures placed in the film "In Search of Aliens".

On one November night in 1978, former resident of Tbilisi Avtandil Buhrashvili Lieutenant Colonel (then Captain) witnessed the passage of a huge glowing object, disappearing around the corner. Buhrashvili says that he was surprised and ran out to the porch, where he saw two flying creatures in a horizontal position, which at first took to be birds. These creatures gradually descended, and then took a vertical position and was on his front porch. Growth of more than 2 m, they were in clothing that covers the entire body. On their heads were helmets, had two sides to vibrate antennae with balls on the ends, and in the eyes and nose on the helmets were "window" through which seemed Buhrashvili were visible frog eyes like no eyelashes. On the chest, too, were "little windows".

One of the stranger spoke in elegant Georgian Buhrashvili and offered to take him with them, but he politely refused, citing a weak heart. Then the stranger gave Buhrashvili tablet similar to dice, and insisted that he had swallowed it. By this time Buhrashvili there was no doubt in the extraterrestrial origin of these beings who made no secret of it.

Then he heard a squeak, which, apparently, was the signal for their return. Both creatures smoothly with some hissing flew straight up, take a horizontal position and flew in the direction of the mountains, where it disappeared to a mysterious device.

Remembering everything that happened to him at night the next day, Buhrashvili and could finally understand if everything is in reality, or is it just imagined it.

Brief description of mass observation enlonavtov giant was placed in the newspaper "Soviet trade" (1989, July 8). It took place in June 1979 in a camp "Birch" near the town of Derzhavin Turgay region of Kazakhstan.

Located on a hill, 2 km from the camp, a group of 15 pioneers led by K. counselor noticed a bright flash in the woods at the foot of the hill, after which there were any two objects, like pa tent. From them in the direction of the children began to move strange humanoids rise 3.5 meters with large heads and big orange eyes. They wore dark fitting clothing with a wide red stripe on his belt. The creatures moved sliding movements with his hands still outstretched.

Counselors felt the danger and screamed "Most run in the camp!" The boys ran, and these creatures are after them. Two of them behind, and one to run to the entrance to the camp and stopped. By this time there had gathered more than one hundred children and staff of the camp. Emboldened boys shouted taunts to the stranger, and some even ran into him a lump of land. Women screamed, waving towels. Then the stranger turned abruptly and walked to the side of a hill.

The camp commander D. immediately reported the incident to the executive committee, the police and the KGB, but the reaction was not any. It is also significant that the next letter of the camp in the Kazakh Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and in the newspapers, too, no response.

Has been widely reported in the foreign press and UFO sightings near the creatures, like a robot. In several of our newspapers in July 1989 was placed description observing robotic creatures in the Vologda region.

June 6, 1989 near the village of Konantsevo, which is a suburb of the city Kharovskii Vologda region, four school children aged 11-13 years have seen approaching to land the ball, which then rolled over the meadow and stopped a few hundred meters from the boys.

Further description of the event is taken from the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (1989, June 25).

"The ball was a big, 3.4 meters in diameter. Suddenly it was divided into two halves, which parted to the side, and between them seemed a creature of dark color. Growth — much larger than life, a short body, long" legs "and" arms " hanging below the knees up to the grass. But, more importantly, where the person supposed to have the shoulders and head, the creature was an oval rounded top "body", from just grew and "hand" And again, when the creature headed stiff-legged to the Konantsevu guys were amazed that in profile it seemed flat as a board. And the "chest" being of light disc of the same dazzling color as the ball came down from heaven … Then by Kharovskii was a woman in a red dress, and when her figure coincided with the silhouette of being in the moment, both are gone, as does the ball … After a few seconds a woman "show" for a hundred meters away. She ran, shouting … Meanwhile, in the sky at the same place was second flying ball. all again — it landed on the edge of Konantseva, rolled across the meadow and stopped at another place. again parted hemisphere, and there was such a thing. A ball united, blinked and quietly disappeared. creature, with a few heads of several steps to Wire , also disappeared.

At the same point in the sky there was a third object. Once again, history repeated itself with a touchdown and the disappearance of the world and its "passenger".

Of the fourth object that landed behind him, no one came. A ball is opened and closed too wasted and disappeared. "

The total duration of the observation of the whole phenomenon was about half an hour.

Other newspapers are some additional details about the incident.

According to the testimony of the children, the growth of the unknown creature was about 4 m, and they did not bend while driving is not only the "legs", but the "hands." The boys also reported that the compound hemispheres occurred a few seconds after the separation, and that after a few flashes of light as they quickly disappeared.

A case study in Kharovskii Vice-Chairman of the Leningrad Commission paranormal USSR Geographical Society I.Baturin. According to him, this story can not be considered the result of children's imagination, as conducted by a special technique investigative experiment with each of the kids individually shown the coincidence of their stories in great detail. Dreamers with necessarily be caught on a hook. However, no traces of the landing on the ground balls were found.

Serious doubt on the reliability of the story expressed correspondent "Rural Youth" S.Makarov, who also went to Kharovsk for its investigation.

Makarov found the very woman in a red dress, named Igushkina, which then was in this meadow. She said that nothing unusual had seen and it did not happen

And found a second woman Z.Haricheva, which also saw no balls, no aliens.

A possible third witness this phenomenon should have been Alesha Levin, who then fly a kite in this meadow. But he argued that any ball does not land in a meadow. Thus, the additional witness testimony guys can not find ("Rural Youth", 1989, N12).

In the following case, about a UFO allegedly landed observed giant humanoid and creature similar to a robot.

In the newspaper "Izvestia" (1989. October 12) indicated that the TASS and reported UFO landing in Voronezh, which was immediately published in the Western press, and caused a sensation, and the "New York Times" called it news century. In our country, a description of the event, too, had been placed in a number of newspapers.

It allegedly occurred Sept. 27, 1989 in the old park on the southern outskirts of Voronezh.

The most detailed (but this does not mean that the most significant) it was described in the Voronezh newspaper "Commune" (1989. 3 October) with the words students of 5th and 6th grade Vasya Surin, Eugene Blinov and Julia Sholokhov, who allegedly were his witnesses. This article was almost entirely placed in the newspaper "Soviet Culture" (1989. October 10). It said: "September 27, the guys in the park playing football. At six-thirty, they noticed a pink glow in the sky, then the ball is red-purple color with a diameter of about 10 m above the ground circled at an altitude of 12 meters, he flew away, and after a few minutes returned and hovered over the park. By this time a lot of people came running here (over 40 people). All clearly seen at the bottom of the world opened the door and in the doorway appeared a being. It was about three meters height with three eyes, dressed in a silver suit disk-to-chest. inspect the place, the creature slammed the hatch, and the ball was dropped. object landed. again opening the door, and went out two creatures, one apparently a robot. said something first, and on the ground there was a luminous triangle size 30 to 50 cm, which soon disappeared.

The stranger touched his chest robot, and he went as mechanical. At this time one of the boys shouted in fear. The stranger looked at him, and he stopped, he could not move. Alien eyes in this world. Then cried they all present.

After a while the ball and being gone. However, after 5 minutes, and the three-eyed ball appeared again. This time, the stranger on the side of the gun tube hung half a meter in length. He sent up a 16-year-old, and the guy was gone. Treh1lazy entered into a ball and he picked up speed, flew away. Immediately appeared and disappeared teenager.

All the children at the time of the incident, experienced a sense of great fear, which was sustained at them then within a few days. "

Some details of the incident, have been described in the newspaper "Moscow News" (1989. October 22).

It said that, according to updated readings guys ellipsoid object had a length of 15 m and a height of 6 m with portholes. He hovered over the ground at a height of 0.5 m before it moved out of the four pillars, and will appear a bulge had a head, which was not three, but two eyes and above the red light. I was being very heavy gait.

According to the chief of the left bank of Voronezh V.Selyavkina police department, the district, Lieutenant Matveyev, personally witnessed this evening September 27th flight na height of 200 m at a high speed strange glowing ball with a diameter of about 15 m

A week after the intended landing on her site visited by the Voronezh section to study paranormal at the regional board of the AS Popov NTORES Lozovtsev, Mosolov and Martynov and pasted on the housing estate ads appeal to adult witnesses to confirm if they have seen anything like this . At the same time they were able to delineate the area with the help of dowsing. Circle has a diameter of 20 meters, the scope of which in the hands of operators rotated.

Test pilots Voronezh aircraft factory installed using quantum magnetometer presence in this place of increased magnetic field.

In the place of intended landing were found four deepening a diameter of 15 cm and a depth of 5 cm and a vertical well with a diameter of 20 cm and depth of 37 cm

Upon further investigation of this event were obtained testimony of other school groups, which implies that in the territory of the park may have occurred three UFO landing — 21, 23 and 27 September, and the distance between points egih landings did not exceed 20-30 m and each of these points were traces of four indentations.

In describing these cases in "Pravda" (1989.13 October) stated that, according to the official help decision-makers engaged in Voronezh control of air space (obviously, I mean defense), no unidentified objects have recently been recorded. But UFOs are known to often not recorded by radar.

Leaders of the city and the area very seriously otneslos to these events. Chairman gorispokoma V.Atlasov instructed to protect the intended landing site and more energetic search for adult witnesses. He expressed confidence that the guys could not come up with it.

At the initiative of the first secretary of the regional committee of People's Deputies G.Kabasina for a full investigation of this phenomenon was created competent commission of scholars, criminologists, doctors, meteorologists and ufologists.

According to the chairman of the commission of the Voronezh University Provost for Research I.Surovtseva, any abnormal deviations in the soil or in the leaves of trees on the landing site could be found.

An indirect confirmation of the possibility of such an event can serve as listed in the "Rural Life" (1989, October 11) data on repeated observations in the last ten days of September 1989 many adults witnessed the unknown world of about 10 m, which is slowly flew over at a height of 300-400 Voronezh m The names and positions of the seven witnesses are listed in the "rural life."

However, it was still puzzled by the fact that the adults were not found witnesses to substantiate the stories about cases of children with the release of UFO landings are strange creatures, especially since it was in a densely populated area.

Considering that the testimony children aged 8-10 years, apparently, is not enough to describe the case can be considered reliable, the members of the Voronezh section on the study of anomalous phenomena made opposed to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" to saying that "the fact of recent UFO landing in a park in Voronezh confirmed by experts. "

Author: G. Kolchin K.Iz book "UFOs, facts and documents"

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