U.S. and British diplomats visited the estate of the BPF

Representatives of the U.S. and UK embassies in Belarus visited the estate of the BPF. They responded to the invitation of the party leadership to take part in a briefing to foreign diplomats. The reason for this was the failure of the housing and communal services of the Soviet district of Minsk to extend the lease on April 1.

BNF leadership announced an indefinite share protect the premises, which takes about 20 years. And in the evening of March 31 at the estate started around the clock.


The first night is spent with colleagues, party leaders, says one of the defense, the deputy chairman of the Igor Lyalkov:

"The past night passed quietly — none of unauthorized persons enter the room did not try, and that all other nights were the same — we would be happy. Anyway, as long as will be accepted decision of the court that the eviction does not happen, we're not going to relax. "

Alexei Yanukevi lodged BPF.

Christopher panic in the BPF.

The morning of the party visited the estate representative of the U.S. Embassy in Belarus Christopher Panic and Deputy Chief of Mission of the United Kingdom Jim Cousins. After a conversation with the leader of the party Alexei Yanukevich Mr Cousins told reporters:

"We hope that the Democratic Party of Belarus will find some place where they can meet."

Meetings with representatives of the diplomatic missions of the party chairman Yanukevich commented:

"If we invited them here, we have to attract the attention of foreign governments to the situation around the estate BPF. After all the events that occur, we do not consider as an economic process, but as political persecution and repression. Of course, we understand that there are more important issues, such as the release of political prisoners, but we asked that question, and the estate was one of those items. For here, in addition to the political, and even cultural center: there were a lot of different creative activities. Vasil Bykov been here, Ryhor Baradulin, Vladimir Orlov — and this we also talked to representatives of the free world. "

According Yanukevich, for the first night duty in the estate BPF called a lot of people who expressed their solidarity and support, as well as offering assistance in defending the party's estate. It is also expected to spend in the room Justices creative activities, the first of which is to be held the evening of April 1.

Representatives of the Soviet District ZHREO claim that the premises will seek release through the courts.



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