U.S.: No reception against the genome, or the plants outsmarted genetic engineers




Robert Pryuit and his colleagues at the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at the University Pedyu first described a case of transfer of genetic information in eukaryotes through generations not through DNA or other nuclear organelles, and by the compensatory sources of information. Scientists theorize that such sources may be an RNA molecule in which the problem — time reverse transcription reaction is run, if genomic DNA is damaged. Thus, the mutation in the next generation will be neutralized.

That is the conclusion the researchers came after a genetically engineered plant Arabidopsis derived from two recessive mutant alleles of the gene HOTHEAD (HTH). It was expected that the offspring of transgenic plants will be the same mutants, like their ancestors. But in some cases it is not confirmed that the descendants were the carriers of the normal gene information HTH, that radically contradict the laws of Mendel, the founder of genetics. DNA sequencing showed that normal offspring had the same nucleotide composition as the previous generation of transgenic plants. Exactly the same results were obtained for other genes.

These researchers have suggested that along with genomic DNA from generation to generation will inherit vnegenomnoy genetic information in the form of RNA. Such RNA appears to be inherited, "just in case" in order to secure the next generation of mutations. This alternative information is transformed back into DNA and used for the benefit of generations.

The postulates of the theory of evolution suggests that mutations are the main driving force of evolution, but the very nature of the fiercely resistant to changes in the genome of every species, and still manages to adapt to a changing environment. There are many mechanisms of living organisms that fix errors in the genetic data caused by natural or man-made factors. But the above-described mechanism for U.S. scientists rehabilitation of the genome is very unique, and according to some experts, the country, although it requires a detailed explanation.

Battery News, 24-03-2005 15:08
Source: genoterra.ru

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