U.S. scientists have discovered a new class of black hole




Black hole related to the new class, discovered by astronomers working with the X-ray telescope Chandra.

They fixed it coming from the X-ray bursts, the duration and frequency of which have established the approximate mass of the black hole is approximately 10,000 solar.

This can be attributed to an open object to the type of so-called black holes with moderate weight. Before this was known star-black hole, about 10 times greater than the Sun in mass, and found in the centers of most galaxies, supermassive black holes with masses of billions of solar masses.

The studied black hole in the galaxy is M74, located in the constellation of Pisces on a distance of 32 million light years from Earth. Astronomers found that the frequency of the X-ray radiation of the object is approximately two hours, allowing it to be classified as ultrasvetovyh ray source as its power approximately 10-1,000 times higher than the neutron stars starlike black holes.

Scientists suggest that the quasi-periodic oscillations recorded radiation are associated with changes in the disk of hot gas surrounding the black hole. As a result, numerous studies have found an association between the duration of these oscillations and the mass of the black hole. In this case, it was shown that the mass of the object is about 10,000 solar.

Astronomers offer two versions of the occurrence of such objects. On one of them black holes with an average mass formed by the merger of tens and even hundreds of black holes at the center of a dense star cluster. According to another theory — the remains of a small nucleus of the galaxy, which gradually absorbs a larger galaxy.

A black hole is called a region of space-time in which the gravitational field is so strong that even light can not escape this area.

The gravitational force of a black hole the size of an elementary particle (the mass of a billion tons) at a distance of several meters is equal to the force of gravity of the Earth, and at distances of a few millimeters will exceed the gravity of the Earth is millions of times.

Battery News, 14:09 25.03.2005
Source: Lenta.Ru

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