UFO above the ground — «Clash of the Titans»

Mysterious flying objects with loud sounds cut clear skies of southern Africa, with the mysterious shooting at each other with bright rays. Five of the seven participating in aerial battle UFOs were destroyed and burned to the ground in the air, and without falling to the ground. The remaining two — one from each group — were scattered in different directions …

Who owns the land?
Eyewitnesses who witnessed UFOs prove that we are likely to have to deal with several alien races, which differ from each other not only in appearance and behavior, but also by the level of technological development. Perhaps that is why they, like men, and fight each other, figuring out which one of them belongs to the planet Earth.

Extant sources — records and other documents — suggests that the war UFO witnesses saw hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Thus, in 1104 in the skies of England observed a large cigar-shaped object around which revolved more luminous disks. But the most strange behavior seemed groups of unknown objects, maneuvers that give the impression of confrontation between the two.

"In the summer of 1355 a large number of people in the same England seeing the emergence of a set of objects, shimmering red and blue light. Object moves across the sky in all directions, creating the impression that they have entered into a confrontation. Soon squad red objects began to triumph, and their enemy has no choice but to quickly fall to the ground. "

"A similar incident occurred on the German city of Nuremberg in 1561, when a clear spring day in the sky above the town suddenly, a large number of strange objects, resembling a rectangular granite slabs and Christian crosses and two large pipes, of which small groups of flying colorful fireballs. '

At the same time, observers reported hovering over the heads of many spheres and disks of black, blue and red colors. Objects made several pirouettes over the heads of terrified townspeople, staged in the sky kind of air combat, citing the horror of the whole population. About an hour later became objects, rapidly declining, falling to the ground, destroying each other and the city's building. In particular, it was almost completely destroyed the northern part of the city wall.

Five years later, in the skies over Basel were seen huge cylinders that emit into the environment fireballs. About half an hour after their arrival were seen near the black spherical body, rushing to the tremendous speed to the moon. Approaching to the cylinders, they dramatically slowed the flight and, having made a half turn, began to come on to each other. As a result of the battle, some objects flashed red flame, as if to devour each other.

In 1716, the collision of two celestial objects observed in the region of St. Petersburg. Description is given in the report of its Dutch envoy to the court of Peter I the Baron de Bee, held in the archives of the Navy of the USSR.

"It looked like this: at 9 pm in a completely clean cloudless sky came from the north-east by a thick dark cloud with a pointed top and a broad base, which raced at high speed across the sky, reaching three minutes to half the height of the zenith."

"At the same time there was a second in the north of the same dark cloud, which moved to the east, flew for the first cloud to the west. When approaching these clouds formed between some light tower that existed a few minutes. Then both clouds collided with great force and as it crashed on the bounce, and at the point of collision there is a great flame, accompanied by smoke which permeated across the rays of the flame. "

"In addition, there were many small clouds moving with extraordinary speed and spews bright flame. Additionally, a host of colorful arrows that reached a height of 80 m above the horizon."

"As described by the witnesses, the whole picture resembled the battle fleets or armies and looked very scary. The description also mentions that at this time in the north-west there was a huge bright comet, which rose to 12 m above the horizon. Entire phenomenon lasted about fifteen minutes, to 10 pm, the sky was clear again. "

Deadly lightning
In the near-Earth space constant skirmishes between the various alien civilizations are in progress in our time. Even NASA managed to shoot on board one of its satellites fight UFOs in Earth orbit.

"Pretty solid information collected UFO battles famous Russian UFO researcher G. Kolchin. In their study UFO phenomenon: a view from Russia, he cited a number of cases where witnesses enchanting celestial actions become residents of cities and towns of the former Soviet Union."

"One August evening in 1986 in the village of Gatika Kirishi district group of Leningrad broadcast journalists witnessed an unknown object in the shape of two stacked plates of light green light, which gradually moved over the village. Suddenly from somewhere there were five or six small luminous objects that seem to be attacked by a large UFO, and were clearly audible sounds tearing or discharge. "

UFO chasing the big, small objects tried to approach him on the right and the left, but he increased his speed and began to move away, gaining altitude. And when it turned into a luminous point, from that point to the surface of the Earth was sent blinding beam of light.

A year later, in Yaroslavl doctor and paramedic ambulance seen in the north-western part of the sky two brightly glowing star-like objects that are chasing each other or make reciprocal maneuvers at the sight of which gave the impression that one of them tends to keep out the other. Then a more active UFO sent to the second object light beam dramatically soared and disappeared. A second object, hitting the beam, as it ran into a barrier and began randomly fall down, disappearing over the horizon.

"In the summer of 1989 from Yerevan A. Karapetyan seen in the sky two strange shining object, the upper parts of which were in the form of hemispheres, and the lower — the form of plates. Karapetyan In front one of the objects sent a lightning bolt on the second, which is then divided into two parts, one of the parts at once disappeared. remainder, in turn, threw a lightning response to the shooter object. However, its not a lightning hit and bounced off, apparently bumping into a protective field. then the first object again hurled lightning now in the rest of part of the second object, resulting in the one gone. And stay safe UFO rose into the sky and disappeared. "

"In November 1991, over Ekibastuz (Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan) there was a glowing ball, continually changes per se and intricate path of his flight. Then appeared in the sky a second ball, which gave chase after the first, as if pursued by firing bright light pulses. After some maneuvering, very reminiscent of air combat, both balls quietly disappeared. Next morning the ball reappeared, as if looking for something-beam spotlight. "

In August 1992, in Pyatigorsk A. Deshabo observed the appearance in the sky of two identical circular flat objects, one of which glows blue light came from the west, and the second one is green, — from the south. Object slowly and silently moving towards each other. Height of their flight was about 4 km, for airliners flying much higher.

Approaching each other at a distance of about 5 km, the two objects stopped, and separated from the first object red ball that flew slowly toward the second object. But when he flew in about 3/4 the distance from the second object it was directed thin white beam under the influence of which the ball began to increase in size and change color from red to white. Then there was a sound like a slap, and the beam was gone, and the ball fell not far from the witness.

After that, both objects are removed in those areas where they came. At the crash site found a pile of ball Deshabo shlakopodobnoy greenish mass, which was still hot …

George Lucas is not ever dreamed
Another UFO crashed, resulting in the "Battle of the Titans", near the city of Perm. Of this story reported the director of the Russian UFO Research Station in Perm N. Subbotin. September 16, 1989 in the sky above the port Zaostrovka, on the edge of the city, many witnesses saw an unprecedented battle.

"Six strange silvery machines that resemble plates stacked together, chasing the seventh, darker. Even amid the evening clouds could be seen that the six plates were dark gray, and the seventh, which turned like mad, going out of the fire his pursuers, had a bright green color. picture reminded series Star Wars, George Lucas, pointed N. Subbotin. "

Plates, performing aerobatics, worn over the port, making unbelievable maneuvers: it decreased to strafing, then rises sharply upward. Sometimes from the six plates in the direction of the seventh appeared rays.

"During the battle, turned off the electricity, rose cranes and workers could do nothing but to watch with bated breath for this fantastic show."

Detail the story described in a local newspaper journalist Semipalatinsk Sichenko. According to witnesses, six plates were rather complex configuration with wider discoid part hanging over a narrow base. If you compare the descriptions from different points of observation, we can draw conclusions about the approximate size of the UFO. According N.Subbotina — about 20 meters in diameter. In the end, gold plate was shot down, swayed and went to decline, falling to the territory of military ground White Arable land, about 100 km north of Perm, in the swamp.

Following this incident, the territory was declared a no-drop to move people.

Several years ago, a journalist of Wroclaw spoke on Warsaw radio and said that he had witnessed a UFO dogfight over the military airfield near the Urals city of Serov. This event took place there the night of 11 May 2001.

The battle started in 2 hours 5 minutes. Wroclaw, in his words, seeing what is happening in the sky through the window, as he was in his pajamas, rushed headlong out of the hotel. In the street were already several military and raised his head, looked at the sky. There's dozens of UFO circling a diameter of about 35 meters.

During the fight, heard heavy thunder, and the sky was covered by bright flashes continuously. Unwitting observers, frozen with fear, watching the incredible aerial battle. Raised in the air interceptor aircraft were shot down by the rays of flying saucers, and the very battle between them lasted for 12 minutes. Then one of the group retreated to the south, and another rushed her to chase.

By the way, in the Russian media about the unusual incident reports over the Urals city was not.

Two years later, on June 14, 2003, Rostov mechanic Vladimir Kovalev spent on a tractor cultivating the soil on sunflower field, located in the hamlet of Illichivsk.

"" Suddenly, I noticed that in one place sunflower began to spin — said Kovalev. — And then I saw these strange hole. What is — was not around human traces. Earth around the hole was covered with a white film incomprehensible, like frost " . "

Around the two holes in the ground at a distance of 17 meters from each other, very small in diameter, but deep enough sunflower in a radius of 20 meters was prima so that was a symmetrically placed beams.

As soon found local ufologists, well, strange flying there on the field after landing here at night shot down in aerial combat UFO. Witness "battle saucers" was former agronomist Crop shop Alexander Semernikov from the neighboring farm Alexis, who went out on the porch in the evening, saw the side in the sky Ilichevka faced two fireballs and immediately flew apart.

Show in the skies of Africa
No less often than in Russia, battles are UFOs in the sky of Africa. In June 1996, the American magazine "Fate" reported the incredible battle, played out in the skies of Kenya.

"Like I have never seen in my life a rich adventure — remember who moved to Africa a retired Air Force colonel Germany Kurt Foreman. — A UFO squad consisted of three cars in the form of upside down soup bowls, fifty feet in diameter. Another opposes, the group had in the saucer, discoid starships, which reached a diameter not more than thirty feet in black with bright rims on the perimeter. Bottoms of these vehicles turning at a furious pace.

These fantastic flying machines with incredible sounds scoured the cloudless sky, bombarding each other with bright red beams. Finally, four of the seven warring UFOs were destroyed and burned to the ground immediately, dropping to the ground. The remaining two — one from each group — were scattered in different directions. "

Battle of fantastic flying machines took more than an hour, and watched it a few hundred residents of the settlement of Rift Valley. The battle also recorded radar in Cairo, but the "crazy" label on the radar screens were interpreted as meteor rain.

Something similar happened on the Tanzanian city Kigamo. Before the sun went down, three huge black triangle at a height of about one kilometer fiercely hunted for five "soup bowls." Recently, smaller, far superior to the triangular units in speed and maneuverability.

Within forty minutes of unknown creatures bombarded each other with blue rays ("triangles") and red pulses ("plate"). Hit by a car with bright torches fell out of town and burned out in the jungle. Finally three "plates" drove "triangle" to the north, and the events now complete. Air battle saw thousands of people.

"So what the UFO is not shared in the sky of Africa? — Asks the famous magazine" Efrik wives. " — In today's experts in science fiction films and superspetseffektam never dreamed of such aircraft and those terrible weapons, that people with fear and horror seen in the night sky Tanzania. "

May 22, 2006 residents of the South African city of Port Sheperston witnessed another "space show." Right before their eyes in a sea of strange crashed aircraft. Witnessed unexplained phenomena have become teachers and high school kids Sheperstona Port, which is located on the coast. The collapse was also observed by local fishermen, who at that time were in the sea.

All of them with one voice tell the same story: first, high in the sky and heard loud explosions were seen bright flashes, and then flying object, which lasted for a long plume of smoke, crashed into the sea, raising a huge column of water. Some witnesses also claimed to have seen the flames that engulfed the unit.

As soon as there is information about the crash of an unidentified object, the local emergency services immediately started search operation. Zone in the redistribution of 12 nautical miles from the coast was investigated by aircraft, but nothing has been found …

Gennady Fedotov

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