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What is interesting. If historical records bring us information mainly about the disk-shaped, spherical or raketopodobnyh UFO (in the Middle Ages and earlier times, they are more commonly referred to as "ships of the Gods"), in the twentieth century, humanity is faced with a whole new class of unidentified objects — triangular.

For all other characteristics this type of UFO is the same as the more common for a person "drives" or "cigar." The only difference is in the form: as a rule, this object has the shape of an equilateral triangle with a side length of a few (or a few dozen) meters and a thickness of 3 meters or more. The main body of it is, as a rule, 3-4 light-element ("Spotlight"), sometimes other design details. Attempts to cancel the observation skeptics "triangles" to military trials of the latest developments of the "Aurora" and "Blackbird" does not hold water when compared at least the appearance of those, and others, not to mention the flying characteristics.

Most mass observation of "triangles" occurred in 1984-86. over Belgium and neighboring countries with it, why, and was reserved for the common name "Belgian Triangle." But the area that are experiencing these "birds" is much broader. Do not stay away from him and our Samara region.

Samara Region, Bobrovka village, near the military airport

The first known case was written by a captain Dmitry Rudzita, in the early '90s by the military publications — the newspaper of the Volga-Urals Military District, "For the Motherland". He described, in fact, an attack of unknown triangular object on one of the military bases in the Samara region. No one then could not coherently explain this mysterious phenomenon.

But immediately followed orgvyvody to military journalists who dared to bring such a unique material to readers. This is not surprising. In Kuibyshev calls began, first from the Department of Defense, then out of the national media, and the next day — from abroad. As it turned out, the Soviet and foreign scientists asked the Ministry of Defence to allow them to visit the site of the accident. Everything ends, that Commander-in-Chief Colonel-General Albert Makashov ordered to prepare a rebuttal to the editor, and to punish the journalist. So they did. The refutation wrote that in the issue of September 16 was published science fiction, but from the final text for technical reasons had the line about what is fiction written by the author.

Justifying himself before the high command, the commander of the air defense colonel Goloveyko reported that radar really burned, but denied any involvement of abnormal forces in the incident. Like, in the equipment of the station is short-circuited because of what was a fire. As for the missing hours, in fact it turns out, went AWOL. On the second disappeared — out of the question. How it all turns out to be easy! And because the point is not to establish a scientific truth, and that the public did not prevent an idle sleep … What you UFO? Short circuit, and just something …

And not only our military use such odious means suppressing the facts. This position, of course, understandable. After all, if the military leadership of the district has agreed to acknowledge the involvement of the anomalous object in the incident at a military base, make sure you would have to find answers to very difficult questions. If not human, then whose hands sired by this "triangle"? Why was attacked? If not their aggression shown (in the sense of the people), and others (in the sense of — aliens), then in this case, to be with diplomatic norms? Why not destroy the base and not harm any of the people, but only demonstrated the power of alien technology? And a lot of other issues …

"Trehzvezdnik" over Togliatti

Now, that was first described in the local press in case a close encounter with "trehzvezdnikom." He prompted us to: if instances of such overt aggression manifested UFO is rare, it means that this aggression was caused by any negligent acts or war, or their interests intersected so that we can assume that somehow very close to us this "Triangle" is located.
Indeed, soon there was a message from Vladimir H., regularly, almost at the same time seen as one and the same direction moving mentioned "trehzvezdniki."

You could not miss the opportunity to track the objects and record their tracks. On duty left several people, each was assigned a sector of the sky, and the operation bore fruit. At the specified time and in that place, we were able to repeatedly for days on end, or watch the movement of the same "Samara aggressor" or very similar to it in design aids. Although it is rare, but "trehzvezdniki" even manages to capture.

Considering how many times the "Belgian Triangle" seen by attentive Togliatti over the years, it is safe to place this type of object in the category of the most frequent UFO Samara region. And not only Samara — for example, our colleague from the Volga city of Volgograd region Gennady Belimov once photographed like a triangular UFO in the moment when he passed from the visible to the invisible state (as it may seem strange, but "their" technology allows you to do so).

However, the above-described history as it turned out, had continued.

"Night Watch" in Togliatti

In late autumn 2005 in Samara newspaper "Everyday" published an article entitled "Everyday" received signal: for the past two months, near Togliatti observed UFOs. "

Here's what it said: "The strange shape of the object with a clear frequency and strict route ply over the Stavropol region. It should be noted that such activation of anomalous phenomena began after the Autostadt in mysterious circles. "Everyday" have decided to see everything firsthand contact with the people who are watching the UFO, and hit the road. What is ahead of us, it was worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster script.

On the matter went at night. We got up so that's good to see the northern section of the field of buckwheat, It is in this place in July 22 Togliatti were discovered mysterious circles. — If we do not see the object on the field, you probably noticed over the railroad tracks.

— How does he look? — We asked.
— Differently — Andrew thought for a second. — Usually in the form of a triangle. But we also observed cross and crescent.

Andrew looks at his watch. Time is at four in the morning.

— It's time to check the guards, — said Andrey and dials the number of your friends.

First, he calls two Dimam. The guys are waiting for "Cornfield" in New Vasilevka. Most often, the UFO moving in this direction. Next post — on a line for State Farm, the "Dawn". Here, the white "nine" Sasha and Sasha. Wife. In the sense that Sasha heterosexual. They have night vision goggles and cameras. But there is no sense of art. So far, not a single decent shot to do so and failed.

Next post — the Mogutovoy mountain. There's seven people in two cars.

If they get lucky again — says Andrew — they will witness an unforgettable spectacle. There, on the Volga object is divided into many bright shuttles.

Four hours and thirty five minutes.

— There is! — Andrew shows on the field. — See?

Initially, "Everyday" nothing could make out, but then they saw something iridescent red white and blue colors. To the subject was far away, and he was removed from us.

— Dima, — says Andrew on the phone — the object is moving towards you.

The boys said they watch it. We drove towards Zelenovka.

Twenty minutes later Sasha from "Dawn" reported that the object passed over them. And almost as soon as we saw it on the M5 motorway. Huge triangle with a side length of about 15 meters. On top of it something like flashing lights, but it's more like a cluster of glittering lights. At the top of the rise of the guesser like cabins, but not very clearly — we have something watching all this from the bottom and sides, with three hundred meters. Less than a second is a huge building quietly slipped over the road and then disappeared from us for the trees. Now with Mogutovoy Mountain reported that the observed object.

— In the village of sluice can find a place convenient for observation, — said Andrey, and we drove there.
— Look here — shows Andrew — do you think that these cars are here for a reason?

On a small platform parked six cars. People stood by and watched.

— For six weeks we've all met. Seen anything? — Andrew asked the man with the binoculars.

He shook his head, and, in turn, asked:

— What your say on the mountain?
— Now we learn — Andrew got a cell. Turns out to be "mountain" lost object. Approached us fat woman.
— I leave for the fourth time — she said — but only saw it twice.
The white "nine" Sasha arrived from the "Breaking Dawn."
— Three, I think, — said Sasha — we saw yet another object.
— Him go red "eight" and "Eye" — confirmed Sasha.

We have repeatedly tried to pursue the objects, — says Andrew — but it is always problematic. We go on the road, and they fly where they like.
— And you have ever been able to catch up with them? — We asked.
— Yes, at Dimitrovgrad highway for Tashlich object stopped and lit us something like prozhektopa.
— We were then able to consider it — Sasha said.

Yes — continued Andrew — there was some stray light, and in his light, we saw that the body of the aircraft of blue-gray, but there are no windows on it was not.
— Machines — Sasha said indifferently.

And what are they, in your opinion, do? Here Samara ufologist Vladimir Tyurin-Avinsky believes that these objects do "repairing" Zhiguli Mountains …
— Hardly, — responds Andrew. — Occupied somehow.
— And what will carry HPS? — We object to.
— In New Orleans, the dam washed away — and nothing else — says Andrew. — No they did not help.
— And let the obvious question — do not calm down "Everyday." — You do what?

All laughed

— You see the object? — A counter-question Andrew.
— Seen.
— Still want to?
— I want!

Then consider your rhetorical question — sums up Sasha. — While the object's behavior defies any classification. But then we see him only six weeks.
— And in six weeks — no decent photos — reluctantly adds Alex.

Whose fault is that they only appear at night? And we do not have any professional equipment for night shooting … — Complains Andrew.

At this time arrived "Niva" with Dimami and camcorder. They began to see what they were able to remove it. Unfortunately, only a black screen, jumping a white spot … "

Route Tashla Togliatti

In this article, the truth was just the triangular shape of a UFO. The rest, to put it mildly, an art fabrication.

The truth remains outside the article. It has been and exciting and scary at the same time. And this story began in September 2005, when two young Togliatti, Catherine Vitali, returned home to the Central District by Tashlinsky road. Stopping for a smoke, the wife of anything abnormal and did not think. The night was calm, bright and a good mood. But when a casual glance down at the night sky, everything extraneous has been forgotten completely. And no wonder — on top of them, at an altitude of just a few hundred meters away powerfully and silently flew the real "Belgian" triangle. He was so low that there is a clear contours perfectly triangular hull, highlighted on the chassis with pink, white and blue lights. Difficult to determine what outweigh the feelings — delight or fear … But curiosity won out. Noticing the time, the couple went to the same place the next night, and again, and again … "Timetable" observed an unknown aircraft up to an hour.

Some time later we went on patrol together. The situation repeated itself. And a few nights at the usual parking spot uninvited guests showed up — light "nine." In all more than two hours that we spent on duty, out of it no one came out, and other signs of life of the machine is not filed (frost-it was already serious, and even in the car heater is not). Armed with night vision camera, we counted the passengers, but at night time, we did not want to fish for a close acquaintance.

Later, we learned that freezing in "nine" who sought sensational journalists "Everyday", apparently hoping to outsmart us and capture unique images handshake Togliatti and aliens (just kidding, maybe about something else they thought — about a cup of hot coffee and a sandwich, for example …)
Coincidence or not, but cherished the clearing that night covered the thick clouds. Standing for more than the almost an hour, we turned to watch and left with nothing. With nothing left and Samara residents. They had to come up with a detective story.

The conclusions from this story do just yet. Just do not be indifferent to flag down a chain of events: 1990 — a demonstration of the "trehzvezdnika" at the military base near Kuibyshev, 1991-1992 — repeated observation of regular flights of the same object over the city of Togliatti (hereinafter simply no regular observations at one time messages received), in 2005 — just as regular flights on the route, with some approximation which runs through the area from AvtoVAZ chemical plants to TOAZ, 2008 — continued regular visits triangular units in our region.

By the way, UFOs do not always want to be detected, and therefore they use special "masking technology" — form around large clouds of mist or tumanopodobnoy substance. Interestingly, this same strange fog — without appearing to natural causes, color, save forms — often seen at sites of space-time anomalies. But this — in the next section chronicles Togliatti anomalies called "There, behind the fog — a different world."

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