UFO — demonic obsession

"In a dispute born truth." This discrepancy and banal statement may be used by some to justify the cynical minds and fraud in scientific discussions and mordobitiem parliaments of many countries, and the unleashing of the local and the universal conflict. However, this aphorism — an axiom, as if she did not navyazla on teeth.

In the approach to the UFO problem clearly seen two trends that have many decades of confrontation and facing each other, with varying success. The first — the full recognition of the existence of the phenomenon, the second — his absolute rejection and denial. One can only hope that in this endless debate humanity sooner or later (probably second) know the truth.

But there is another approach to the problem of unidentified flying objects. For unsophisticated public it is very unusual and nonstandard. Carrier and conductor of this view of the above phenomenon is the Church.
Small in size, but immensely content outline known Orthodox theologian and ascetic Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose) "Signs in the sky: the orthodox explanation of unidentified flying objects" will help you understand and make sense of the "problem of plates" from the point of view of Christian theology and Christian traditions.
First — a few words about the author.

Father Seraphim came from ordinary American Protestant family, who lived in Southern California. In school, he had lost faith in the Protestant Christ, feeling the lack of spirituality in this direction of Christianity, dabbled in Zen Buddhism, was fond of Nietzsche. In the book, F, Nietzsche, "The Antichrist" future monk felt keenly accurate representation of our time — the spirit of disobedience to Christ. Being glubokomyslyaschim he wondered if the Antichrist (Nietzsche) that is right there in our "mod" of modern life clearly negative, could it be that Christ, as the opposite of the Antichrist, there is indeed a living positive reality against which the Antichrist will rise up to this day? This prompted him to search for true historical Jesus.

In 1961, he turned to the Holy Orthodoxy, in 1963 — was one of the founders of the fraternity, and later — the monastery of St. Herman of Alaska, California. Hieromonk Seraphim is the author of several books on modern Christian's spiritual life, it is widely known in the West by his labor, "Religion of the Future", which shows the process of becoming a religion of the Antichrist in modern oriental cults and Christian sects. Seraphim died on September 2, 1982, he was only 40 years old.
This one, with minor cuts, sketch.

"Decades after the Second World War witnessed the amazing proliferation Eastern religious cults and their influence, however, they are characterized by the emergence and development of another phenomenon, which at first glance has no connection with religion, but a closer look reveals the same evidence of the" new religious consciousness "and the sign" poslehristianskoy era ", as Eastern religions. We are talking about unidentified flying objects (UFOs), which allegedly occurred in all parts of the world since 1947.

…This phenomenon is of interest to quite serious and responsible people, so that even the state organized the study and has several books of famous scientists. These studies did not achieve positive results in the identification of objects as a physical reality. Latest scientific hypothesis seems more satisfactory, they fail to have "your reality" … to the spiritual reality, which is to study the scientists do not have any options.

The famous Swiss psychologist CG Jung in his book "Flying Saucers: A modern myth of things seen in the sky" (1959) examines these phenomena in the first place as something psychological, and religious. In the same direction, and try to think of modern scholars.

Going to the UFO phenomenon, religious and psychological side, we must first understand the history of the issue in this respect: that people will see in the sky? The answer to this question can be found in the overview of science fiction.
"'Contact' with UFOs — neither more nor less than a modern form of occult phenomena that have existed for centuries. People backed off and waiting for Christ" saviors "of space — which is why the phenomenon and gives images of interplanetary spaceships and aliens.
Modern researchers … because of the incompetence of religious phenomena can not realize the value of his discoveries. American scientist John Keel, however, began to study the UFO position of skepticism as a staunch unbeliever agnostic, wrote: "The Natural History of UFOs — a story about spirits and ghosts, the strange mental disorders, the invisible world that surrounds us and occasionally breaks into our world … In general, the properties and characteristics are small variations known for centuries phenomena demonology "(J. Kiel. UFOs:" Operation Trojan Horse. "New York, 1970. P.46, 229).

In the preface to the bibliographic list UFO phenomena, prepared in the Library of Congress for the U.S. Air Force Research Division, said that "many of the published in the popular press credible stories about UFOs are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomena, long familiar to theologians and parapsychologists" (Lynn D . Keto. UFOs and related topics. Washington, 1969). Most experts on the UFO now seek the answer to the field of occult and demonology.
Even the most mysterious of the UFO phenomenon is no surprise to those who read the Orthodox spiritual books, especially Lives of the Saints. Demons also have a physical body, but the matter is they are so thin that they may not be visible to the person, if his spiritual doors of perception are not open to God's assent (like the Saints) or against God (as witches and mediums) (see the teaching of Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninov in the book "The Soul After Death").

Orthodox literature provides many examples of phenomena demons that exactly fit into the scheme UFO vision "being" and items that are instantly materialized and dematerialized always to intimidate the people and bringing them to death (see the Life of St. Anthony the Great, St. Cyprian, a former magician ).

The phenomena of today's "flying saucers" well within the capabilities of demon "technology", multiple demonic delusions have been adapted to the mythology of space … UFO goal in such contacts is very clear: to bring the people tremble, evoke a sense of "mystery" and give evidence of a "higher form of intelligence" — "Guests from outer space" for the modern man.

Stories about the activities of demons were common in past centuries. But the modern man with all his "enlightenment" is not of the Christian foundation that could he explain such phenomena as UFOs, and is a sign of the spiritual crisis of the day. The physical world has a morally neutral and can be relatively well cognized objective observer, but the invisible, spiritual world inhabited by beings of good and evil, and the objective observer can not distinguish them, if you do not accept the revelation that God gave man invisible.

True UFO score can only be made on the basis of the Christian revelation and experience and is available only humble Christian. Of course, a man not given to explain fully the invisible world of angels and demons, but it is enough of Christian knowledge in order to understand how these creatures are in our world and how we should respond to their actions, and especially — how to avoid demonic networks. UFO researchers have come to the conclusion that they are studying the phenomenon similar to the "demonic", but only Christian — Orthodox Christian, enlightened patristic interpretations of Scripture and two thousand years of experience of the saints of contact with the invisible world of spirits, able to understand fully their implications.

Why UFO appeared during this period in the history of mankind? What is their mission?
First of all, the phenomena NLO'-only part of anomalies affecting avalanche, which just a few years ago, most would consider miracles. "Observations of unusual events suddenly washed over us in the thousands, causing the displacement of people accustomed to the basics and beliefs." In Christian terms, this means: the human race has come a new invasion of demons. On the basis of the Christian apocalyptic views, we can see that the vultures are still holding the last and most terrible manifestation of demonic action on the ground, is taken from the environment (2 Thess. 2, 7).

Christian world no longer exists as a whole, and Satan, "released from his prison", where he held the grace of Christ's Church, relieved to "deceive the nations" (Rev 20,7-8), to prepare them for the worship of the Antichrist at the end of times. Perhaps never before has the Christian faith from the beginning of the demons did not appear so openly and widely as it is today. The theory of "visitors from outer space" — just one of the ways by which they try to convince people that the "higher beings" is now going to take on the future destiny of mankind.

UFO — just the latest of mediumistic techniques by which the devil is recruiting supporters of his occult world. This is a terrible sign that people like never before, now available to demonic influence. Mankind has lost all that was left of the Christian world, and now passively itself at the disposal of any of the "forces" that can descend from the sky. A famous American film "Close Encounters of the Third" — a terrific exposure superstitions of modern man, who is ready instantly, "void sumnyashesya" follow demons wherever they led.

Finally, the mission of UFOs is to prepare the way for the Antichrist. Maybe he "descended from heaven" to quite like Christ, maybe only "visitors from outer space" will land in front of everyone to make the "cosmic" worship their ruler, perhaps "fire from heaven" ( Open. 13.13) will be part of the great spectacles of the demonic end times. Be that as it may, the message of the devil modern mankind is: wait for the release, but not of the Christian revelation and faith in the invisible God, but from the "space aliens."

For more than 100 years ago, Bishop Ignatius Bryanchaninov in his book "On the signs and wonders" (Yaroslavl, 1870) noted the "tendency, which appears in today's Christian community, to see the wonders and even miracles … Such aspiration reveals deception, based on pride and vanity, which live in the soul and possess it "(p. 32). The true miracle workers are rare and disappear completely, but people are "hungry for miracles more than ever before … We are getting closer to the time when open a wide field for numerous and striking false miracles to lead to the death of the unfortunate offspring of carnal philosophizing to be tempted and seduced by these wonders "(pp. 46-49;." Miracles of Antichrist will mostly occur in the air disaster, which is the main thing holding Satan. Signs will mainly act on the vision, charming and deceiving the eye. St. John the Evangelist, contemplating events foreshadow the end of the world, says that the Antichrist will do great wonders, "so that he maketh fire come down from heaven to earth in front of people "(Rev. 13, 13) …

"People do not realize that the miracles of Antichrist do not have any good, reasonable goals, no definite meaning, that they are alien to the truth, full of lies, it's monstrous, malicious, wanton acting, which grows to strike, dip it into the confusion and forgetfulness, Deceive , seduce, attract deceitfulness pompous, empty stupid effects "(p. 11). "All phenomena demons have a common property — even the slightest attention paid to them, is dangerous, from one only care that is authorized without any sympathy to the phenomenon, a person can be captured most harmful experience and undergo a serious temptation" (p. 50). Thousands "of UFO contactees" and even a witness experienced the terrible truth of these words, and few managed to escape after they were involved in these contacts seriously.

Even secular UFO researchers have found it my duty to warn people of the dangers of contact. Thus, the aforementioned John Keel wrote: "Fun with a UFO as bad as jokes with black magic … Paranoid schizophrenia, cacodemonomania and even suicide can comprehend them and did not have time to comprehend.

Slight curiosity about UFOs can turn into a destructive obsession. For this reason, I strongly recommend parents kept, children from these interests. School teachers and other adults should not encourage teenagers in their enthusiasm for this subject "(Upom. Op. S. 220).
The UFO phenomenon — the sign for Orthodox Christians to more sobriety followed the path of salvation, knowing that they will be tempted and introduced into the temptation not only false religions, and false signs. In the early centuries, Christians with great care to all kinds of strange phenomena, mindful of scheming devil, but when the era of "enlightenment", the majority was to treat them with curiosity, pushing the devil in poluvoobrazhaemye area. A true understanding of the nature of UFOs should support the revival of Orthodox Christians to conscious spiritual life and a conscious Orthodox worldview. "


Is not it a very innovative approach to all the well-known problem, philosophy and deep analysis to consider "the UFO phenomenon" in this article are undoubtedly present, even with the unusual, the theological point of view. Perhaps, however, objected, "Why demonize let strange, unexplained, but all the same natural phenomena. What to look for mysticism, where humanity is accustomed to describe the phenomena with equations and formulas. " But the fact is that if we consider the effects of a UFO notorious "materialistic" position, you should analyze the statistics of contacts with UFOs and the results of their direct impact on humans. This situation offers a disturbing and even frightening picture.

Cases to units of beneficial interaction (healing of incurable diseases, rescue in desperate, fatal cases) there are hundreds, if not thousands of precedents adverse impact on the UFO as an individual, and the human community as a whole (the cases of abduction, destruction by radiation of unknown origin, destruction of equipment, theft of natural resources, etc.).
The Christian Church has over two thousand years of development, and the modern industrial society, in terms of which humanity is trying to make sense of the UFO phenomenon, not even a couple of centuries. It should heed the advice of the elders and learn from them valuable experience.

Author: D.Kuznetsov
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Psi Factor" № 9

Category: UFOs and aliens

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