UFO invasion. Abductions

About three million Americans say they stole a UFO, and this phenomenon acquires characteristics of this mass psychosis. While some experts see it as a manifestation of human anxiety, others take it seriously. All this is reminiscent of Wells' novel "War of the Worlds", but this time it was not a complete lie. Enough to take into account that the CIA, NSA, FBI and Air Force special committee diligently and in secrecy working on the UFO phenomenon.

The aliens have taken place and their research not only in animals but also in humans. There were cases where people were abducted sleeping right out of bed or walking in the woods, out of cars, on an empty road. They conducted experiments: they took tissue samples, hair, irradiated rays of unknown origin, some cases very painful injections or incisions, blood was taken. After the experience of the people most often return to the place where they were taken, but there were cases when people are tens of kilometers away from the place of abduction. Almost all of the stolen have no memories of hours spent, and even days on board a UFO. After the return of many health problems began: people with good health suddenly "mow down" regular flu, some cancers found, people suffered blackouts, headaches, mental disorders, but some have been no adverse effects of abduction and Conversely, there came a slight improvement in health.

Information for consideration:

Many argue that the aliens abducted them, and often their stories are similar to each other. Stolen tell, as it turns out in a round room with a domed ceiling, bathed in bright light and filled with cold, damp air. They lay on a table, on which the aliens medetsinskie survey conducted using unusual scanning equipment. Biological samples were taken: the hair, the skin, the genetic material. After the examination, they were shown three-dimensional images, usually some emotional situations, such as, for example, the planet, killed by war or natural disaster. The aliens showed great interest in the understanding of human emotions. They communicated via telepathy, ordering stolen forget about what happened. Then they predicted future events, often disaster, and promised to return. After the return of the stolen usually remember quite a bit, noting that inexplicably passed a certain period of time and experience physical and psychological symptoms that indicate what happened to them something unusual, unfortunately, most of the kidnappings, the people in this situation can not actually control their body and, thus, can not stop what is happening. While no one can prove the abduction cases, if you suddenly find yourself in this situation, try to remain calm. Look around and try to remember as much as possible, ask questions. Try something seize and retain as evidence of the survey. As in life, to cope with any situation you will help faith, courage and sense of humor.

Sometimes during the abduction (although this is not even the abduction: people are invited to enter the UFO) in humans did not conduct any experiments, and just shows the device UFOs, aliens talked about a variety of instruments on board, sometimes there was a flight to the home planet of aliens (but not safe to say that such a trip is really going on, and was not hallucinating or something like that), is not mentioned on the purpose of visiting alien planet.

Of course, this activity aliens could not ignore either the public or the government of the countries in which there were kidnappings. For example, in the U.S. in the abduction of people show interest government, especially the Air Force, and the Pentagon. They were examined, being tested and checked on a lie detector. Some people confess that they themselves came up with the stories of kidnapping. But most people speak the truth: they passed lie detector test results of individuals testified their long stay in zero gravity to hold over them unknown experience, etc.

Sometimes people describe cases where some extraterrestrial arrive on Earth with matrimonial purposes. On one of these representatives of the fair sex meets space known American contactee Howard Menger, his fiancee called herself Marla and claimed that she was born 500 years ago in the constellation Leo. The charm of the beloved space has been so strong that Menger divorced his wife and married Marla, who acquired American citizenship, preferring the comfort of home loneliness interstellar travel.

A similar case occurred in 1952, with Truman Beturamom, fell in love, by his own statement, the beautiful — the captain of the "flying saucer". When his wife found out about Beturama passion of her husband, she immediately demanded a divorce and a substantial monetary compensation.

One of the first women who had, by his own assertion, sexual relationship with a stranger, was Elizabeth Klerer In 1956, she fell in love with an alien named Akon. which on its own spacecraft took her to the planet Meton. There, he seduced the earth woman, saying that only a few awarded the honor to bring new blood into their ancient race. As a result, union Akon and Elizabeth was born their son Ayling, then the need for a human woman and an alien has disappeared, he sent her home. Since Elizabeth Klerer lived alone and died in 1994 in South Africa, who firmly believes in the fact that on a planet in the constellation Alpha Centauri is her only son.

October 16, 1957 23-year-old Brazilian farmer Antonio Viplas Boas own tractor plowed field, when the motor car suddenly stalled. Some time passed, and over there was "flying saucer" with red lights on the case. When the object landed on fallow land after the withdrawal of three humanoids, and moved to the farmer. Struggle ensued, which ended with the fact that the aliens are defeated Villas Beau ace and dragged him to his ship.

But, probably, is to call on the most Boas.

"It all started on the night of October 5, 1957. That evening we had guests, so we just went to sleep at 11 pm, much later than usual. With me in the room was my brother Juan. Because of the heat, I opened the shutters, and at this moment he saw in the middle of the courtyard a blinding light that illuminates everything. It was much brighter than the moonlight, and I could not explain its origin. He walked down from above, as of a downward spotlights. But the sky was nothing to see. I called my brother and showed him all this, but nothing could shake up, and he said that it is best to go to sleep. Then I closed the shutters, and we both calmed down. However, I could not rest, and was curious, soon stood up again and opened the shutters. All was still. I watched on and suddenly noticed that the spot light approached my window. From the fear I slammed the shutters and hastily arranged such a noise that woke the sleeping brother again.

Together we watched the dark room through a crack in the shutters, as a spot of light is moved towards the roof … Finally, the lights went out and did not arise.

October 14 there was a second case. This is likely to be between 21.30 and 22 hours. I do not know exactly, because I did not have hours. I was working on a tractor with the other brother. Suddenly we saw a light so bright that it hurt my eyes. The light was coming from a huge and round objects, like the wheel of a car. Its color was bright red, he covered a large area.

I asked my brother to go and see what it is. But he would not. Then I went alone. When I approached the subject, he suddenly began to move with incredible speed and rolled over on the south side of the field, where he again stopped. I ran after him, but the same thing happens again. Now he's back to its original location. I made at least twenty attempts to approach him, but to no avail. I was hurt, and I went back to my brother. A couple of minutes away glowing wheel remained motionless. From time to time from him seemed to come beams in different directions. Then, suddenly, everything disappeared, as if the light was turned off. I'm not so sure, so whether it was actually because I do not remember if I looked at the light source is continuous. Maybe I looked away for a moment, and just at that time, he quickly got up and flew away. The next day, October 15, I'm one plowed the same field. It was a cold night, and the clear sky was studded with stars.

Similarly in the morning, I saw a red star, which looked exactly like the big bright star. But I saw at once that this is not a star, as she grew, and seemed closer. In a few moments, it became a glowing egg-shaped object, rushing at me so fast that he ended up on the tractor before I had time to think what to do. Suddenly, the subject stopped about 50 meters above my head. Tractor and field were illuminated as bright as a sunny afternoon. The headlights of the tractor was completely absorbed in the brilliant light red glow. And really scared because they do not have the slightest idea of what it could be. At first I wanted a tractor and get out, but his speed was too small compared to the speed of glowing object. Come off well from the tractor and run on a plowed field — so at best to break my leg.

While I hesitated, not knowing how to make a decision, the object moved slightly and stopped again in about 10-15 meters away from the tractor. He then slowly lowered to the ground. He moves closer and closer, and finally I was able to discern that this is an unusual, almost circular machine with small red holes. My face shone huge red spotlight, blinding me when the subject goes down. Now I've seen exactly the form machine. She looked like an elongated egg with three spikes ahead. Their color can not be determined because they were buried in the red light, as something upstairs, also are cast in red, very quickly spit.

This color change as reduce the speed of the rotating part — at least, I got that impression. The rotating part of the impression of a flat plate or a dome. Look if she is indeed the case or is it just the impression one gets through the rotation, I do not know. After all, it did not stop his movement and after landing subject.

Main details of course, I noticed later, because in the beginning was too excited. I lost the last vestiges of self-control, when a few meters off the ground from the bottom of the object appeared three metal tube, like a tripod. It had metal legs, which, of course, lay the entire weight of the machine on landing. But I did not want to wait any longer. Tractor at all times was under power. I opened the throttle, turned in the opposite direction of the object and attempted to escape. But after a couple of meters engine stalled and the lights dimmed. I could not understand why, since the ignition was turned on, and the lights are serviceable. Motor not included. Then I jumped out of the tractor and ran. But it was too late, because after a few steps someone grabbed me by the arm. They were small, strange creature dressed, revenues me to shoulder. I am in despair turned to him and struck a blow from which it has lost balance. Unknown let go and fell forward. Once again, I wanted to run, but she was captured by three same weird creatures. They tore me off the ground, holding his arms and legs. I tried to fight off his feet, but to no avail. Then I began to call loudly for help, cursing them and demanded to release me. My scream made them wonder whether, or curiosity, as. on the way to his car every time they stop as soon as I opened my mouth and stared me in the face, not weakening, but his grasp.

They dragged me to the car, which was about ten meters above the ground on the already described metal legs. In the back of the car had a door that fell from the top and become similar to the platform. In the end it was a metal ladder. She was of the same silvery material as the wall machine, and reached to the ground. For these creatures was very hard to drag me there, because the stairs were placed only two. In addition, this staircase was a mobile, flexible and varied back and forth from my jerks. On both sides were twisted rails, I clung to them with all the strength that it was not possible to drag me on up. Therefore, they had to constantly stop and tear off my hands from the railing.

Railings were also flexible, and later, when I was released, I got the impression that they are made up of individual units that are inserted into each other. Finally they managed to push me into a small square room. Flickering light metal ceiling reflected in the polished metal walls, the light coming from a set of square lights, located on the ceiling. They put me on the floor. Entrance door with stairs up and the current was closed, merged completely with the wall. One out of five gesture signaled me to follow him. I obeyed, because I had no other choice.

We went into the other room semi-oval shape, which was more than the first. Walls were shining just the same. I believe that it was a central part of the machine, since the middle of the room stood a round, seemingly massive columns, tapering in its middle part. It is hard to imagine that it was only there for decoration. In my opinion, it was held on the ceiling. The room had a lot of revolving chairs, similar to those that are in our bars. Thus, everyone sitting in the chair was able to spin in opposite directions. They always held fast to me, and seemed to be talking about me. When I say "spoke", it is even in the smallest measure does not mean that I have heard something similar to human sounds. I can not repeat them.

Suddenly it seemed that they had decided. The five of them began to undress me. I defended, shouting and swearing. They stopped for a moment, looked at me, as if to let me know that they are polite. But this did not prevent them to strip me naked. However, they did not cause me any pain and did not tear my clothes. As a result, I was naked and was scared to death because they do not know what they are going to continue to do with me. One of them came up to me, holding something like a wet washcloth, and started to rub my body with liquid. The liquid was clear, had no odor, but was viscous. At first I thought it was some kind of oil, but the skin does not become either fat or oil.

I was freezing and shaking all over, as the night was pretty cool, and the liquid is further exacerbated by the cold. Liquid, however, quickly dried up. Then three of the creatures took me to the door opposite the through which I entered. One of them touched something in the middle of the door, then both her half open. There was a strange inscription of red light beacons. They had nothing to do with any written signs, that I know. I wanted to remember them, but immediately forgot.

Accompanied by two creatures I went into a small room, lit the same as the others. As soon as we found ourselves there, the door closed behind us. When I turned around, it was impossible to discern any opening. Was visible only a wall, does not stand out from the others.

Suddenly, the wall again opened the door and entered two more. In their hands they were pretty thick red rubber tubes, each of which was longer than a meter. One of the hose was attached to bokaloob different glass vessels. At the other end are the head, which looked like a glass tube. I apply it to the skin on the chin, right here, where you can still discern a dark spot left by the scar. At first I did not feel no pain or itching. Then this place was burning and itching. I saw a slow circle to half filled with my blood.

Then they adjourned, they took a tip and replace it with another and took blood from the other side of the chin. There also remains the same dark spot. This time the mug is filled to the brim. Then they left, the door closed behind them, and I was alone. It's been a long time, certainly no less than an hour, but none of me remembered. In the room, except for a large, standing in the middle couches without head, there was nothing. Bench was quite as soft as the foam, and was covered with a thick, soft gray matter.

Due to the fact that I was really tired after all the excitement, I sat on this couch. At that moment, I felt an unusual smell that I felt sick. I had the feeling that I was breathing heavy smoke, threatening me gasp. Examining the wall, I noticed a number of small, closed bottom metal tubes, speakers at the height of my head and had, as a shower, a lot of small holes. Of these holes oozing gray smoke dissolve into the air and emits a foul odor. I felt unbearable nausea, rushed into the corner of the room, and I vomited. After that breathing was free, but the smell of smoke I still felt uneasy. I was extremely depressed. What else is preparing my destiny? Up to now I have not made the slightest idea of how to actually look these creatures. All five men wore tight-fitting suits of thick gray material, which was very soft. On their heads they had a helmet of the same color. This helmet hide all but the eyes, which were closed windows, similar to sunglasses. Coverall sleeves were long and narrow. Hands with five fingers hiding in thick-color gloves, which, of course, full range of motion, which, however, did not prevent them to hold fast to me and skillfully manipulate a rubber hose, letting my blood. No pockets and buttons on the suit was not. Pants were tight and go straight into shoes like tennis. In any case, they were dressed differently than we do. All, except one, which I was barely on his shoulder, was my height. They seem fairly strong, but free with each one individually, I could do it.

After some time, that seemed like an eternity, a rustling at the door distracted me from my thoughts. I looked around the room and saw me slowly approached the woman. She was completely naked, just as I am. I was speechless, and the woman seemed to be amused by the expression on my face. She was very beautiful, but very different in comparison with the beauty of those women I have met. Her hair, soft and light, even very light, as if bleached, separated in the middle parting, fell on his back curls curled inward. She had big blue eyes are almond-shaped. Her nose was straight. Unusually high cheekbones gave the person a unique form. It was much larger than that of Indian women of South America. Because of the sharp chin face was triangular. She had thin lips stand out a little, and her ears, which I saw only later, were exactly the same as that of our women. Her body was amazingly beautiful: wide hips, long legs, small feet, narrow wrists and normal fingernails. She was much smaller than me.

This woman came up to me in silence and looked at me. Suddenly she put her arms around me and began to rub his face against mine.

Alone with this woman, I was very excited. Perhaps this sounds unbelievable, but I believe that the reason for this was the liquid, which they rubbed me. They probably did it on purpose. With all this, I would do not change any of our women at her, because I prefer women with whom you can speak and understand me. She was making only some grunting sounds completely knocked me up. I was terribly angry.

Then came one of the ship's crew with my clothes, and I got dressed. In addition to lighters, nothing is lost. Maybe it got lost during a fight.

We returned to the other room, where the swivel chairs were crew members and, as it seemed to me talk. As long as they are "talking" to each other, I tried to remember exactly all the details of the environment. At the same time I noticed the rectangular box with a glass lid, which stood on the table. Under the glass was a disc-like alarm clock, but with black markings and one arrow. Then it hit me: we need to pull off this subject, it will be proof of my adventure. I began to gently move up to the box, using the fact that they were not looking at me. Then I quickly grabbed it off the table with both hands.

It was heavy, at least two pounds weight. But I have not had time to consider it better: one of the men jumped up, pushed me aside, furiously snatched the box from my hands and put it back in place.

I started back to the opposite wall and there still. Actually, I'm in front of anyone not afraid, but in this situation it was better to keep quiet. It became clear that they treated me friendly only when I behaved decently. Why take the risk if you still could not do anything?

A woman I have not seen. But I knew where she could be. In front of the room there was another door, which was ajar, and from time to time there came the steps. I think that was in front of the navigation cabin, but to prove it of course, I can not.

Finally, one of the team stood up and made me realize that I should follow him. The rest did not pay any attention to me. We walked up to the open front door of the already deflated stairs, but did not go down. I was told to get on the platform, located on both sides of the door. It was narrow, but it is possible to walk around the car. We have gone forward, and I saw a rectangular metal tab sticking out of the car, on the opposite side there is exactly the same.

Those who were in front, pointed to the already mentioned metal protrusions. All three were rigidly connected to the machine, the average of them directly from the front part, and they have the same shape with a broad base, gradually tapering, and were in a horizontal position. I could not tell whether they were from the same metal as the car. They shone like molten metal, but no heat is radiated. Above them is a reddish light. Side lamps were small and round, and the front lamp — awesome. It was she who played the part of the spotlight. On the platform were seen countless rectangular lamps, mounted in the machine frame. Reddish light are illuminated platform that ended in front of a large thick glass disc. The disk appears to be served Outside, though from the outside and looked quite muddy.

My guide pointed upward, where a huge spinning cup-dome. During its slow movement, he always covered in green, the origin of which I could not identify. Since the rotation was bound and determined sound like noise pylesossa.

When later the car began to rise from the ground, the speed of the dome began to increase, it increased all the time, while it was possible to observe the object, and then was left only a light red glow. The sound is also increased during takeoff and turned into a loud roar.

Finally I was taken to a metal step ladder and made it clear that I can go. Finding himself on the ground, I looked up. There was still my companion, he first pointed to himself, then at me, and finally to the sky, its southern part. Then signaled me to step aside and disappeared in the car.

Metal staircase met, steps entered into one another, the door up and into the wall vdvinulas machine …

Spotlight and shine dome grew brighter. The car slowly rising in the vertical plane. Simultaneously landing gear was removed, and the lower part of the apparatus was completely smooth.
The object continued to climb, and in 30-50 feet above the ground, he paused for a few seconds, during which it increased glow, buzz grew louder, and the dome began to spin at incredible speed.
Leaning slightly to the side, the car with the rhythmic tapping his sound suddenly rushed to the south and a few seconds out of sight.

And then I went back to his tractor. I was dragged into an unknown car in 1 hour and 15 minutes at night, and I left it in only 5 hours and 30 minutes in the morning. So, I had to stay there for four hours and fifteen minutes. A long time.

I lived through everything I did not tell anyone except my mother. She said that it would be better not to see more such people. I did not talk to his father, because he did not believe it and the occasion with a luminous dial, thinking that I really had imagined.

After some time I decided to write the Señor Juan Martins. In November, I read his article in which he addresses his readers to inform him of any incidents related to UFOs. If I had the money I would have gone earlier in Rio. But I had to wait for a response Martins with the message that he takes part of transportation costs. "

As far as is clear from the clinical examination and medical examination, the young Boas after the exciting event that occurred to him, he returned home completely exhausted and slept after that almost all day. Waking up in 16 hours and 30 minutes, it felt good — great lunch. But in the short and subsequent nights he began insomnia. Nervosa and he was very excited, but at the moment when he was able to sleep, he was immediately assailed by dreams related to the events of that night. Then he woke up in terror, screaming and covered it again felt like he was captured by aliens and held in his captivity. Having experienced this feeling a few times, he left his futile attempts to calm down and decided to spend the night in the classroom, but he failed, and he was unable to concentrate on what he was reading, and always think back to the experience. With the coming of the day, he felt completely off the rails, running up and down, smoking cigarette after cigarette. When he wanted to eat, he could only drink a cup of coffee, after which he became ill, and the state of nausea, as well as headache, continued during the whole day.

Boas was not inclined to psychopathy, as well as superstition and mysticism. He did not take the team flying object for no angels or demons for, but for people from another planet.

When the journalist Martin explained the young man that many people will find his or crazy or fraud, hearing his story, Boas said:

"Let those who think I'm such, come to my house and examined me. This helped them to set it up, can we consider me sane or not. "

One woman repeatedly kidnapped two years after the first abduction, saw her son playing in a special room. Although he was not like a normal earthly child, she could not help but manifestations of maternal feelings. This is welcomed by humanoids, and they allowed the woman to stay a few months to take care of the baby.

November 5, 1975, seven woodcutters working in the forest near the town of Snoufleyk, Arizona, when the sky above them there was a great shining disc. One of the woodsmen, Travis Walton, away from the others and stood directly under the disc. A moment of disk Travis hit an electrical discharge, like a zipper, and the other loggers, frightened, fled in different directions. When they returned to the scene, no drive, no Walton was not there. Lumberjacks returned to the city and reported the incident to the police.

The search for Travis Walton lasted five days, began to grow suspicious of murder. Suddenly all Walton turned up safe and sound, and told him about himself quite a fantastic story. He claimed that he was captured and taken to the same disk Grey aliens. At the insistence of the authorities, Walton and his companions passed a polygraph examination.

Meanwhile, news of the incident hit the front pages of newspapers and magazines and has received an award as the best journalistic publication, on UFOs.

Skeptics, remember that Walton was always interested in UFOs, and have suggested: he invented the story. In addition, test results Walton lie detector were considered "not very convincing."

Walton recalled just what happened to him for about 15 minutes after the abduction. When he was subjected to hypnosis, that he could not remember everything I saw and experienced on board the UFO, it was found that Walton's memory is locked. What happened to him, within five days of absence — and remains a mystery.

For the first time in the history of ufology was not only observed, but all the rules of proven cases of abduction aboard a UFO, and the victim for a few minutes was moved nearly 800 miles from his native home!

First reported the abduction of 9 October 2001 the Australian broadcaster ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), without naming any names, exact dates or details. A note on their website contained little more, so I decided to wait for the details. It was only on October 15 there was a more or less coherent story of the incredible incident that shook the whole of Australia …

It happened in the black, rainy night of 4 October 5 near the town of Gund (Queensland, Maryborough District). 22-year-old Amy Rylance was watching TV, and so it fell asleep on the couch in a mobile home, trailer, mounted on their site. Her husband, 40-year-old Keith Rylance, has long been sleeping in the adjacent room. Was staying with them on business partner, 39-year-old Peter Heller also slept nearby. Kate and Peter are very close to Amy — thin walls, you can say, were not counted.

At about 11.15 am Peter awoke to bright light pouring through the open door. This door opens into the room Amy. When Peter looked back, her breath: through an open window into the beat a powerful beam of light. Passing through the window rectangle, he became too square, as if someone drove a trailer glowing, radiant beams. The similarity is reinforced by the fact that the beam did not reach the floor. He was precisely cut at the end. Inside the beam slowly floated Amy, prostrate in that position, as if still asleep. Unknown force pulls it forward head through the open window. Under the body of Amy's line of small objects floating, accidentally caught in the area where gravity is no longer working for some reason.

Before losing consciousness from fear, Peter saw that the beam did not go off into infinity. He poured out of nearby disc-shaped UFO hovering.

Peter was unconscious for a few minutes, but when she woke up, either Amy or "dish" was not there. Only small items seized beam along with the body of the victim, were scattered in front of the window. Only then did she find the strength to scream, waking still sleeping Keith …

Seeing trembling and weeping Peter, Kate long doubted that there is just something terrible had happened. He ran out of the trailer, but did not find any trace of the missing spouse. Realizing that he does not find it, Kate called the police.

His call was recorded at 11.40, but the police — Robert Marayna and another officer from Maryborough, the district center, arrived just after half an hour. At first they thought they fell victim to a stupid joke, but then, seeing the genuine excitement of Keith and Peter, were inclined to think that this couple pristuknula prevents them from his wife, buried her body somewhere and now tell stories about UFOs. To call for help of another colleague, the officers began to check the trailer and all the surrounding areas.

To his surprise, the police saw that the window rosshey bush bears clear traces of the intense heat, draining only one side — the one that faces the UFO!

When the officers are still studying the site, the phone rang. The tube was removed Kate. Called a woman from Mackay — a town located 790 kilometers from Maryborough and Gundiaha. She said that she picked up at a gas station, "British Petroleum" in the outskirts of the city girl in a state of shock, and apparently suffering from dehydration. The girl said her name is … Amy Rylance! The caller said that Amy had already drove to a local hospital and is now reporting on this to reassure family and friends — to her, saying that would be all right.

Shocked Kate handed the phone to the officer Robert Marayna. After learning that Amy was somehow almost eight hundred kilometers of abduction, Robert contacted the police station Mackay, and soon took off with Amy affidavit, warning that the lies she will be responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

But Amy had no reason to lie. She stated that remembers lying on a couch in the trailer. Further in its memory space. The following recollection: it lies on the "bench" in a strange rectangular room and the light it flows directly from the walls and ceiling. She was alone. Amy began to call for help, and heard a voice — a male vdrode. The voice told her to calm down: it will not harm, all will be well. Soon the wall opened the door and walked to her "type" of growth under two meters — thin, but proportionally built, dressed in tight all body suit. His face was covered mask with slits for eyes, nose and lips. Being repeated soothing words and added that it did not return to the place from where she was taken, and "close", as in the same place they appear dangerous.

Amy again "turn off" and woke up on the ground, somewhere in the woods. She felt a sense of disorientation and can not tell how much time was chosen from the undergrowth. Finally, she went to the highway. Close burning bright

lamp gas station, and Amy went there. Seeing in the shape she was, working without a word can help her. She drank the water because he felt terrible thirst. First, Amy could not even answer the questions and did not realize where he was, but slowly began to recover, and asked the woman to help her, to take her to the hospital.

Doctors discovered the mysterious markings, a triangle on her hip and strange marks on both heels. But the strangest thing in this whole story was … her hair. Amy recently painted them and was horrified to find that her hair was two-tone. Hair had grown to such an extent that the boundary between the colored and has just grown, unpainted part was very noticeable. To grow so naturally, the hair should grow for weeks, not just hours. Hair on her body also increased so that demanded immediate removal. Whether in UFOs time passed differently, whether a radiation stimulated the growth of her hair — who knows …

In his testimony, Amy noticed that it had never anything like this ever happened. But when she was in fifth grade, she once had a chance to see a huge UFO, surrounded by smaller objects.

Once Amy Rylance and Kate came to her with Petra escaped the attention of doctors and the police, they went to a nearby kiosk and bought there UFO magazine to get the address and tell "who should". So find out about it in AUFORN («Australian UFO Network").

It all ended at least unexpected. In the midst of investigations Kate, Amy and Peter … somewhere gone. Fortunately, the UFO was a mobile phone number Keith. He spoke on "mobile phone", that all three of them moved from the strange scene: their car chased dark brown truck with obviously bad intentions, apparently, trying to push them off the road. Name your new address Kate refused.

In 1990, the shipyard mechanic Nikolay Boldyrev, within four months of three times Steals unknown creatures. Each kidnapping lasted three days, with the chest Nicholas remained between 7 and 11 cross-bleeding cuts. After the second abduction Boldyrev out of a state of complete stupor only three days later. After the third step it was mechanical, it dramatically slowed down, he did not recognize his mother and wife.

Footprints in the body after surgery, allegedly carried out by aliens, have also been reported from a resident of Tbilisi Garden aliani, who claimed that since 1989 it more than once took away aboard a UFO. After each operation, Gardea-Lian contacted the city Medical Center, and doctors saw his body post-surgical sutures and even photographed them. After two or three days, the seams disappear.

History capture alien spouses Betty and Barney Hill is well known. She describes with many juicy details, including sometimes lost important detail — the star chart on the wall of a flying disk.

Moonlit night September 19, 1961 they returned home from Canada to New Hampshire. The aliens stopped their car and took his ship spouses for some medical examinations. When all was done, ufonavty released Betty and Barney, after erasing their memory what has happened. The events of that September night, the world has learned a few years later after sessions of regressive hypnosis, which was subjected to the spouses in the clinic of Dr. Simon.

What happened then aboard a flying disc?

Betty was released first. And while her husband kept in a nearby bay, she had calmed down after the unpleasant procedures, talk with the commander of the ship, for some reason it seemed to her there mostly. Betty asked where they come from? Commander led her to a map hanging on the wall. No inscriptions on it was not great and small circles. Simply points connected by lines of different thickness or dashed. Does Betty, where her Sun, said the commander. Of course, Betty learned of the Sun on the map. The commander could not or did not want her to explain how they arrived. During the session, Dr. Simon asked Betty to draw a star map that she remembered her. And Betty, remaining in a state of hypnosis, drew. Two circles on the map connected by five lines, which clearly indicated the busy message. Four stars joined by two or three lines. Were dashed by two routes. Overall, the figure averaged twenty-six circles and dots. This produced a map.

Occurrence with wives Hill is widely perceived as a curiosity, nothing more. Betty and Barney drove at night. Saw a strange light in the sky, which was approaching. Stopped the car, went to a deserted road, to see the world through the glasses. And then continued on and made it safely home. Well you? Torn clothes, shoes, trampled, car hood in indelible … Surprised by the fact that arrived home an hour later than expected, given the distance and speed. This hour was erased from the memory of the spouses, but the pop dream nightmares.

Author: E.Vostokova

Category: UFOs and aliens

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