UFO over Kiev got in the American tourist

"Now I live in Toledo (Ohio), but in May 2012 I was visiting my hometown of Kiev, — shares in Universal American UFO Network (MUFON), an anonymous source. — I had a camera Nikon D3100, bought recently, and I did not know how well it photographed at night, so I decided to experiment. bedtime May 17, 2012, I pointed the camera at the building across the street where we were staying (street Priluzhnaya, 10) and clicked the shutter. I took a few photos for ten minutes. During photographing, looking across the street, for apartment buildings, saw nothing unusual and not heard. "

Unusual, as is often the case, the photographer found only in the morning, after a careful consideration of the captured images. In the frame was present outside the flying object is not observable at the time of shooting.

I consulted about this with my friends and family, we tried to come up with a rational explanation for this … This could not be an airplane, because of its shape. It could not be anything made by man, because I did not see it with the naked eye and did not hear it. The next day, May 18, I decided to do a few other pictures and captured a strange light in the sky … Again, I have not seen or heard. Over the next few days, I did all the photos, but nothing unusual captured in the frame, until the night of May 21, 2012 from 11:10 to 11:17 pm I took a picture of a distinctive drive that seemed to float and move up and down on the building right across the street … As before, I have heard nothing, and could not see the object without the help of my camera. I took a few pictures of the object of continuous … UFO hovered over the first building for a few minutes, then moved up and to the left, towards the building behind him. Then the object is returned, and again seems to float above the building, and then did the same thing as before, flew to the left side to the next building and disappeared. My first reaction — disbelief, because I had not seen it with my own eyes. But when the photographic evidence became more convincing, I was afraid, and after the night of May 21, 2012 photograph, "disc", I do not do photos.

All American made 37 different photographs of UFOs in Kiev, from May 17 to May 21, 2012, and went with them to America, amazement showing the family, friends and journalists.

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