UFO over Texas

Dozens of residents of the town of Stephenville, located in the central part of Texas, observed recently for an unidentified flying object. They argue that a large UFO with bright lights flying silently above the ground.

"We've never seen anything like this"

Local residents say that the object is larger than the plane, and then move it faster, it's much slower, and, in addition, its lights change their configuration, which does not happen on airplanes.

Some witnesses also said that the object pursued fighters, although the next airbase told that they would have not made sorties a day was seen a UFO.

Dozens of witnesses, including the usual local inhabitants, the police and several local businessmen, repeated that he had never seen anything like it. Most witnesses said they saw the lights, mainly red and yellow, but not the object at which they could be. The number of lights in eyewitness varies from two to nine or more.

"Said Steve Allen, a pilot and owner of a company engaged in cargo transportation, he saw the object of a mile long and half a mile wide. Definitely, it was completely unlike anything that the earth," — he said. "

Mechanic Ricky Sorrells says that through the telescopic sight of his rifle and watched the flat solid metal object, which hung over the field at an altitude of about 300 feet.

"Lee Roy Geytan, Erath County police, said: I have not seen before flying saucers, and I do not know what it was, but it was not a plane, and I've never seen anything like it." He said: I think this is some- a war machine — at least, I hope so. '"

Official authorities Stephenville suggested that the UFO was illuminated by the setting sun airliners. But local people do not believe and claim that the object has been more and more silent and flew closer to the ground than an airplane.

The majority of Americans, according to a study by Harris Interactive in late December 2007 poll, believe in the existence of ghosts (41%) and witches (31%). In the immortality of the soul and the existence of the devil believe in two-thirds of respondents.

One-third of Americans are of the opinion that astrology describes real events. 21% believe in the validity of the theory of the transmigration of souls, and 35% believe that UFO's — it's reality.

In this case, a large number of people in the U.S. claim that not only believe in UFOs, but have seen them!

This was, for example, at the end of last year during the presidential debate said the congressman from Ohio and one of the candidates for the U.S. presidency of the Democratic Party, Dennis Kucinich.

He admitted that he saw near the house of the famous Hollywood actress Shirley MacLaine, Washington silent triangular spaceship and at this point "felt intercom and got the team in my mind."

"Yes, I saw it, and it was a UFO," — said the 61-year-old politician.

Moreover, Dennis Kucinich says that in America a lot of people came into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, but none of it would not say.

The tragedy of the spouses Lee

Some, however, still speak. According to UFO organization Mutual UFO Network, every month they receive about 200 UFO reports, mostly from California and Colorado, but most of Texas. Witnesses said not only about their observations of flying saucers, but also direct contact with the aliens, some of which ended rather badly.

So, the wife Lee of Houston in 2006, claimed that they repeatedly abducted by aliens.

Clayton Lee sure that scar on his left side after the aliens from outer space have his DNA samples, while his wife, Donna says that the aliens in contact with them over 20 times.

"Clayton says that the first time the aliens took him to her when he was a child. This happened in a park in Houston. I remember that was floating in the air, higher and higher. Around were only stars and darkness. Then I passed out" — he said. "

Donna, who has drawn on paper, looked like it had abducted by aliens, says that as a result of one of the contacts c them she lost her baby.

"The video shown on an American TV channels, was seen as a hypnotist trying to retrieve memories of the abduction. They paw me! Enough to paw me — screaming in fear Donna Lee during the hypnotic session."

In this case, the spouses Lee believed that in the future they are waiting again abduction.

Harvard psychiatrist Susan Clancy decided to examine the testimony of people who claim that they were abducted by aliens. She gave an advertisement, which was reported to be looking for people who would like to talk about their experiences in a book about alien abductions, which says Clancy.

"When we gave the first ad, I thought it would be very few calls, but within a month of advertising have flooded the phone calls," — says Clancy. "

3.7 million stolen

Roper Organization conducted a recent survey of U.S. control in order to identify the percentage of the entire population stolen. Stunning conclusion: one American in fifty (ie 2% of the adult population) states that experienced something like that!

Results forced to think about. 2% yield in terms of number of 3.7 million potential stolen!

How to explain such a wave of kidnappings? In search of answers journalists appealed to the famous American ufologist Budd Hopkins. Specializing in returning to the past under hypnosis allows patients to recover memories, he sees evidence of the abducted, as absolutely personal experiences of patients.

"I'm trying to understand — said Hopkins, — as the phenomenon of abduction affected the lives of men, women and children, whom I know personally and who try to help come to terms with his experiences."

"Hopkins is a pioneer of its kind in the area. His house the greatest in the archive on the issue. And you can believe or not believe kidnapped, but their stories are shocking. Women who took to the noise and were alone on the road, a few kilometers from home. Men After fallen out of memory episode returned to his bed, but in a strange underwear or pajamas worn contrary — down jacket and pants on top. Young women who had awakened with scars around the navel or discover, bathing baby, scars, which yesterday was not . Pregnant women who have been kidnapped by aliens embryo

"From the first known cases — says Hopkins — that aliens are interested in playing men, and at our disposal the material leads to the following conclusion: aliens belong to a very old race exhausted and want to update it, creating hybrids with people.

Admittedly, the idea seems crazy, and no one wants to accept it, so that prospect seems unbearable. "

Gennady Fedotov

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