UFO — physics instead of speculation

As already mentioned, the USAF found quite "earthly" explanation 98 percent of UFO reports, calculated impressive numbers 13,134. And what can be said about the other two percent?

"Before you resort to the" green men ", then try to explain these two percent of cases on the basis of nature," — says Wernher von Braun. Mentioning the "green men", he alludes to the image created by the human imagination Martians — sentient beings short, green, hard-working, intelligent, but insidious. Exactly as pictured in the pages of the Martians fiction.

Moving from words to action, Werner von Braun, as well as many others have pointed to the need to pay special attention to the mysterious [although quite natural. — Ed.] Phenomenon, namely, ball lightning. It should not be there anyway to explain those phenomena, which involve UFO contact to electrical phenomena of nature, which under certain circumstances create impressive effects in the atmosphere?

"These phenomena are associated with the fourth aggregate state of matter that physicists call the plasma. Much of the matter in the universe is in this state," — Theo Lebzak writes in his book "Escape the Milky Way." An example of matter in the plasma state can serve as a stellar material and gas in interstellar or interplanetary space. On Earth, we artificially create a plasma, such as arc welding or glowing neon tube. Plasma is a bright and luminous cloud that surrounds the spacecraft entering the Earth's atmosphere and temporarily violates the radio communication between the ship and the tracking station.

In plasma, in contrast to conventional gas, along with the neutral and charged particles exist — ions and electrons. In the state of maternal plasma in many ways behaves differently than the neutral gas. Plasma is electrically conductive. On plasma clouds magnetism. Strange behavior of ball lightning is probably due to the fact that they are the plasma formation.

But what has all this to the flying saucers?

Hundreds of observed UFOs have properties that suggest that they have a plasma nature, that is composed of ionized air molecules.

While we can not say with certainty exactly how these effects occur. But in some cases, a clear relation to the well-known form of electrical discharge, called the corona. In nature, it is called St. lights. Elmo.

Normally, such a discharge occurs during thunderstorms as bluish tongues flickering on the edges of roofs, high masts, towers, spiers, and the high-voltage lines, which in this case seem to glow in the dark threads, studded with pearls. Lebzaka hypothesis is based on the assumption that the corona discharge under certain conditions leads to the formation of ball lightning, so you can explain at least part of the UFO phenomenon. It is possible that a major role in the development of these phenomena (and their growth) is air pollution — is one of the signs of our time. (Currently, there are several hypotheses about the nature of ball lightning. Unfortunately, none of them still can not adequately explain this class of phenomena. Looking for a study of ball lightning can recommend a book more IP Stakhanov "The physical nature of ball lightning" . McGraw, 1979.. — Ed.)

In a similar way could arise, for example, those UFOs were observed near high-voltage lines are not too high above the ground. Indeed, the UFO that appeared most frequently in the vicinity of Aix-ter, New Hampshire (USA), there were almost without exception, near the power lines. This alone, however, has not confirmed the hypothesis. To interesting conclusions can be arrived at if we compare the main characteristics of a UFO with the properties of ball lightning: the color scheme is dominated fireball red, bright blue, white and green colors. Most observers UFOs from near Exeter stated that the objects were red, blue, white, green, or combination of all these colors.

Ball lightning is often emit a hissing or buzzing sound — a sign, which is often present in reports of UFOs.

Ball lightning can still hang in the air, quickly fly in any direction and suddenly swerve off course at any angle. All this is true of many of the observed UFOs. Sometimes they hung motionless above the same point on the surface, sometimes moved with incredible speed along the wires. Being fantastic speculation witnesses to conclude from this that the team of alien aircraft engaged in charging their vehicles on high-voltage line (!)

The lifetime of ball lightning usually does not exceed a few seconds, although there are exceptions. In the vicinity of Exeter and other places the phenomenon is sometimes possible to observe a period of fifteen minutes.

Diameter of ball lightning rarely reaches meters, but due to the nature of vision and optical conditions can make a mistake and assume a much larger size. In fact, a UFO, according to reports, had the most different size — from a few centimeters (baseball) to sixty meters. Last — surely result of optical illusion.

Such a number of coincidences and similar properties gives rise to the conclusion that probably many UFOs are nothing more than a fire-ball of different shapes, colors and life, and that, consequently, they are very close to the lights of St. Elmo or corona wires on power lines.

Lebzak nevertheless acknowledges that some issues remain open, but they are more as yet unexplained physical properties than the phenomena of principle. For example, there is no explanation of the stability of luminous plasma, often persisting for several minutes. In this regard, we can see that physicists still do not know the reason for the smoke rings, produced by some skilful smokers retain their shape for a while.

The origin of the lights of St. Elmo easier. One of the conditions of their origin, are undoubtedly live wires of several hundred thousand volts, especially if they hang relatively close to the ground. Another condition is obviously the air pollution. So, at Exeter Crown electrical most often occurred when there was no rain for a long time and due to the proximity of the sea on the wires settled salt crystals. (The mechanism for this type of discharge is well known and described in any general physics course.. — Ed.)

"If you compare all the facts and think about increasing air pollution and the rapidly growing network of high-voltage lines, many UFO sightings will find a natural explanation.'ll See why many UFOs cause echoes on the radar screen — this effect can create plasma formations in atmosphere. explainable and will swing of the needle near the UFO, and interference with radio — and television. appearance of ball lightning, should be related to the electric fields, which probably are the cause of all these effects. Sometimes also, that during the UFO observations in humans were damaged vision, as can happen when you get burnt by UV rays, but it is well known that plasma clouds emit intense ultraviolet rays.

So, what follows from the above? Perhaps finding out an UFO is much easier than it seems fans of flying saucers. All that remains of their fantasies — is the physics … "

Author: Helmut Hoefling

Category: UFOs and aliens

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