UFO still flew to the U.S.?

Amazing new details emerged in the so-called "Roswell case" about UFOs. Recall, in these days of ufologists from around the world are preparing to celebrate a unique anniversary — 60 years ago in the U.S. there was an incident, which sparked a craze ufology. In early July 1947 the U.S. air base of Roswell officials first reported the discovery of a flying saucer debris, and then denied this.

Became aware of the death of Lieutenant Walter Haut, who was responsible for public relations at the air base of Roswell in 1947. That he was the man who on the orders of his superior, Colonel William Blanchard, issued two press statements, messages and denial. Haut died last year but left a sworn affidavit, which, according to his will, were discovered only now.

If we believe the text, all denials of war and a statement of balloons (and other "earthly" devices) are just a cover. In fact, as described by the military, he saw not only "plate" aliens, but their bodies. Aircraft military quickly transported to the hangar.

Local businessman Glenn Dennis after the incident in Roswell long argued that the government asked him to put a few coffins for "child" phone. When he arrived at the base, talking to him nurse (about her fate is not known), who said that after the crash of a "flying saucer" on the spot found the bodies of small humanoids from another planet. But the only person who could really see them is late Lt. Haut.

In testimony Houten does mention the kind of high-level meeting, which was attended by Colonel Blanchard and the Commander of the Eighth Army Air Force, General Roger Ramey. At this meeting, pieces of "alien spacecraft" could literally touch it, but none of the participants could not identify what it is.

Moreover, Hout explains why the confused explanations military and the publication of the mutually exclusive information. In fact, the local people have learned only one UFO crash site — about the fact that he found a local cowboy. But there was also a second area to which the military did not want at all costs to attract attention. According to Walter Haut, the second phase of research was far more important than the first, that people have learned through different sources.

Hout also said that a few months after the incident, his colleagues conducted a large-scale operation to "harvest" of the territory. Such actions by characters in the film "Men in Black", they tried to find all the pieces of the UFO and destroy evidence that in this region there was something unusual. This information is partially confirmed complaints from local residents. Those saying that the military took away their chosen for memory fragments.

Walter Haut writes further that Colonel Blanchard took him one day to some "structure of 84" and showed just "stuff." In the descriptions of the military — "a metal object, reminiscent of an egg, 3.5-4.5 meters long and 1.8 meters wide." Nothing else this remarkable object was not: Hout noticed no wings, no tail, no engine, no matter what that may be another part.

In addition, on the floor, he saw the body, partially covered with a tarpaulin. The aliens have been increasing by 1.2 meters and have a disproportionate (in human terms) large head. Finally promulgated document says: "I believe that I saw part of the aircraft and its space command."

After the publication of these statements is a lot of questions. In numerous interviews, which gave Walter Howth before his death, he never said that, and his own role in the story was trying to give the minimum value. Perhaps he was afraid of ridicule, or when the life of signing some documents on secrecy.

Note that all this time, the public interest around the world's first "alien scandal" did not abate. Different people have stated that in the U.S. in 1947 really flew by aliens. As the argument is even results "alien autopsy."

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