UFO: understanding the reasons of secrecy

What makes the security forces to keep a secret UFO? Why for more than 50 years of UFO era has not yet disclosed the official truth about these objects? What reasons prompted the ruling elite to keep secret all? These questions are asked, perhaps, all those interested in ufology. Answers are perhaps among the most important. And not only for the above topics, but also from the standpoint of the future of all humanity. Many ufologists have tried to reason and analyze in order to clarify the situation. But the simple answer is no, and can not be, while retaining privacy.

The articles most ufologists have long since disappeared doubt that the government hiding information about UFOs and thus has the most comprehensive information about them. "Do you want to know the truth about the phenomenon of UFOs and aliens?

Throw out the heads of those who say that it has access to secrets. The truth is no longer a secret. It is right before your eyes "- this is how effectively wrote ufologist Michael Mannion. -" Let the keeper of UFOs and aliens to keep them on. Leave them alone with him in their own little world of mystery, which they themselves have spun. Facts about the new cosmic reality are open and clear to all who have eyes, and the ability to see. Why do not we ignore their little game. Let's move on to a more productive search. Secrets kept by high-ranking officials from the military and intelligence community, were the secrets of the past. And the truth is to be found in the living and direct contact with the present. "

On the Internet, I have not recently read an article of the famous American ufologist, Director UFO organization CSETI, Dr. Steven Greer, in which he tried to explain his vision of the reasons why the power to classify information and continue to keep it a secret until now. The thought of these reasons have long swirled in my head, I tried to crystallize the grains of truth from the vast array of information available. My opinion in this matter was in tune to Dr. Greer. But I must admit that the American's better to get all the present and give excellent examples and analogies. For me it was the enlightenment, who helped to better define its own view on the issues raised. In this article I would like to see all the highlights from the article by Steven Greer. American ufologist arguments so convincing that I think most readers will agree with them and get solid answers to the questions everyone. In recent years, Dr. Greer is often met with prominent scientists and government officials in the U.S. and other countries to discuss various aspects of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Evidence of their reality are clear and abound. You can easily give many compelling evidence to support the reality of UFOs per se. It is much more difficult problem is to explain the architecture of secrecy related to UFOs. But the most difficult question — "why." Why all the secrecy? Why do we need a "dark" unrecognized government official in the current government? Why hide the UFO subject from public view?

Secret evidence are abundant, though quite complex in nature. The essence of the secret programs is even more complicated, more complex. But the question "why" question of the origin of the causes of all this secrecy — the most difficult problem of all! On this question there is no single and unambiguous
response. Rather huge tangle of interrelated reasons shaped so extraordinary secrecy. Investigation and conversations that Dr. Greer had dozens of witnesses who worked in secret government programs, allowed him a good understanding of the reasons behind the secrecy. They range from very obvious reasons, and direct to a very bizarre and eccentric.

At the dawn of the era of UFO military and security forces were preoccupied with the nature of this phenomenon: are unknown objects secret weapon of the enemy, and if it is determined they are of extraterrestrial origin, how the public will react to this. In the 30's and 40's it was quite an important question: if UFOs were of terrestrial origin, it would be evidence of the appearance of the country on the planet, far surpassed the U.S. technology operations. But in the case of determination of their extraterrestrial origin (some narrow circles knew about it at the end of the 2nd World War), you have a lot more questions, demanding answers. Why aliens arrived here? What are their intentions? How their machines can fly at such speeds and travel great distances of space? How the public reacts to the news of their arrival? What effect the disclosure of these facts in the system of human values? On the political and social system?

In the late 40's — early 50's considerable efforts have been made in order to determine the basic scientific concepts and technologies underlying the movement of unknown vehicles, primarily through direct study and reverse engineer alien object captured in New Mexico and some other places. It was immediately clear that these devices use the laws of physics and the technology is much superior combustion engines, vacuum tubes, and the like. In Incandescent atmosphere "cold war", even a relatively small scientific discovery could outweigh the balance of power in the nuclear arms race, so it was a very important issue.

Declassified memorandum in Canada Wilbert Smith, we know that in the late 40's this area in the United States was given much more importance than even the development of a thermonuclear bomb. In the strictest confidence making enormous efforts to explore alien equipment, to understand how it works and what it can be used. That alone was enough to cover up all the information measures extraordinary secrecy.

And secrecy still more pronounced in the early 50's, when they were made the most important discovery of natural law which is the functioning of energy supply and movement of extraterrestrial vehicles. The entire project was covered with impenetrable gloom and went beyond any formal framework.

The isolation of the project, who had to deal with UFOs, exponentially increased to the early 50's, when it became clear what had to deal with these projects. And had to deal with devices capable of forever change life on the planet!

During President Eisenhower's projects related to UFOs, finally went beyond U.S. laws, constitutional oversight and control. This means that the president (even though we know from the testimony that Eisenhower knew of the presence of the alien ships) and other leaders were removed from the main part of this research. Lawfully elected and appointed leaders faced with the fact that Eisenhower called it, perverted military-industrial complex, consisting of an intricate maze of separate projects that are more and more out of control of the central government. It is known from direct evidence that certain circles hampered attempts by President Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter and Clinton get deep into these projects. The same applies to many of the leading scientists and congressmen and leaders of other countries and the UN. In fact, this is a project exclusion of equal opportunities. No matter how high your rank or position. If you do not think it necessary to the project, you should not know about it at all.

Contrary to popular myth that the government feared a possible panic when opening a fact that we are not alone in the universe, it was not the main reason for the secrecy. Knowledgeable person in the field relevant to the project, despite the fantastic tales of hostile aliens, understand that fear of the invasion is not a major factor in secrecy. Although in some circles still some secret fears of possible intentions of the newcomers, however, there do not believe that extraterrestrial life is based on any real threat.

Since the early 60-ies of mankind entered the space age. A huge number of science fiction books and movies to prepare the masses to accept the possible existence of other worlds, and extraterrestrial life. So why continue the secrecy?

"Cold War" is over. People are unlikely to be shocked if they knew that we are not alone in the universe. Indeed, according to statistics, most people believe in aliens and UFOs. In contrast, what could be more shocking than the life in the early 21st century, with a huge amount of hydrogen bombs aimed at every major city of the world? If we can get on with this, it will survive and newcomers. Superficial explanations of fear, panic, shock and every revolution is still not enough to justify such a high level of secrecy — so high that even the president and the CIA director may deny access to information.

The continued secrecy surrounding UFOs should be linked also with the constant concern of the ruling elite about the dynamics of their influence on the processes in the world and how the disclosure will affect this dynamic. In this case, we mean that the public knowledge about the phenomenon of UFOs and extraterrestrial life will have such a huge potential to change the geopolitical status quo, that the cover will continue at all costs.

In numerous interviews with witnesses American ufology found that in the early 50's as a result of very intensive projects to reverse engineer had made fundamental discoveries in the field of technology and the physics of extraterrestrial aircraft. At the time, it was decided to increase the level of security to unprecedented levels — to bring projects beyond the legal and constitutional framework. But why?

In addition to the possible use of such knowledge adversaries the U.S. and UK, it was immediately clear that the alien vehicles — not your Oldsmobile your great-grandfather. The physical laws that stand at the heart of energy generation systems and movement were so revolutionary that they could, as if by magic supplant any existing similar systems in the world. And with them — and the geo-political and economic order.

In 50 years, no one was worried about global warming, ecosystem collapse, ozone depletion, loss of tropical forests, degradation of species and other global problems of our time. After the completion of the 2nd World War, all that was needed — is stability, not another convulsion of the world's economic, technological and geopolitical system. And agree that no one in power, does not want to just part with it. Rulers do not like to take risks, they do not want drastic changes and will not give up their power easily.

Disclosure of the existence of aliens from other worlds would inevitably lead to the discovery of new technologies that would change the world forever — and they perfectly understood. And resisted at all costs. Then there was a saying: "What's good for the" GM "- that's good for America." And the same can be said about the American fuel, energy and transportation monopolies.

Inescapable fact was that the disclosure of the presence of aliens inevitably would lead to their technologies. Such technology would change the entire IT infrastructure of the planet. Changes would have been shocking and sudden.

Today, after more than half a century, as we enter the new millennium, the changes would be much more awesome. Why? Because ignoring the problem in the 50's, it seemed reasonable at the time, led to a significant worsening of the situation in our time. For example, the global dependence on oil consumption technology and internal combustion engines is much stronger than in 1955. Since that time, the world economy (primarily, the stock markets) has grown in astronomical scales. Even a relatively small change in the world's infrastructure threatened collapse of the securities in all countries, the bankruptcies of large companies, the domino effect, mass unemployment and the potential chaos in all areas of society.

That is the essence of the whole puzzle: each decade, from generation to generation, the issue receded further and further. And from what was becoming more and more confusing. Wheel into the killing of secrecy from delaying disclosure and complexity of the world economic system, increasing economic dependence on existing sources of energy, every generation turned out far worse than the last. In 1950, the disclosures was very hard. Today it is much harder. But even more important than it was then, given the harm of further delay.

Technological advances 50s resulting from reverse engineer extraterrestrial aircraft, could allow us to completely transform the current situation in the world economy, the social environment, technology and the environment. Concealment of the discoveries made by the public due to the extreme conservatism of the ruling hierarchy at the time — and up to date.

And do not underestimate — the changes would be just huge. What are these changes? First, it is the advent of the energy generation of the so-called zero-point field, which would equip every house, every business, every plant and every car to its own source of energy that does not require any fuel. And to work at any time. Then do not need oil, gas, coal, nuclear reactors and internal combustion engines. And no pollution. This will be the beginning of a new era!

Second, the technology of using electrogravitic devices enabling transportation above the ground. Then do not need to be expensive, free up space for agriculture and all traffic will be in the air.

Sounds great? But in 1950, oil was full, no one worried about pollution, global warming, and the rulers just wanted stability. The status quo! And besides, why would initiate global change associated with such disclosure. Let the next generation take care of it.

But today, we are the last generation. And today, not 50 years. Earth is suffocating from boomers. 6 billion — and everyone wants to have a house with a swimming pool, a car, a home theater, a bank account with a bunch of money. And everyone knows that we do not have enough oil for another 50 years. But even if you have enough, the earth simply can not withstand another 50 years of abuse of the ecosystem. Risk Disclosure is now much smaller than the risk of continuing secrecy. If secrecy will continue in the future — will global ecological catastrophe. How much can you even pull!

I think most would agree that technological and economic benefits of disclosure are central reasons for continued secrecy. After all, we are talking about changes in the economy, which will be measured in the trillions of dollars a year. Coming total revolution in the fields of energy and transport. Energy sector, based on a constant buying and burning of non-renewable fuels, will completely disappear. Only a fool does not understand what the consequences for the world economy from the disappearance of the multi-trillion dollar segment. It is clear that corporations and monopolies associated with global industrial infrastructure, built on oil, gas, coal and internal combustion engines, community services, have a tremendous force in the world today.

But to understand the reasons for secrecy should be taken into account that are the money in its deepest essence. Power! Massive geopolitical power.

Let's imagine what would happen if every village somewhere in India (or in Africa, Latin America, China) will have devices generate huge amounts of energy without pollution and waste of money to buy fuel. The whole world will get a unique opportunity to grow at an unprecedented rate. Develop without the pollution and waste billions on power plants, power lines, and non-renewable fuels. The poor have much influence.

It will be seen by all in a positive way. After all, the bulk of global instability, military conflicts and social problems associated with very severe poverty and depravity economy built on greed. Social injustice and extreme economic disparity between countries leads to chaos and poverty in the world. Decentralized, non-polluting technologies change everything instantly. And even the desert turns into a blooming garden. But it should be remembered that the geopolitical power comes from technological and economic superiority. India's population exceeds 1 billion, and the United States — about a quarter of that. But who has more geopolitical power?

In the case of the diffusion of new energy systems around the world so-called third world quickly reach parity with the developed countries of Europe, the United States and Japan. This will lead to a massive shift of geopolitical power. The industrialized world, after all, is aware that he must share power with the current Third World countries.

Those who are in power now (as in 1950), are not interested in anything like that. As rightly observed by the U.S., even with the UN The United States sharing power with great difficulty. Disclosure of information on the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrial life very quickly lead to equalization of power throughout the world. In the U.S. and Europe, home to about 600 million people. It is only 10% of the population of the Earth. Whereas the other 90% are weak technologically and economically. It is clear that the distribution of geopolitical power and adjust to change with the world. Power should be distributed. This will determine the global human security. When we combine the economic and technological impact the geopolitical effect, it becomes evident that the changes associated with the end of secrecy are truly tectonic. The changes will be massive, comprehensive and transformational. This should not be taken lightly.

After 50 years, how could we have this new technology, after 50 years of environmental degradation, social and economic chaos and disparity, we find ourselves in the latest generation in a long chain of events related to the extremely sensitive issue, which we know as the problem of secrecy about UFOs.

End secrecy lead to enormous and fundamental changes in virtually every area of human life — economic, social, technological, philosophical, geopolitical, etc. But the continuation of secrecy and cover-up of new technologies to further the generation of energy and movement implies something far more destabilizing: the collapse of the earth's ecosystem and the rapid depletion of energy resources on which we depend. And the growing anger of the poor, deprived unnecessarily full and decent life. No more generations that we can pass this problem. We must now do what was not done in 1950.

If the above is not enough to understand the reasons why there was a secrecy system, look at those extraordinary measures that have been taken and are being taken to ensure it. Out what infrastructure is required to provide and maintain the level of privacy, which does not have access neither the president nor the director of the CIA, nor the leaders of the Congress, nor the prime ministers of European countries. The organization, which monitors the subject of UFOs and related technologies, is more powerful than any government taken separately or leader of the country.

On the occurrence of such a situation, even President Eisenhower warned. In a speech in January 1961, he warned us of the rapidly growing "military-industrial complex." That was his last address as president of the world. In it, he specifically warned us all about the dangerous situation of which he knew personally. Eisenhower saw the aircraft aliens and alien bodies themselves. He knew about the closure of the program, who were engaged in this topic. But he also realized that lost control of the projects, and that he constantly lied to about the true nature of the content and research and development.

Undoubtedly, today secrecy surrounding the UFO is a hybrid, quasi-governmental, kvaziprivatizirovannuyu international system that operates outside the jurisdiction of any individual ministries and governments. That government, which we all know is out of the projects. Rather a highly controlled one, split into parts black project controls everything that relates to the topic. Access is granted only to a few, but for the rest — access denied. It does not matter whether you are the president, the director of the CIA, President of the Senate or the UN Secretary General.

According to Steven Greer, the situation is so sinister that even the leaders of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Army, with whom he spoke, saying that no longer have access to these projects. This access is available to any citizen who for some reason is found to be fit to take part in the projects. But such cases are very rare.

In essence, the secret leadership of these projects is on the one hand the international top-secret government program, and the other — the privatized criminal organization. It is rather conspiratorial mafia than the government, which we usually think of.

In order to retain and provide such a power, used all the power and money. Secret group has usurped power and rights, which are not covered by the law. This group is above the law and the constitution. So, it is a secret criminal organization of the first order. In addition, it commits crimes, such as acts of terrorism, murder, kidnapping, theft technologies, etc.

One can assume that this was originally a secret organization was created exclusively for the protection of secrets and avoid instability. But the risks of unintended leakage (or if a leader decides that it's time to tell the truth) were forced to develop a network of more and more privacy, make criminal operations. And now the network is closed on the organization itself.

Entanglement broken into parts of projects, their unconstitutional and illegal activities, "privatization" (or theft) of the corporations of the military-industrial complex of the latest technology, the endless lies the elected and appointed leaders and the public — all this brick by brick laid the foundation for continued secrecy. Otherwise, in the case of disclosure of the truth threatened biggest scandal in history. For example, how the public will react to the fact that the destruction of global ecosystem and the irretrievable loss of thousands of species of plants and animals as a result of contamination could not have occurred if, in 50 years there was one honest press release with the official opening of the truth about UFOs?

And the public's reaction to the fact that the multi-billion dollar space program using the internal combustion engine was a primitive and unnecessary experiment, while long before the flight to the Moon there is much more advanced technologies and systems? NASA and related agencies, in the main, proved even more hostages secrecy than even the rest of the government and the public. Only a small, very isolated group of people at NASA knew about the existence of extraterrestrial technology concealed in these projects. A huge number of talented engineers and scientists in the Space Institute held hostage secrecy. They thought they had developed advanced technology that is actually out of date.

These secret projects, no matter how well intentioned initially guided, went beyond all limits, using their secret power. They abused their power. They stole fifty years of our future! And the scandal resulting from the disclosure of this fact can lead to hard to predict in the society and pravitelstve.Fakticheski, it appears that in the late 40's — early 50's there was a quiet political revolution, which might lead to this instability in our time. But the situation is actually worse. All of the above — it flowers compared to other, much more important issue. This problem consists in the fact that a secret group of leading black projects, assumed the authority to establish initial contacts between people and prisheltsami.Chto can happen when unelected, no one appointed, self-organized group of people with a military bias takes over the management of affairs to establish inter-specific relationships between humans and aliens from outer space? When you put on rose-colored glasses, the whole world will seem to you in a bright red. But if you look at the world through the lens of the military, any new and uncontrolled development will be seen as a potential threat.

The essence of such a group, excessive self-controlled and incestuous, is that it is homogenous in their outlook and mindset. Power and control — these are the qualities that give a distinct advantage. Such excessive secrecy creates a very dangerous environment in which there are no clean principles of mutual concessions, checks and balances. In such an environment can be taken very dangerous decisions made without due justification, discussion, or forward planning.

American ufologists found that the prevailing atmosphere of top-secret, militarism and paranoia taken extremely dangerous military actions against the aliens. Multiple sources, who previously worked for the government, confirmed that the cutting-edge technology have been used repeatedly to monitor and attempt to shoot down aircraft aliens. If there is at least a 10% chance that it is true (as Dr. Greer sure of that at 100%), then we can deal with the global diplomatic and social crisis, which does not lend itself to any public scrutiny and puts the planet at risk of military tsivilizatsiey.Izvestno extraterrestrial impact that private projects on rehabilitation engineering has led to breakthroughs in technologies that are being used against the aliens, may represent a real threat to them, while they are likely to arrive with peaceful intentions. Early attempts to militarize space are likely the result of short-sightedness, militarist and paranoia of those who run the black projects. If it remains undetected, it can lead to disaster.

This mysterious group, regardless of its good intentions, urgently needs to disclose the fact that the global policy from a new perspective able to resolve the situation. Although we did not see any evidence to indicate hostility extraterrestrial civilizations they are unlikely to suffer Unfettered and growing interference in their operations. Self-defense is probably a universal feature of any civilization.

We need to involve our Jimmy Carter and the Dalai lamov, and other prominent figures in order to solve such a huge problem. But since access is denied, and the topic remains out of public view, we are still dependent on a handful of unknowns that behind us decide the fate of the entire world. This situation should change as soon as possible.

Finally, although the changes related to the disclosure of information about UFOs and aliens will be widespread and will affect every area of our lives, though such disclosure is the only right decision. Secrecy is now threatening the very life — it is like a growing cancer eats life on earth, and all that stands in the way.

The reasons for secrecy are clear: global power, economic and technological control, geo-political status quo, fear of scandal as a result of disclosure of black projects and their contents.

But even more dangerous continued secrecy. Terrestrial ecosystem dies. 250 richest people in the world to comply with their wealth of 2.5 billion poorest. The promising relationship between Humanity and extraterrestrial marred militarization and top secret military programs against the aliens.

How scary it seems possible disclosure of information to the potential short-term volatility, and social withdrawal, but the continuation of privacy will cause that we will destroy our planet because of their own stupidity and greed.

We were robbed and stripped of the future for 50 years. And it can not last another 50 years. Terrestrial ecosystems as not survive. There are no easy choices. But there is only one correct choice. But when they are on a dare?

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