UFOs and big politics

In recent years, information on there that is being hidden fact communicating with aliens, it was more than enough to do.

China last couple of years suddenly began to pour in the media until now top secret information. Who and what is heard about the UFO over China in some 1985? Even professional ufologists did not have accurate information.

And now — please: in December 2008, Beijing unveiled a record UFO, 20 years is stored in the deepest secrecy. In Britain, the publication of the so-called X-files have been delivered in a big way, dropping them to the press on a national scale. Now open to access the folder with anomalous events captured during the 1978-1987 years.

Astronaut Apolio-14 stated that NASA employees came in contact with the aliens, but hid it for 60 years, reported The Daily Maii. According to 77-year-old astronaut Edgar Mitchell, he was aware of the many visits of aliens on Earth, each of which has been kept secret by the government. In an interview with a radio station Mitchell said that NASA employees described the aliens as "strange creatures, like little people." They are not very different from the traditional view of the exterior of the aliens: they have a small body, large eyes and head.

The astronaut also said the technology aliens are better developed than human. In this case, Mitchell warned that if the aliens are hostile, the future humans will be threatened. In turn, representatives of NASA rushed to refute the statements of its former employee, who in 1971 made a very long walk on the moon {9 hours 17 minutes). "NASA does not track UFOs. Dr. Mitchell — a great American, but we do not share his views on this issue," — said the representative of the space agency.

Next retiree NASA-the former head of NASA photo department of the lunar laboratory Ken Johnston, last year he made the whole press conference, presenting the public a little more than a bizarre lunar images obtained expeditions "Apollo." In the photos you can see something that resembles the ancient ruins of the high-tech — many kilometers of towers, giant hanging over the surface of the object.

According to Johnston, 40 years ago when the program moon landing American astronauts discovered and photographed on the lunar surface some "ancient ruins of artificial origin" and discovered a previously unknown technology to control gravitation, but the data have been fully classified by the U.S. government.

Finally, the last of the "old" masters of NASA — Mr. Christopher Kraft, in the past — neither more nor less — director of NASA. He made public the following entry made in Houston during the lunar mission of Apollo 11:

Astronauts (Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin)
— This is a giant contraption. No, no, no … This is not an optical illusion. There can be no doubt!
— What … that … what? What the hell are you going there? What happened?
— They — there under the surface.
— What — is there?
Link is broken … control center is Apollo -11. Astronauts:
— We saw a few guests. They have been there for a while, checking equipment.
— Repeat your last message.
— I say here other spaceships. They stand straight line on the other side
crater. Houston:
— Repeat … Repeat!

Let us explore this area … My hands were shaking so badly that I can not do anything. Remove it? My God, if these damned cameras zasnimut anything … Then what?
— Can you take pictures of anything?
— I have no film on hand. Three shots from the "plate", or whatever that thing is called, spoiled film.
Now try to answer the question, "What, in fact, the ratio is the problem UFO to politics?"

Strange aerial threat

Give the incident, which happened December 6, 1950 — the day a strange air raid. She came at a dramatic stage for the U.S. war in Korea, where two hundred thousandth Chinese troops counterattacked grouping of General MacArthur, one stroke vyshvyrnuv of the 38 th parallel, pressing toward the sea.

Repeated the story of the beginning of the war, when the North Korean T-34 lightning blitzkrieg pushed Americans in the most southern tip of the peninsula. In Washington reigned mood, near panic, and President Truman, conferring with representatives of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Supreme Command of all kinds of U.S. forces), is considering a nuclear strike on Korea, so, most likely, and the USSR.

Grouping Makar tour was in trouble, on the verge of defeat. In this situation, President Truman that the decision to use its nuclear trump card.
Morning, December 6 Joint Chiefs of Staff sent a warning commander of U.S. forces around the world about the likelihood of World War II.

At this point, early warning radar station detected the approach of the U.S. to the north forty projects announced as "Soviet bombers."

Flying at an altitude of 10 thousand meters, they are estimated to be within a few hours had to be above the center of the United States. Here's what they write about these events sources.

Collection of "Wise Men" by Walter Isaacson and Ivan Thomas, based on interviews with Acheson: "On the morning of December 6 second, he thought his nightmares (World War II) come true. At 10:30 am Bob Lovett called him from the Pentagon and briefly informed his sharp voice:
— When we're done talking, you do not have to get through. All incoming calls are disconnected. Soon to be a state of emergency throughout the country. We were informed that at the time of formation flying over Alaska Russian aircraft heading to the south-east. The president wants you to tell the British ambassador Attlee that he should take appropriate measures for its security, all of which it deems appropriate. I conveyed the message and end the conversation.
— Wait a minute, Bob, do you believe this? — Failed to insert Acheson.
— No, — said Lovett and hung up.

Acheson sat in his office and waited. In the air went Air Force. Burst into the office one of the top officials and asked to call his wife that she had left the city, and are asked to begin translating documents into the basement. Acheson tried to calm him down. After a few minutes in a calm voice called back Lovett. Radar notes were not Soviet bombers. They were the flocks of geese. "
Harry S. Truman, "Years of testing and hopes. 1946-1952": "Shortly before the morning meeting at the Pentagon called the Deputy Minister of Defence Lovegg and reported that on some radar screens of the defense system in the far north there were large formations approaching unidentified aircraft. The Attack sent fighters were alerted air of New England. But after about an hour — during a meeting with (Clement) Attlee — Lovett said that the report was a mistake. any unusual disturbances in the Arctic atmosphere rejected radar beams. "

Such is the "gaggle" to put on the ears all of America. Or, as explained another version — "radar disturbance." By the way, the radar in Alaska was not alone. "Flock of geese", hovering at an altitude of 10 thousand meters (that is covered with a half-meter layer of ice) from Soviet bombers defense officers would be able to tell the difference. The question is not even the fact that the geese do not fly so high.

The issue is that the Soviet Union in 1950, it was not even close to supersonic bombers. Naturally, the question arises: If the station early warning calculations were fools, that was a fool, Mr. Truman? A fool was Bob Lovett, meeting to introduce a state of emergency? Or maybe the White House and Pentagon chief knew something and kept the rest for fools?

And to know the White House and the Pentagon and the CIA to a lot of things. For example, about the Roswell incident, where a UFO reportedly crashed with the crew. Or, for example, about the incident off the coast of Antarctica to "explore the Penguins" Americans sent an aircraft carrier accompanied by a whole squadron of warships.

Returned from a "scientific expedition" not all, and those who have returned — were terrible damage done completely unknown weapon. Possible that the Roswell incident and the famous 1947 in Antarctica — it's all a myth. Valid. But this myth is very well explained and the strange "flock of geese" over Alaska, and the strange humanism of the Pentagon, which in the early days of the Cold War could easily and without straining udelat USSR — so that there would be no and no stone unturned. But somehow pulled.

And the Korean atomic bomb had not been applied. And even later the Caribbean crisis somehow strangely and peacefully resolved — not Khrushchev threw a sandal and picked up a pipe, not the Kennedy called him and it all worked out — is unclear. But it is necessary to make a chess board other pieces — like once everything falls into place.

Why everything stopped

Suppose that ufologists are right — aliens (or visitors from other sections of reality) exist. Suppose that astronaut Edgar Mitchell talking about 60-year-olds U.S. government contacts with aliens — telling the truth. Then the logic of events December 6, 1950 On just glued itself and everything is in its place.

Suppose that a small group of people in the U.S. (presumably military) establishes contact with the owners of UFOs, more precisely, the aliens make contact. This occurs during the presidency of Harry Truman — are more complicated system of access to state secrets. Even under the next president, U.S. President Eisenhower was actually the first person who knows everything. No one, even the military of the military could not deny admission to a particular information.

However, after Mr. Eisenhower in the military there is not just people, but whole departments that all inquiries president may politely refuse. Developed a system of tolerances, operating today, in which the president does not get access to top secret information. It has a few people who may actually make decisions.

They are closed in themselves and if they are subject to anyone, it is only the "brothers on reason", the election of these gentlemen of the day contact.
Further assume that President Harry Truman decided to start a third world nuclear war. The level of the earthlings and aliens under the most pessimistic estimates, as different levels of development and the level of Papuan tribe of modern post-industrial civilization. U.S. President decides to throw the enemy, the Soviet Union great bada-boom, as it was in Hiroshima. Aliens do not like it. Here in Alaska, and organized prevention — radar stains as if Soviet bombers.

From protects the Situation Room?

We think a similar scenario and the Caribbean crisis, when the fervor of President Kennedy someone very rapidly cooled. Sam Kennedy, according to contemporaries, after talking about aliens, that the American people have a right to know.

We also see that, after the crisis in the higher management of the USA there was one very interesting object, called a "situation room." Rough — it's such a big glass box, in which there are long table, a few chairs and — sit VIPs, each of which is being tested for the presence of electronics, for it Situation Room no, no! Present this room will not be shown to anyone, and it is located underground. That is, dug into the mountain bunker, and inside the bunker — one more isolated place. The question arises as to whom so encoded in the 1960s? From the USSR? Even in the U.S. there was no technology, from which the protected information in the Situation Room.

However, it looks logical, if we assume that situation room appeared in the U.S. as the protection of information from the UFO. Perhaps, Mr. Kennedy was shocked by the fact that a secret meeting with the military, which considers the use of nuclear weapons — for representatives of other intelligence was not secret. There's some odd way the information was read, and — knew exactly where, when and who to follow. So there Situation Room, a place where the top U.S. could calmly discuss important things and not be afraid that someone will know about it.

We emphasize once more: all of the above — it's just a theory that helps explain neobyasnyaemye at first sight thing. Alas, the conspiracy theory about the alien presence can explain many things, ranging from nuclear war that was inevitable — but it did not happen, and the last questions on strange U.S. breakthrough in microelectronics and freeze it strange space programs.

Author: M.Saltan
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Unknown world"

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