UFOs: Why hide the truth

One of the cornerstones of modern ufology, which is also referred to as a "conspiracy", "conspiracy", "new world order", "Most of the advice-12", etc. Under these terms mean silence government and military authorities about the contacts of the Earth with extraterrestrial civilizations, technology exchange and joint research (which included experiments on human beings).

The researchers divided this area into several parts:

Official documents.

This line of study unclassified documents that are more or less pointed to the involvement of the authorities (including the scientific denominations) to the study of the UFO problem. Until recently, researchers were only available for English-language documents, declassified FBI, CIA, NSA, military and government agencies. By U.S. Federal law any American citizen can have access to the declassified documents, which to some extent facilitated the work of researchers. Unfortunately, in Russia, such measures are not applicable to this day. However, we have several copies of military orders and instructions, confirming that the former Soviet Union and the current Russian Federation carried out the study of objects of extraterrestrial origin.

Advanced technology.

Unfortunately, we have no hard evidence of specific technologies borrowing from representatives of a mind. However, there is evidence that some of the discoveries were made at once, without preliminary research and studies … (describe the transistor, a CD, a new hard drive the size of a dime at 90 Gb fiber).

"Sham" research projects.

If we assume that the highest ranks of government, military agencies, space agencies are well aware of the shadow side of contacts, it begs the question, for what purpose expended enormous resources to projects make no sense, such as the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence SETI, the study of near and far space, creating interplanetary stations, the colonization of the moon, Mars and other planets in the solar system. Perhaps it is the shadow of financing projects under the "mark" of these programs. And Does that not explain frequent breakdown of vehicles and various failures to allow write off the cost …

Mutilation of animals.

The most disturbing part of the entire direction of "concealment". Since the early 50's began to receive messages from remote corners of the United States and then around the world, the strange death of a pet. Livestock are away from home with the traces of the terrible injuries, often completely devoid of blood, with the cut out the sexual organs, endocrine glands, eyes, etc. Operations were carried out by unidentified medical instruments, some of which have microscopic jagged edges, others resembled laser scalpels. In virtually all cases, with animals did not show any traces (except for traces of predators). Some of the victims had broken bones as if they were thrown from a great height …


Some contactees who claim that they were taken aboard a UFO, talk about strange medical experiments performed on them. Most of these surveys and manipulation operations are removal of sperm in men and eggs in women. There are also quite a shocking message to create clones of people and newcomers, introducing women in terrestrial alien hybrids and their removal after a certain period of time. Another, equally disturbing aspect, implantation in people strange device called a UFO on the terminology — implants.

Preparation of public opinion.

If you try to follow the periodicity of reports of UFOs and anomalous phenomena in the media, one can follow a specific system. The quality of information is growing every year, as well as its volume. A few years ago, reports of the observation of strange aircraft caused a stir in people, it is now perceived as an ordinary consumer news. The new generation born in the 80's, are already so used to the idea of the existence of a number of unknown, that it was his routine. In addition to news, the number of films and documentaries of which reflects the true state of affairs. Can I call all this targeted training the consciousness of humanity to an acceptance of the idea that we had long been visited by representatives of other worlds? …

Analysis of all aspects of this trend can make some definite conclusions are backed up by hard evidence:

1) Official government and military agencies involved in research aircraft called UFOs (possibly have a promising aircraft earth construction, built on the basis of the technology and is mistaken for a UFO observers);
2) There is tangible evidence of injury to terrestrial animals, performed by a particular scheme with unknown us goals. Explain such facts predation, satanic cults, atrocities vandals extremely difficult;
3) Kontatery have visited (according to them) on board a UFO, describe the same parts, creatures, and methods of conducting medical tests and operations, which suggests the reality of their stories (contactees do not know each other.) They enjoy talking and strange scars on the body of the operations is not reflected in their medical records;
4) It was possible to find evidence to support the existence of a "black market UFO", which sold artifacts that have no earthly counterparts.

In recent years, especially in 2000, the TV screens and the bands media increasingly began to follow the cautious, but, nevertheless, very specific allegations that the military and the governments of many countries (including our own) seriously engaged in the study UFO problem and its associated phenomena. Number of sensational films that came on the screens, has galvanized public opinion. Features of "X-Files KGB", which appeared in September 1998 on television channel TNT. We will not talk about the authenticity of the tape, however, one fact did take place — the transfer KGB documents.

As is well known among UFO event associated with the request of cosmonaut Pavel Popovich in the KGB and getting them to the official copies of unclassified documents describing UFO sightings in the former Soviet Union. Deputy Chairman of the NA Sham wrote in an accompanying note: "The State Security Committee is not engaged in the systematic collection and analysis of information about anomalous phenomena (so-called unidentified flying objects) …". Perhaps this is true, but hard to believe that there was overall unidentified objects were bound to attract the attention of the competent authority of the KGB, if only because of the fact that these objects could be the likely enemy reconnaissance aircraft.

The newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets» (№ 60, 1997) was published an interesting article: "… now in Ukraine remains one of the largest bases of strategic bombers," Tu-160 "and" Tu-95MS ". This is where the once-secret archive of observations combined defense of unidentified flying objects, and anomalous phenomena in the atmosphere. The value of the archive is extremely high for the national security of the country. According to employees of the Ministry of Defense and Security Council, participated in the summit, on the basis of long-term records several times to accurately predict the time and place of the next visit of a UFO. This not only take precautions (not a secret that most anomalies occur near strategic facilities like nuclear power plants and military bases), to obtain complete information about the basic parameters of the object, but also to get in touch … ".

Why is it so important to the military these documents? In the first place, as it seems — is advanced technology, giving a giant leap in the military superiority of the country that they will be able to master. There may be other hidden agenda, which we can not guess. Some facts that can collect prove that the objects that we call UFOs do not come from space, and some of the adjacent spaces through special portals. I talked with foreign colleagues, who collected unique evidence that the military is not only aware of this, but also use portals to their advantage.

Information gathering was conducted and is always now. Recently, in the program "Military Secret" (TV channel Ren-TV) is one of the military advisers officially stated that the UFO research center located in Mytishchi where from across the country flocked to the data of observations of anomalous phenomena. For this has been developed and distributed to military units of special instruction — "Guidelines for the monitoring of atmospheric anomalous phenomena" — to describe a method of observing, recording and classification of unidentified phenomena, and also to make a report on the observation form.

We can only speculate on the basis of scant evidence that we can hardly find. For more we can not count. Those who know the truth are silent, because they have different goals and values …

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