Ukrainian Battle of psychics watch online

Ukrainian Battle of psychics watch online
For all fans of the paranormal and paranormal invited Ukrainian version of the "Battle of the Psychics." Here you will see a confrontation over title best between the most powerful psychics not only of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, and the people who came to the transfer of the most remote places of the world: Scotland, the United States, the Baltic states, Moldova and many other countries.
Battle promises to be hot in each of the seasons. Challengers title best psychic pass a rigorous selection in the preparatory auditions. In the post-game take the best of the best who have applied for the role. They do a variety of tasks designed to find the existence of each of the present psychic capabilities. But if you're a real psychic, then you will not make a huge work to behold, who hides behind an impenetrable screen, which of the leading container hid a living person or find the live energy that or any other subject.

10 season

11 season

Battle Psychics — a serial

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