Unverified News: NASA confirms the alien invasion!

NASA confirmed that the aliens gradually invading the Earth and the reason they attack us — it's global warming!

Popular in the U.S. edition of the WWN is currently the sole source of all the media that publishes reports on the current phase of the alien invasion. As stated by the publication, governments around the world are trying to hide the fact that the invasion in order to avoid panic. WWN but refuses to be silent and tells the truth, and hope that we can avoid a war with aliens.

How many times is reported that a group of UN experts on the study of extraterrestrial civilizations confirmed that aliens from the planet Zeeba began invading the planet — in large quantities — in October 2011. UN team led by Dr. John Molly, predicts that the invasion will continue until December 2015 — at that time, the Earth will be under the full control of the aliens from Zeeba. If we do the right things now, we will be able to coexist with aliens.

"Aliens invaded the entire planet in increasing numbers," warns the report NASA.

The reason?

NASA claims that the increase in greenhouse gas emissions may have been a signal to the aliens that we are a rapidly growing threat to the entire cosmos. "Watching from afar, the aliens are considering changes in the Earth's atmosphere as symptomatic of civilization — and take drastic measures to prevent us from becoming a more serious threat," the researchers explain NASA.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania predicted that humans and aliens from Zeeba come into direct contact with each other until the end of 2012.

Jessica Wygal-Markum representative of NASA's planetary science and her colleagues have compiled a list of possible results that can be deployed in the aftermath of a close encounter, to help humanity "prepare for actual contact".

The report, "When people meet Zeebans", the researchers divided the contact with the aliens in three main categories: useful, neutral or harmful.

Useful contacts will be fruitful and peaceful encounters with extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI). These meetings will help us advance our knowledge and solve global problems such as hunger, poverty and disease.

Other kinds of close contacts may be less useful and leave most of the human society indifferent to strangers. Zeebans may not differ in terms of constructive communication that is sure to take place. They could offer humanity to join the "Galactic Club", but that they will have the same desire, hard to believe, especially given how carelessly we treat our planet.

The most unattractive results can occur if the aliens from Planet Zeeba do harm to mankind. In the most negative developments, humanity might just be destroyed, for the reason that a more advanced civilization we see in a veiled threat. The modern development of our civilization is extremely fast. We are very close to creating artificial intelligence, our devices penetrate the depths of space. In other words — we are growing and becoming stronger.

In order to strengthen the chances of survival of humanity, scientists urge caution in the transmission of signals in space and sending missions to other planets in search of life.

NASA, the report warned that aliens may be wary of a civilization that is growing rapidly, as they may be prone to destroy other life as we grow and destroy other species of life on Earth. In the worst scenario cases, the aliens can choose the destruction of humanity to protect other civilizations.

Let us hope that humanity will make the right choice and make steps towards peaceful aliens among us. If not … Well, our days are numbered.

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