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Yesterday a reader Vudvud asked to lay out some new article on the topic: Up from the grave , I promised to try and like something happened.
Of course, the network littered with similar material, but it is all jaded, so imagine my translation of an article from one of the English-language sites. I hope this story has ever had.
Yes, in the article there are a few videos, but as for me, they obviously played well, except maybe the last one.
Waiting for your opinions in the form of comments on the topic.

My friend was on the phone with his girlfriend from Hong Kong and she told him how she received a phone call today from a friend of her father, who was looking for it in the morning. Her father was not home at the time, so it has retained a number to the father was able to call him back when he returns.

Only in the afternoon, sitting at a table with her parents she remembered the morning call, and that she had forgotten to tell her father that he called back the other. But when she told him who and what number called, the parents looked at each other and their faces have changed. The father asked his daughter, I'm sure if it was just that it was the man and checked out the room. She asked why they were so surprised, and her mother said that this friend had died six months ago, and the number is already disconnected the phone company for a long time. However, the father called back to this number, but, as expected, due to that number were not.

Immediately after that she called her boyfriend, my roommate, and told what had just happened. (I was in my room when the event occurred) My friend thought she was just playing it and just because he joked: "Oh, really? The ghost of a friend of your father should be bored in the next world, so he is calling. " And as soon as he said it, we heard the sound of a big explosion, though on our wall and a static voice on the phone asked him, "Who are you? '. My friend immediately asked her friend, if she could hear anything now, but she said that the phone connection was lost for a second. They quickly ended the conversation, and I went to sleep. My friend became very ill the next day, and we never raised the topic.

Translated from English, especially for Vudvud
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Watch Call from the world egf


Watch Strange voice on the phone

Add from what happened with my friends.
This year, in March, the death of my good friend and colleague, . He lived at the time with their parents, because a lot of things in my life was the "break." So, on the day of birth of his father, a half-year came BigMir card with his account of congratulations: "Happy birthday, Dad." Mom friend called me to find out as much as possible to plan such a thing in social networks. I replied that it was realistic and it seems to have calmed down since starting to think that someone is playing their evil. No password, it is, of course, no one knows why try something extremely difficult. And everything seems to be simple and clear, BUT, my friend had a very strained relationship with his parents and he had never congratulated her father in this way.
It is strange and sad …


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