USSR. The country that was stolen from us

USSR.  The country that was stolen from usExactly 90 years ago ended the period of fratricidal strife, and on the ground destroyed Russian Empire emerged USSR.

Slightly Othmer time this fellow — born in December 1922, he died in agony in December 1991 — less than seventy years! The Soviet Union gave the world almost everything: TV, web (many believe that he was created in America) — no, it is not. More precisely, almost so — its creators are our scientists. Flying in space is also the first time we met. A country that was saved the world from fascism, the price of almost 30 million people … The USSR had the best education, culture, science, and medicine.

Yes, there were mistakes, but people driven to build a bright future, not accustomed to mourning, and stubbornly went ahead!

Russian Alliance — our common homeland for all, we should be one people, which artificially separated, placing in the box of "democracy" and independence. The result can be seen at this point very clearly. But the politicians — is one people, and we, Russian, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Balts, Georgians, Armenians and others — it's a different people. People having a common history, culture and traditions. The memory of the Soviet Union in the hearts of every person. I have not had a chance to be born there. To the chagrin. Now, 90 years later, again there are calls for unity. Over time, the new alliance will take belonging to him by right place, as the successor of the USSR. It's a shame that 20 years we have lived separately, as if the family had a falling out. Bialowieza Forest is to be overcome and forgotten. No, sorry, not is forgotten, and re-interpreted as a lesson of what can happen if you implement themselves and their homeland in exchange for a strange perspective. No, it's not independence — is fragmented.

If they knew who in 1922 gathered in Moscow to sign the Declaration on the Establishment of the Union of Russian Socialist Republics that after almost seven decades, also in December, not in Moscow, away from people gather Yeltsin, Kravchuk and Shushkevich and normal stroke of the pen would be killed Soviet empire. If I knew that Stalin! The country, which has withstood the blow such a large military force during the Russian war and majestically with all this only intensified, fell over plans greedy traitors! Something that could neither Napoleon nor Hitler could also our people … It is insulting and disgusting. The USSR was a deterrent in the West confrontation. And those that we, in fact, helped out by not only the genocide, after the war, worked out plans for the collapse of our country …. This is not something that the Baltic states — Ukraine appeared on the common gentlemen, screaming about the occupation and humiliation … Brzezinski, along with Dulles dance, that's only a short time left. The unipolar world has proved to be ineffective and a failure. Now is the time to get out of the shadows. Time hit back and a crushing blow to marginal West. And let ooh and aah various Hilary, if they and behold the beep means the process has begun, and the revival of if not the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation has already begun. And ahead — Eurasian Alliance.
I wish to end this article poems of my own compositions.

Eurasian Alliance

The Alliance will rise, certainly!
No one will be able to prevent it,
The eternal spirit of unity
Not forgotten, but over the know:
Our home in the center of our world,
And we did not win anything!
And the President thinks our extensive,
It remains only to overcome.

Yes, we shared for centuries,
Immediately, bypassing our prayers.
Alliance republics chose,
But everything fell into strshny trash.
People united, but divided
On the three countries, which are not.
Where the spirit of freedom sore
Surpassed a whole snow-white light.

Our homeland is eternal, and it will be!
Once again, we are creating the Alliance,
Moscow divorce will not forget
Large, back-breaking load!
We helped unravel,
In the heroes turned servants.
They should tearfully apologize
Over the years, our slightly bitter torment!

But time is over breakup
In Russia Act came again!
Our homeland again become rich,
But the enemy was only disarmed.
As soon as the rumors emerged,
What we're going back to the Alliance,
As violent speech flowed,
Which again we all accept death.

Alliance Russian has been destroyed!
Not he fell for yourself!
But the West has become indifferent to us,
We lived 20 years in the fight.
And we were fed an old tale
As we pull out of the darkness
Pendosy hidden under the guise of
Cordial friendship and kindness.

Now everything has changed,
Play by the Rules is coming!
We revealed plans of the West,
Now is our turn now!
Europe is burning in the doldrums,
In the U.S., generally Damn it,
And our Alliance still arise,
To trample unhealthy evil.

The barriers will fall, like maps,
We Smet West on the way!
Own choices we made in March,
And we must go forward!
All predicted our glory:
Our homeland reborn again,
We eradicate all the poison
What we powders brains and blood!

And Eurasian flag vzmetnetsya,
The Alliance will rise from the ashes!
Our President has just dobetsya
Will reach a huge number of peaks!
Just keep in mind: we are One
And we did not take. Do not beat.
And they shall destroy his aquiline beak
U.S. trying to break us!

USSR.  The country that was stolen from us

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