USSR: the first 20 years of watch online

USSR: the first 20 years of watch online
Here is a series of lectures, written by a respected historian Kirill Borisovich Nazarenko. Among them, he tries to debunk the many deep-rooted representations relating to the first 2-decades of Russian Union. This is an attempt to establish the historical truth and separate invented legends from the truth.
You'll learn about all the details of the relationship between Stalin and Lenin, as the reasons that gave their enmity. Why Trotsky was Lenin's funeral, and he really worked on the implementation of our plans for a military coup.

What is the same in reality was built so strong authority Stalin and as he begins his own way in power. What kind of foreign policy pursued management USSR after Germany Hitler came to power. You will learn how to USSR entered into the League of Nations and that has pushed Stalin to large-scale political repression.

Look USSR: The first 20 years Online

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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