Venice may submerge

According to the World Wildlife Fund, Italy could lose its beaches, and with them not only the resort, but also a unique coastal flora and fauna.

According to the environmental organization, about 60 percent of residents living along the coast. Coastal erosion has led to the disappearance of 42 percent of the beaches, and only 30 percent of the coastal areas are left untouched by civilization.

Experts from the World Wildlife Fund's several reasons for what is happening, including the withholding under the rubble of the building needs of the estuary, increasing the number of infrastructure facilities on the coast and the natural sea level rise, according to ITAR-TASS.

Scientists estimate that by 2100 sea level rise by 75-190 centimeters. This endangered Venice, and the island of Syracuse in Sicily, in connection with which the functionaries of the World Wildlife Fund announced the launch of a charity campaign "Save the delicate profile of Italy."

Those who wish to support this event can send and receive SMS on your mobile photos of rare birds nesting on an Italian beach. The funds collected will be used to fund the needs of the natural parks in Puglia, on the island of Sardinia and Veneto.

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