Victor Kantsavenka asked for political asylum in Poland

Rechitzy resident Victor Kantsavenka that the last election was an activist of the election headquarters of presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich, applied for political asylum in Poland.

As the BelaPAN Kantsavenka, at the moment he is in a refugee camp Dembak. Refugee status here waiting for about a year. "I'm already talking, was denied a visa for six months. Treated me well in the camp, most of the residents of the camp — the Chechens, have Belarusians, but not many. To come back'm not going to, it would give, if they put me," — said the activist .

Victor Kantsavenka went from Belarus shortly after the events of December 19. According Kantsavenka, and they were following him, he decided to leave the country. The activist went to Russia, and from there to the Ukraine, where he applied for asylum. But he did not wait for solutions, and went to Poland. "I lived in Ukraine from a friend, and I was there looking for local law enforcement agencies. Therefore, I decided to go further. Spite of the fact that I had a problem with the passport, the Polish authorities reacted loyal to me and got the visa," — said Kantsavenka.

On He said, at a camp for vtsukachov he does exercise, listening to "Radio Liberty"Visits some of the activities with the participation of the Belarusian opposition.

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