Visually impaired: I think more about death than life

During the crisis, the worst live with disabilities. Small pensions, expensive products. State aid scanty. People have to save on everything.

A dozen houses in the streets of the Vavilov and Tsiolkovsky — this densely populated area of blind people in Mogilev. Life here is unhurried. In the morning and in the evening the blind on the sidewalks with handrails go to the shops and the market for food. Happy spending time in the courts for the conversation.

Mr. Vadim back of the store. The bag herring but a loaf of bread:

"Poor living. I disabled the second group. Crisis — he's completely unclear. These prices have outraged. Their is no one controls. Not enough money. Clothes I have left the old regime. I have 71 years, I think more about death than of life, and to live. And still expensive. "

Complains about the high cost and a neighbor of Mr. Vadim. She is blind. From the house came out for a walk. Her walk is limited to streets with a handrail. In the city decided not chosen one.

"Now we need to save at every turn. As previously bought kilos of tomatoes — now go one, two, you gain. Prices have gone too reasonable limits on cereals, meat. Yet somehow here for dairy products are kept. Sausage does not possess. Sometimes like and banana and cucumber. At Last year, it was much easier. "

During the crisis, the authorities decided to renovate the street Tsiolkovsky. Repair suffer from blind. This street they go to market.

Almost all residents of the blind working in the company for the Visually Impaired "Tsiflos." Salaries for "Tsiflose" small, but other employment options for people just do not have:

"Where I'm totally blind can apply for some other city enterprise. Maybe someone would have picked up on a build process — is another matter. But who me there and back haul? '.

Food blind corrected most often on Dubravenkavski market. Traders say that they buy what is cheaper — dairy products, eggs and bread. Allow yourself to spend a day and seven thousand. Occasionally visited by a butcher. What they take out the meat, ask the seller:

"Sal is cheaper, beef, meat, they certainly do not buy. Trim cheaper. People just do not complain about all the money we would have taken, but we have no money."

Vladimir Vilchik

Vavilov is living on the street Vladimir Vilchik. He is also blind. During the seventy-year life of Vladimir Ignatievich earned retirement is not bad. Missing him and even helps children. All of today's troubles, he believes that the Belarusians themselves to blame:

"Destroyed the most important in 1995 when the referendum came up with a criminal to Russian language state to do so. All the troubles of this started and will be, because all the people were rusyfikatarami. And I think that God is punishing us, the poor. No one can help us, but we can revive his hand and build Belarus. Changes will be required. "

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