Volunteers cleaned up trails park Belukha in the Altai Mountains

 Environmentalists, volunteers and local residents over the last month cleaned up more than half (about 80 kilometers) difficult trails Belukha Nature Park, which is one of the natural UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Altai Mountains, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, the park's director Igor Saylankin.

Natural Park is located in the south of Beluga Altai in Ust-Koksinsky district area — 131.33 hectares. The park was established in 1997, is a World Heritage by UNESCO. The territory it starts from the highest peak of Altai — Belukha and extends to the north and north-west up to the Katun, covering pools its right tributaries — Kucherla and Akkem. One of the goals of the park, in addition to the conservation of nature and the unique sites of historical and cultural heritage, is the development of traditional forms of nature and recreation-tourism activities. Among other things, this little train climbers around the world.

Nature trails

"Since May 16, almost a month we have launched a campaign" Clean Path ", within it, we trash our fleet — mostly for nature trails that are enjoyed by tourists. Including shares held and on the shores of lakes and Kucherla Akkem and rivers — Kucherla, Akkem, Katun. total we had cleared about 80 kilometers trail ", — said the director, adding that the total length ekotrop park is about 150 kilometers.

According to him, the rally, which was attended by volunteers, people from nearby villages and the employees of the park, which includes not only clean, but also to maintain ekotrop in proper condition. Just taken out of the park about 20 bags of garbage, and the rest were burned on the spot.

"Our park is very difficult terrain — in most areas can be reached either on foot or by horse or helicopter, but the helicopter for us — it is very expensive, so any plastic, cans and other waste, which are virtually rot, we have taken out, the rest burned on the spot as to take out the garbage riding impossible, "- said Saylankin.

He added that without the help of volunteers and local residents, who organized the food for the travel agency sponsoring environmental action, the staff of the park just would manage on their own.

"We have a staff of only four people now. Course, there are agreements on cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the neighboring Katun reserve, but it concerns the protection of the territory.'s Hard to imagine that any of them came to clean our garbage. So we are very grateful to all who helped in carrying out this action, "- he added.

In the footsteps of the snow leopard

According to him, the park is home to several Red Belukha snow leopard — a few years ago, this predator saw locals met the snow leopard in 2009 and a member of the park. However, no studies aimed snow leopard is not conducted.

"In 2009, we passed the expedition dedicated snow leopard under Mikhail Paltsyna of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), but since then nothing. Own forces we do not spend, you need to involve experts. Perhaps it is not interested in our place, because there is very little snow leopard ", — explained the director.

In turn, the press secretary of the Altai-Sayan branch of WWF Russia Tatiana Ivanitskaya agency explained that the fund does not intend to carry out an expedition to the nature park Belukha. "There is likely to have a few individuals at the foot of Belukha. Data are very scarce and fragmentary, fragmented. Priority for us is an eye examination of cross-border groups on the ridge Chikhacheva and those predators that live in the valley Argut," — she added.

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