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February 13, 1992 nearly 45 people to the police statements that they have observed a strange object the size of a soccer ball (according to other witnesses, with the car), soaring to a height of 900 meters in the air somewhere between the towns of Aldrich and Sutton Coldfield in the UK.

February 17 of that year, an elderly resident of London, walking a dog in the Chelsea neighborhood, saw a cigar-shaped object of the air, which then fell, then rose, changing its shape.

In November 1989, the British, whose name was not disclosed, told a meeting with the person who introduced an alien from another planet. The fair-haired man with a Scandinavian accent explained that conversation dug very important to establish contact between different civilizations. The frightened woman ran away, when he heard the noise of the engines and saw a large spherical structure that, glowing colored lights, soared into the sky.

Above are three reports of encounters with UFOs, selected at random from thousands of testimonies that were administered by the British Ministry of Defense. Once all the documents have been classified, but military gradually removed from the neck and transmits them to the National Archives of Great Britain. On Saturday, March 21, the archive was the third series of papers. Seven bulky pdf-files contain a wealth of information about UFOs, collected from 1987 to 1993.

Project to complete the transfer of all documents relating to unidentified flying objects, the National Archives was launched in 2008. The Ministry of Defence expects to forward to digitize and archive all of his remaining pounds relevant market by 2010. The message on the website of the National Archives states that one of the goals of the project is to meet the public interest in UFOs. Themselves have an interest in the military "flying saucers", seems to have long gone.

Many conspiracy theories suggest that the authorities deliberately kept from the public information about aliens. Proponents of the most radical of them and do believe that governments around the world have long ruled by the planet with aliens from other worlds. It is possible that the way it is. But there is another point of view.

At the National Archives, along with documents from the Ministry of Defence is lined memo, written by historian and journalist David Clarke (David Clarke), who specializes in the study of the evidence of encounters with UFOs. In the memo, Clarke describes a brief history of the study of unidentified flying objects in the UK and some other countries. The above information it suggests that the government addresses this issue is not out of a desire to make contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. The reason for the increased attention to the strange lights in the sky is quite a terrestrial.

All identified

Unidentified flying objects first became a constant topic of discussion in the UK in the early XX century. Before World War I was growing tension in the world, and the British authorities feared that the Germans can spy on their strategic targets with dirigibles or other aircraft. Therefore, report any suspicious objects in the sky carefully documented by the military. However, in 1916 the Ministry of the Army released a report stating that the appearance of 89 percent of the observed objects is explained by natural causes: the bright planets, meteorites falling, the beams of searchlights. Spying for the foggy Albion enemy vehicles were found.

During World War II UFO began to notice more often, and do an analysis of the military re-entering of data they contain. All the more so with the growth of technical equipment of the parties likely launch aircraft or spyware attack aircraft has increased markedly. Create such devices could theoretically not only Germany, but also the Soviet Union. Of particular concern of the British Ministry of Defense called rumors of ghost rockets sighted over Scandinavia. However, and in the ministry were skeptics who claimed that the mysterious objects — this is just the meteorites, and rockets exist only in the imagination of people, terrified of Soviet expansion.

In 1946, the first time there were reports of "flying saucers." And the first to be noticed the U.S. military. It is the "plates" were leaked to the press and attracted the attention of the public to the problem — the scientific and non-scientific. Under the influence of a particularly impressionable officials in the ministry, a special department dedicated exclusively "flying saucers." In 1951, employees of the department have come to the conclusion that the "plates" does not exist. All known witnessed unidentified flying objects were bright astronomical objects, the result of an unusual incidence or a frustrated state of mind, if not fake. Further study of the phenomenon of "flying saucers" was not considered necessary.

However, in 1951 the number of UFO reports was growing like an avalanche, in addition, "dish" radar detected the U.S. military. Their British colleagues found that the situation was much more serious, and ordered now classify all UFO reports and send them directly to people from a specially created department of the BBC. Virtually any documents about UFOs, received from 1953 to 1956, did not survive. However, in 1955 the Minister for the Air Force issued a report made on the basis of these reports. The main conclusion of the report was the same as a few years ago, 90 percent of the strange phenomena have a rational explanation. The remaining 10 did not have an explanation for lack of information.

Last Hope

Still, because of the 10 percent of the British ministry continued to gather information about UFOs. The ratio between explained and unexplained objects remained about the same — 90 to 10. Gradually interest in eyewitness reports of unusual lights and especially strangers posing aliens, began to fade. The classification level of relevant documents decreases, and that in the end, they decided to make publicly available.

Despite such a prosaic explanation generosity military had opened their archives, fans of the unknown have a wonderful opportunity to delve into plenty of reports of mysterious events. Most likely, they will find plenty of evidence that aliens exist. But is not it even more interesting.

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